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As The World Turns: Ep. #12327

Rosanna wakes up in a hospital room, and demands that Paul and Carly take her to the explosion site. Hal informs Jordan, Rosanna, Paul and Carly that forensics has found evidence that Cabot perished in the explosion. Rosanna is devastated. She then gets a letter from James stating that he gave Paul a choice of who to save, and Paul chose Rosanna and not Cabot. Rosanna turns on Paul and leaves with Carly. Sierra tells Dusty about giving Craig two million dollars before Lucy was kidnapped. Dusty reveals that Wade had a suitcase of money in Reno, but insists that they might both lose Lucy if they voice their suspicious about Craig. Sierra maintains that she has to take that chance. Meanwhile, Craig is not pleased when Lucy announces that she has decided not to enroll at Williams. Lucy and Craig go to Sierra and find her with Dusty. Lucy is surprised when Dusty sides with Craig. Sierra convinces Lucy to hold off on making the decision while Craig privately asks Dusty not to complicate Lucys life any further. Julia finds Jack sleeping on a park bench. She takes him home to her apartment and he remembers nothing about it. Julia finally admits to Jack that she never knew him before he was brought into the hospital. But, she will help him find out who he is. Holden and Molly meet at the church before Jacks memorial service and Molly sees how much pain Holden is in. After, Molly appeals to Lily to be more sensitive to Holdens grief over. Lily snaps at Molly to mind her own business. Later, Molly tells Holden she has decided to leave Oakdale because there is nothing for her here. He insists that he is here and they begin to kiss passionately.

Source: CBS

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