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As The World Turns: Ep. #11068

Jake visits Hal and explains that he's investigating Alec to ward off a Worldwide takeover. He announces some worrisome information: several men who have worked for Alec are missing...or dead. He shows a picture to Hal of Alec and his cohorts, and Hal spots Gary Rady among them. Jake decides to have a talk with Gary, and Hal asks him to let him know if Gary confirms Alec's criminal activity. Hal gently tells Jennifer that she shouldn't take on the responsibility of reuniting him and Barbara. Jennifer tells Adam that her plans fell through. Though Adam advises her to stay out of her parents' business, he proceeds to have Margo paged so he can have a conversation with Alec. Adam warns Alec to play it safe with Margo, or Alec will have to answer to him! Alec reveals the conversation to Margo, who thanks Adam for his intentions but assures her son that she can handle things. Tom returns a baby blanket Emily left behind (on purpose) at Tom's place. She hints that Daniel should have a full-time father. Tom agrees - and offers to take full custody of the baby! Emily's shaken by the remark but doesn't argue right now. She invites him to dinner, but Tom reveals that he's heading to the police station. At the station, Alec asks Margo if she has decided to work for him. She thanks him, and says she's grateful but thinks it would complicate their relationship if she worked for him. Overjoyed that she's interested in continuing their romance, he kisses her - a kiss seen by both Adam and Tom. Hal nudges Tom to try to reconcile with Margo. Lily's thrilled to have her baby back, as is Holden - but he still wants Reid to pay for what he's done. Molly pleads with Reid to understand why she did what she did - she loves him. Reid doesn't want to hear it, concentrating only on getting Melinda back. Molly is taken aback when Reid blows up at her and dumps her, once and for all. He follows Lily and Holden out of the hospital, refusing to take "no" for an answer. Jack warns Reid to stay away from the Snyders and Melinda, but Reid goads him about Julia. He leaves, and Molly searches for Reid in vain. Meanwhile, Lily has called the Florida rehab to find out how Lucinda is doing, and to inform her mother that they have finally found Melinda. Lily's told that Lucinda's condition hasn't changed. After hanging up, Lucinda's nurse asks Lucinda why she doesn't want to tell Lily how well she's doing? Lucinda snaps: "I'll tell people what I want them to know when I'm damn near good and ready!" By the end of the day, Lucy is made up in all her glory. Now she's ready to return to Oakdale!

Source: CBS

Episode Info  

Episode number: 44x96
Production Number: 11068
Airdate: Friday August 13th, 1999

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