As The World Turns

Irna Phillips     Creator 
Ted Corday     Executive Producer (1956-1965) 
Joe Willmore     Executive Producer (1970-1978) 
Joe Rothenberger     Executive Producer (1978-1980) 
Freddie Bartholomew     Executive Producer (1980-1981) 
Mary-Ellis Bunim     Executive Producer (1981-1984) 
Robert Calhoun     Executive Producer (1984-1988) 
Laurence Caso     Executive Producer (1988-1995) 
John Valente     Executive Producer (1995-1996) 
Felicia Minei Behr     Executive Producer (1996-1999) 
Christopher Goutman     Executive Producer (1999-2010)76 Eps
Kenneth L. Fitts     Supervising Producer (1984-1991) 
Allen Potter     Producer 
David Domedion     Producer (1990-1991) 
Christine S. Banas     Producer (1990-1991) 
Vivian Gundaker     Producer (2003) 
Carole Shure (1)     Producer (2003) 
Leela Pitenis     Associate Producer (1995-1997) 
Kelsey Bay     Associate Producer (2003) 
Jennifer Maloney     Associate Producer (2003) 
Paula Cwikly     Associate Producer (2003-2005; 2005-2006) 
Patrick Howe     Production Designer 
Jimmy Bohr     Casting 
Mary Clay Boland     Casting 
Mary Clay (1)     Casting 
Vince Liebhart     Casting 
Betty Rea     Casting 
Sonia Blangiardo     Line Producer (2008-2010) 
Agnes Nixon     Staff Writer (1956) 
William J. Bell (1)     Staff Writer (1957-1966) 
David Cherrill     Staff Writer (1981; 1999) 
Courtney Simon     Staff Writer (1984-1985; 2000-2001) 
Penelope Koechl     Staff Writer (1987-1999; 2010) 
Sofia Landon Geier     Staff Writer (1991-1992) 
Gillian Spencer     Staff Writer (1993-1994) 
Scott Hamner     Staff Writer (1993-1995) 
Christina Covino     Staff Writer (1994-1995; 1999) 
Susan Kirshenbaum     Staff Writer (1994-1999) 
Mary Sue Price     Staff Writer (1997) 
Peggy Sloane     Staff Writer (1998-1999) 
Judith Donato     Staff Writer (1998-2007) 
Lynda Myles     Staff Writer (1999-2000) 
Richard J. Allen (3)     Staff Writer (1999-2001) 
Susan Dansby     Staff Writer (1999-2001; 2004-2010) 
Lynn Martin     Staff Writer (1999-2005) 
Laura Maria Censabella     Staff Writer (2000-2001) 
Marie Masters     Staff Writer (2000-2001) 
Tom Casiello     Staff Writer (2000-2002) 
Meg Kelly     Staff Writer (2000-2005) 
Judy Tate     Staff Writer (2000-2006; 2007) 
Royal Miller     Staff Writer (2001-2002) 
Craig Heller     Staff Writer (2001-2004) 
Elizabeth Page     Staff Writer (2001-2007) 
Michael Minnis     Staff Writer (2003) 
Heather Allyn (1)     Staff Writer (2004) 
Josh Griffith     Staff Writer (2005-2006; 2009-2010) 
Bettina F. Bradbury     Staff Writer (2006-2007) 
David A. Levinson     Staff Writer (2006-2007; 2008-2009) 
Richard Culliton     Staff Writer (2006-2008) 
Mimi Leahey     Staff Writer (2007) 
Jeanne Marie Ford     Staff Writer (2007) 
Cheryl Davis     Staff Writer (2007-2008; 2009) 
Leslie Nipkow     Staff Writer (2007-2008; 2009-2010) 
Peter Brash     Staff Writer (2007; 2008-2009) 
Lisa Connor     Staff Writer (2008-2009) 
Gordon Rayfield     Staff Writer (2008-2010) 
Janet Iacobuzio     Staff Writer (2009-2010) 
David Smilow     Staff Writer (2010) 
Cherie Bennett     Staff Writer (breakdown writer) 
Christopher Neal Nelson     Music 
David Nichtern     Music 
Tonya Pinkins     Music 
Brian D. Siewert     Music 
Douglas Thornton     Music 
Michael Whalen (2)     Music 
Dominic Messinger     Music 
Gary Kuo     Music 
John Henry Kreitler     Music 
Michael Z. Gordon (1)     Music 
Paul Glass     Music 
Lawrence Elow     Music 
James Patrick Dunne     Music 
Barry DeVorzon     Music (1993) 
Shawn K. Clement     Music (1996) 
Mark T. Williams     Music (1996-1998) 
Natalie Walker (4)     Costume Designer 
Charles Schoonmaker     Costume Designer 
Toni-Leslie James (1)     Costume Designer 
Edythe Gilfond     Costume Designer 
Carr Garnett     Costume Designer 
Joan Evans     Costume Designer 
Margarita Delgado     Costume Designer 
Sari Yanishefsky     Hairstylist 
Theresa Marra Siliceo     Hairstylist 
Elena Roulenko     Hairstylist 
Lillian Cvecich     Hairstylist 
Veronica Bakalenik     Hairstylist 
Stephane Glover McGee     Make-up 
Anette Lian-Williams     Make-up 
Eldo Ray Estes     Make-up 
Kimberly Braisin     Make-up 
Kevin Bennett (1)     Make-up 
Catherine McKenney     Set Decorator 
Emily Hull     Set Decorator 
Karen Hlipala     Set Decorator 
Paul Hickey (3)     Set Decorator 
Dennis Donegan     Set Decorator 
Amanda Carroll     Set Decorator 
Susan Strickler     Production Coordinator (1983-1984) 
Brian Mertes     Production Coordinator (1984-1986) 
David Shumbris     Stunts 
Christie Sanders     Stunts 
Laurie Miller (1)     Stunts 
Joanne Lamstein     Stunts 
Nancy Ellen Anzalone     Stunts 
Jake Turner     Stunts 
Jeff Galpin     Stunt Coordinator 
Scott Leva     Stunt Coordinator 
Scott Rhodes     Stunt Coordinator 
Tim Goodmanson     Art Director 
Lisa Anne Wilson     Coordinating Producer (1990-1991) 
Conal O'Brien     Associate Director (1978-1981) 
Andrea Giles Rich     Associate Director (1990s) 
Jennifer Pepperman     Associate Director (2000-2004) 
David Cherrill     Script Editor (1997-1998) 
Karen Lewis     Script Editor (1999-2000) 
Courtney Simon     Script Editor (2001-2009) 
David A. Levinson     Script Editor (2009-2010) 
Irna Phillips     Head Writer (1956-1970, 1972-1973) 
David Lesan     Head Writer (1971-1973) 
Eugenie Hunt     Head Writer (1979) 
Ralph Ellis     Head Writer (1979) 
Douglas Marland (1)     Head Writer (1979, 1985-1993) 
Jerome Dobson     Head Writer (1979-1981, 1982-1983) 
Bridget Dobson     Head Writer (1979-1981, 1982-1983) 
Paul Roberts (2)     Head Writer (1981) 
Tom King (2)     Head Writer (1981, 1984-1985) 
K.C. Collier     Head Writer (1981-1982) 
Caroline Franz     Head Writer (1983) 
John Saffron     Head Writer (1983) 
Millie Taggart     Head Writer (1984-1985) 
Susan Bedsow-Horgan     Head Writer (1985) 
Cynthia Benjamin     Head Writer (1985) 
Richard Culliton     Head Writer (1995-1996) 
Stephen Black (2)     Head Writer (1996-1997) 
Lorraine Broderick     Head Writer (1998-1999) 
Leah Laiman     Head Writer (1999-2000) 
Stephanie Braxton     Head Writer (2000-2001) 
Hogan Sheffer     Head Writer (2000-2005) 
Jean Passanante     Head Writer (2005-2009) 
Peter Brinckerhoff     Stage Manager (1977-1983) 
Susan Strickler     Assistant To The Producer (1984-1986) 
Harding Lemay     Story Consultant 
Richard Backus     Co-head Writer (1993-1994) 
Juliet Packer     Co-head Writer (1993-1995) 
Mel Brez     Co-head Writer (1997) 
Addie Walsh     Co-head Writer (1997) 
Stephen Demorest     Co-head Writer (1997-1998) 
Carolyn Culliton     Co-head Writer (1999-2001) 
Jean Passanante     Co-head Writer (2001-2005; 2009-2010) 
Christopher Whitesell     Co-head Writer (2005-2007) 
Leah Laiman     Co-head Writer (2005-2008; 2008-2009) 
David Kreizman     Co-head Writer (2009-2010) 
Lloyd 'Lucky' Gold     Co-head Writer (2010) 
Juliet Packer     Associate Head Writer (1984; 1988-1993; 2003) 
Garin Wolf     Associate Head Writer (1985-1988; 1993-1996) 
Christopher Whitesell     Associate Head Writer (1987-1988; 2003-2005) 
Richard Backus     Associate Head Writer (1989-1993) 
Sally Sussman Morina     Associate Head Writer (1994) 
Christina Covino     Associate Head Writer (1995-1996; 1997-1999) 
Addie Walsh     Associate Head Writer (1995-1999) 
Stephen Demorest     Associate Head Writer (1996-1998; 1999-2001) 
Janet Iacobuzio     Associate Head Writer (1996; 2010) 
Leah Laiman     Associate Head Writer (1997-1998; 1999-2000; 2005; 2009-2010) 
Lisa Connor     Associate Head Writer (1997-1999; 2005-2008) 
Mel Brez     Associate Head Writer (1997; 1998) 
Jeff Beldner     Associate Head Writer (1998-2001) 
Hal Corley     Associate Head Writer (1998-2001) 
Carolyn Culliton     Associate Head Writer (2001-2002; 2004) 
Susan Dansby     Associate Head Writer (2001-2003) 
Charlotte Gibson     Associate Head Writer (2002-2005) 
Josh McCaffrey     Associate Head Writer (2003) 
Frederick Johnson (2)     Associate Head Writer (2004-2005) 
Trent E. Jones     Associate Head Writer (2005) 
Hogan Sheffer     Associate Head Writer (2005-2006) 
Anna Theresa Cascio     Associate Head Writer (2005-2007) 
Judy Tate     Associate Head Writer (2006-2007) 
Peter Brash     Associate Head Writer (2007-2008) 
Lloyd 'Lucky' Gold     Associate Head Writer (2009-2010) 
Tom Casiello     Writers' Assistant (1999-2002) 
Agnes Nixon     Co-creator 
Melissa Salmons     1997-1998; 2004-2006 
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Drama | Soaps
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: CBS ( USA)
Airs: Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays at 02:00 pm
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: April 02, 1956
Ended: September 17, 2010
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