John Dykstra, Giant NES Gamepad, Reel Big Fish - Recap

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Sarah, Brenden, Kevin and Kevin are back with an all new set and an all new show!

This Just In
The Return of Backwards Vinyl
Jeff Milner has created a site devoted to "backmasking" - the art of hearing different words (sometimes Satanic) when playing songs backwards. With a little help from technology he shows that Led Zeppelin's "Stairway to Heaven may have hidden meanings when heard in reverse. We leave it up to you to decide if it is a message from Satan himself.

The Next iPod? Not Yet
Kevin P. finds out that shelling out some $100 over a PS2 retail price for a PSP wasn't the big thing to do over the weekend.

The Special FX of John Dykstra
In studio we have special FX master John Dystra discussing his work on the recent Spider-Man and his works on Star Wars.

Some of Dykstra's Spider-Man 2 demonstrations can be found at

Must Have Been the Mushrooms
It's a gamer's dream...well some gamer's dream. We at AotS have created the "Super" NES controller. The working controller for the original Nintendo Entertainment System measures in at 8’ long x 3’ wide x 9” tall and cost about $400 to put together.

Kevin P.’s First 50: Lego Star Wars
Experience the world of the first three...or is it the last three?...Experince the world of Star Wars Episodes 1-3 in the latest family game Lego Star Wars. Kevin P. takes a look at the new game and likes it, even though he confesses not to be that much of a Star Wars fan.
Verdict: Buy It.

The Feed
Bad Vibrations
A judge orders Sony to stop selling PS2s and pay $90 million for infringing on the force-feedback patent of Immersion Corp. Gamers shouldn't worry too much, the appeal has already been filed.

P2P Defender
The Grokster vs. MGM suit is being funded by billionare Mark Cuban.

Infect a Mac, Win a Prize
Hackers Unite! Well, you could have, but the Mac virus-writing contest has been revoked.

Quick, Let’s Start a Theme Park!
Scientists locate T-Rex soft tissue from fossilized remains. Looks like those movies just might come true. Hold on to your butts.

Dark Deals
Kevin Rose looks for the the best deals on the internet. This time he has some AotS exclusives - doubt it? Check the URLs or the codes:

DEAL: 10% off
CODE: darkdeals10

DEAL: Free DivX Pro, Free Digital Shredder, Anonymizer $25.49

DEAL: 25% off each month of service for up to 12 months
CODE: darkdeals

Alcohol 120%
DEAL: 20% off
CODE: darkdeals

Gems of the Internet
Sarah searches the internet to find the strangest things out there.

Other People's Grocery Lists

Fake Dr. Pepper Gallery

My Sweet Pee