Auction Kings

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Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
01 01x01 26/Oct/2010 Vampire Hunting Kit/Meteorite
02 01x02 26/Oct/2010 Love Meter/Knights of the Templar Sword
03 01x03 02/Nov/2010 Ladies' Muff Pistols/John Hancock's Book
04 01x04 02/Nov/2010 Rolling Stones' Snooker Table/Aliens
05 01x05 09/Nov/2010 Iwo Jima Sword/Cathouse Chairs
06 01x06 09/Nov/2010 Dinosaur Tooth/Victorian Furniture
07 01x07 16/Nov/2010 Pink Cadillac/Baseball Memorabilia
08 01x08 16/Nov/2010 Spy Watch/Model A
09 01x09 21/Nov/2010 Triumph Chopper/Ruby Necklace
10 01x10 23/Nov/2010 Hand Cannon/Faberge Pencil
11 01x11 30/Nov/2010 Hot Air Balloon/Wooly Mammoth Tusk
12 01x12 07/Dec/2010 Headhunter Ax/Vintage Coke Machine
13 01x13 14/Dec/2010 Samurai Sword/Steamer Trunk
14 01x14 21/Dec/2010 Johnny Cash Guitar/Speed Rug
15 01x15 28/Dec/2010 Lindbergh Scrapbook/Antique Toys
16 01x16 04/Jan/2011 Napoleon Mirror/WWI Boy Scout Poster
17 01x17 11/Jan/2011 Shrunken Head/MLK Letter
18 01x18 18/Jan/2011 Happy Days Pinball/Wall of Shame
19 01x19 25/Jan/2011 Declaration of Independence/Concession Wagon
20 01x20 01/Feb/2011 Ouija Board/Richard Petty Jeep

Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
21 02x01 09/Aug/2011 WWII Harley-Davidson/1800s Gambler’s Watch-Gun
23 02x03 16/Aug/2011 Awesome 80s
24 02x04 16/Aug/2011 Jim Morrison Poem/Cabbage Patch Babies
25 02x05 23/Aug/2011 65 Mustang/Vintage Lunch Boxes
27 02x07 30/Aug/2011 Elvis Cadillac/Edison Letters
28 02x08 30/Aug/2011 Haunted Cabinet/Signal Cannon
29 02x09 06/Sep/2011 Space Oddities
30 02x10 06/Sep/2011 King, Bling, and Rodeo Ring
31 02x11 13/Sep/2011 Moonshine Still/Civil War Iron Knuckles
32 02x12 13/Sep/2011 Dino Poo/Ancient Head Pipe
33 02x13 20/Sep/2011 Houdini Letter/Olympic Ping Pong
34 02x14 27/Sep/2011 Fortune Teller Scale/Baseball Cards
36 02x16 11/Oct/2011 Harley Servi-Car Trike/Italian Multi-Game Table
37 02x17 18/Oct/2011 Seance Machine/Airstream Trailer
38 02x18 18/Oct/2011 Torture, Trains, and a Tiny Sword
39 02x19 25/Oct/2011 Blow Gun/Wooden Harley
41 02x21 01/Nov/2011 Wacky Taxi/Oliver North Sword
42 02x22 08/Nov/2011 Supersized (1)
43 02x23 08/Nov/2011 Supersized (2)
44 02x24 15/Nov/2011 Top 10 Oddest Items
45 02x25 22/Nov/2011 Homemade Hot Rod/Zebra Drum
46 02x26 22/Nov/2011 Wrestling Belt/Temple Guardians

Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
48 03x02 25/Apr/2012 John Wayne Guns/Omnibot 2000
50 03x04 02/May/2012 Mountain Man Slot Machine/Wild West BMW Motorcycle
51 03x05 09/May/2012 Elvis Bracelet/Silver Columbus Ships
53 03x07 16/May/2012 Edison Phonograph/Ali-Frazier Boxing Gloves
54 03x08 31/May/2012 Oliver North Reclaims His Sword/Scrimshaw
55 03x09 31/May/2012 Rick Fairless Chopper/Gas-Powered Blender
56 03x10 07/Jun/2012 Gangster Terraplane/Electro Shock Game
57 03x11 07/Jun/2012 Signed Drumstick Collection/Trans Am GTA
58 03x12 14/Jun/2012 Les Paul Guitar/Giant Bat
59 03x13 14/Jun/2012 Pop Culture Pick/Footloose Race Car
60 03x14 21/Jun/2012 Plank Cannon/Calliope
62 03x16 05/Jul/2012 Ms. Pac-Man Arcade Game/Military Short Sword
63 03x17 12/Jul/2012 1955 Ford Thunderbird/WWII Gunner's Sight
64 03x18 12/Jul/2012 Eric Clapton Replica Guitar/1952 Andy Pafko Baseball Card
65 03x19 19/Jul/2012 Chastity Belts/Georgia Land Deed
66 03x20 02/Aug/2012 Antique Doctor's Buggy/Cleopatra Folio
67 03x21 09/Aug/2012 Skee-Ball/Antique Fishing Gear
68 03x22 23/Aug/2012 Beatles "Butcher" Album/Fire Grenade
69 03x23 30/Aug/2012 Wild West Memorabilia/NFL Helmet
70 03x24 06/Sep/2012 Redneck Chariot/Japanese Antique Daggers

Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
72 04x01 21/Feb/2013 Pick-Off Special
74 04x03 28/Feb/2013 Vintage Lie Detector/Old Hollywood Collection
75 04x04 07/Mar/2013 M16/Butt-Activated Musical Chair
76 04x05 07/Mar/2013 Buckets of Silver/USS Yorktown Locker
77 04x06 14/Mar/2013 Jefferson's Desk/Jeu de Course
79 04x08 21/Mar/2013 Star Wars Stormtroopers/Mustang Motorcycle
80 04x09 21/Mar/2013 Drive-In Speakers/Royal Saddle
81 04x10 28/Mar/2013 U-Boat Telescope/Helen Keller Letter
82 04x11 28/Mar/2013 Michael Jordan Motorcycle/Candle Stick Phone
83 04x12 04/Apr/2013 Sugar Ray Leonard's Benz/WWII Dive Suit
84 04x13 04/Apr/2013 Vintage Lie Detector/Old Hollywood Collection
86 04x15 11/Apr/2013 Clay Walker Visits Gallery 63
87 04x16 18/Apr/2013 Massage-A-Belt/Oversized Haberdashery
88 04x17 18/Apr/2013 MJ's Thriller Award/Hungarian Pannonia Motorcycle

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