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Season 1

Willie Nelson

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Musical Guests: Willie Nelson as Himself
Songs: Willie Nelson -- Ain't It Funny/Crazy, Willie Nelson -- Bloody Mary Morning, Willie Nelson -- Good Hearted Woman, Willie Nelson -- Headed Home To Austin, Willie Nelson -- It's Not Supposed To Be That Way, Willie Nelson -- Mountain Dew, Willie Nelson -- Okie From Muskogee, Willie Nelson -- Phases And Stages, Willie Nelson -- Pick Up The Tempo, Willie Nelson -- Redneck Mother, Willie Nelson -- Rollin' In My Sweet Baby's Arms, Willie Nelson -- Song For You, Willie Nelson -- Stay All Night, Willie Nelson -- Turn Out the Lights, Willie Nelson -- When The Roll Is Called, Willie Nelson -- Whiskey River, Willie Nelson -- Will The Circle Be Unbroken?

1 :01x01 - The Charlie Daniels Band

The music of The Charlie Daniels Band is boogie and swing, lots of rock and roll and a whole lot of country, with maybe a jazz lick or two thrown in. Daniels taught himself to play the guitar by age 15. He spent nearly a decade in the rough and tumble training school of Southern honky-tonks before finding his first success as a Nashville session player. Daniels organized the Charlie Daniels Band in 1971.

Source: PBS
Guest Stars: Charlie Daniels as Himself (Performer)
Songs: Charlie Daniels -- Franklin Limestone, Charlie Daniels -- It's My Life, Charlie Daniels -- Long Haired Country Boy, Charlie Daniels -- New York City/Kingsize Rosewood Bed, Charlie Daniels -- Orange Blossom Special, Charlie Daniels -- Saddle Tramp, Charlie Daniels -- Texas, Charlie Daniels -- Trudy, Charlie Daniels -- Whiskey

2 :01x02 - Asleep at the Whee/Bob Wills' Original Texas Playboys

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Musical Guests: Asleep At The Wheel as Themselves | The Texas Playboys as Themselves
Songs: The Texas Playboys -- Blue Bonnet Lane, The Texas Playboys -- Boogie Woogie, The Texas Playboys -- Brown Skin Gal, Asleep At The Wheel -- Bump Bounce Boogie, The Texas Playboys -- Faded Love, The Texas Playboys -- Fiddle Medley, The Texas Playboys -- Keith's Waltz, Asleep At The Wheel -- Let Me Go Home, Whiskey, The Texas Playboys -- Milk Cow Blues, Asleep At The Wheel -- Nothing Takes the Place of You, The Texas Playboys -- Please Don't Leave Me Anymore Darlin', The Texas Playboys -- San Antonio Rose, The Texas Playboys -- Stay All Night, The Texas Playboys -- Steel Guitar Rag, Asleep At The Wheel -- Take Me Back To Tulsa, The Texas Playboys -- The Bootheel Drag, Asleep At The Wheel -- The Letter That Johnny Walker Read, The Texas Playboys -- The Texas Playboys Theme

3 :01x03 - Rusty Wier

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Musical Guests: Rusty Wier as Himself
Songs: Rusty Wier -- Agua Dulce, Rusty Wier -- Blue Haze, Rusty Wier -- Cheryl Doreen, Rusty Wier -- Don't It Make You Wanna Dance, Rusty Wier -- I Heard You Been Layin' My Old Lady, Rusty Wier -- Jeremiah Black, Rusty Wier -- One More Time, Rusty Wier -- Relief, Rusty Wier -- Sally Mae, Rusty Wier -- Sofia, Rusty Wier -- Stoned Slow Rugged

4 :01x04 - Townes Van Zandt/Clifton Chenier

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Guest Stars: Townes Van Zandt as Himself (Performer) | Clifton Chenier as Himself (Performer)
Songs: Townes Van Zandt -- Ballad of Ira Hayes, Clifton Chenier -- Calenda, Townes Van Zandt -- Dollar Bill Blues, Townes Van Zandt -- Don't Take It Too Bad, Clifton Chenier -- Every Once In A While, Townes Van Zandt -- If I Needed You, Townes Van Zandt -- My Starter Won't Start, Clifton Chenier -- No Salt in Your Snap Beans, Townes Van Zandt -- Shrimp Song, Townes Van Zandt -- Talkin' Fraternity Blues, Townes Van Zandt -- Talkin' Karate Blues, Clifton Chenier -- Trouble in Mind, Clifton Chenier -- What'd I Say, Townes Van Zandt -- White Freight Liner, Clifton Chenier -- You Don't Have to Go

5 :01x05 - Flaco Jiménez with Ry Cooder & Augie Meyers

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Musical Guests: Flaco Jiménez as Himself | Ry Cooder as Himself | Augie Meyers as Himself
Songs: Flaco Jiménez -- Cajun Song, Flaco Jiménez -- He'll Have to Go, Flaco Jiménez -- La Bamba, Flaco Jiménez -- La Cumbia, Flaco Jiménez -- La Estrella, Flaco Jiménez -- La Nueva Senida, Flaco Jiménez -- La Polaka, Flaco Jiménez -- Morenita Mia, Flaco Jiménez -- My Arms Wait for You, Flaco Jiménez -- Pass Me By

6 :01x06 - Doug Sahm

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Guest Stars: Doug Sahm as Himself (Performer)
Songs: Doug Sahm -- At The Crossroads, Doug Sahm -- Dynamite Woman, Doug Sahm -- Hoedown, Doug Sahm -- Is Anybody Going To San Antone?, Doug Sahm -- It's Gonna Be Easy, Doug Sahm -- Laredo, Doug Sahm -- Mendocino, Doug Sahm -- Papa Ain't Salty No More, Doug Sahm -- Rain, Doug Sahm -- She's About a Mover, Doug Sahm -- Stormy Monday

8 :01x08 - Steve Fromholz

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Musical Guests: Steve Fromholz as Himself
Songs: Steve Fromholz -- Ain't It Nice To Be Alone, Steve Fromholz -- Bear Song, Steve Fromholz -- Dear Darcy, Steve Fromholz -- Knockin' On Wood, Steve Fromholz -- Lucky Touch, Steve Fromholz -- Neon Shadows, Steve Fromholz -- Redneck Mother, Steve Fromholz -- She's A Lady, Steve Fromholz -- Stoned Again, Steve Fromholz -- Texas Trilogy

9 :01x09 - B.W. Stevenson/Bobby Bridger

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Guest Stars: B.W. Stevenson as Himself (Performer) | Bobby Bridger as Himself (Performer)
Songs: Bobby Bridger -- Altitude, B.W. Stevenson -- Cold, Cold Winter, Bobby Bridger -- Free My Spirit, B.W. Stevenson -- Hold On, Bobby Bridger -- Just Fompin' Around, B.W. Stevenson -- Kokomo, B.W. Stevenson -- On My Own, Bobby Bridger -- Our Spirits Will Abide, Bobby Bridger -- People Carry On, B.W. Stevenson -- Temper, Temper, Bobby Bridger -- The Sculpture, B.W. Stevenson -- Train Song

10 :01x10 - Greezy Wheels/Marcia Ball

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Musical Guests: Greezy Wheels as Themselves | Marcia Ball as Herself
Songs: Marcia Ball -- All Night Long, Marcia Ball -- Burnin' Love, Greezy Wheels -- Cotton Eyed Joe, Marcia Ball -- Cowboy's Sweetheart, Marcia Ball -- Done Got Over, Greezy Wheels -- Everybody Knows, Marcia Ball -- Fright Train Boogie, Marcia Ball -- Good Girl's Gonna Go Bad, Marcia Ball -- I'm Not Blind, Marcia Ball -- In the Night, Marcia Ball -- Make Me a Pallet, Greezy Wheels -- Right Now Rag, Greezy Wheels -- Rollin' in My Sweet Baby's Arms, Greezy Wheels -- Romance, Greezy Wheels -- Sad, What A Dilemma, Marcia Ball -- Saturday Night Fish Fry, Greezy Wheels -- Sideman's Party, Marcia Ball -- Standin' On This Corner, Marcia Ball -- When You Were Here

11 :01x11 - Wheatfield

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Guest Stars: Wheatfield as Themselves (Performer)
Songs: Wheatfield -- Canadian Bluegrass, Wheatfield -- Cardinal, Wheatfield -- Conversation, Wheatfield -- Cruzan Time, Wheatfield -- Drifting Along, Wheatfield -- Flapjack Blues, Wheatfield -- From Winter, Wheatfield -- Last Train to Pontchartrain, Wheatfield -- Mother Earth, Wheatfield -- Reason for Leaving, Wheatfield -- The Lady Has No Heart, Wheatfield -- Waxahachie Woman

12 :01x12 - Balcones Fault

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Guest Stars: Balcones Fault as Themselves (Performer)
Songs: Balcones Fault -- 42nd Street, Balcones Fault -- Cartagenera, Balcones Fault -- Darlin', Balcones Fault -- El Pescador, Balcones Fault -- Fats Waller Medley, Balcones Fault -- Jesus Christ Was A Teenager Too, Balcones Fault -- Leave Your Hat On, Balcones Fault -- Pa Todo El Ano, Balcones Fault -- Shop Around, Balcones Fault -- Up In The Air, Balcones Fault -- Will Power, Balcones Fault -- You can Do It

13 :01x13 - The Lost Gonzo Band/Jerry Jeff Walker

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Guest Stars: The Lost Gonzo Band as Themselves (Performer) | Jerry Jeff Walker as Himself (Performer)
Songs: Jerry Jeff Walker -- Backslider's Wine, The Lost Gonzo Band -- Ded Armadillo, Jerry Jeff Walker -- Gettin' By, Jerry Jeff Walker -- I Like To Sleep Late in the Mornin', Jerry Jeff Walker -- L.A. Freeway, The Lost Gonzo Band -- London Homesick Blues, Jerry Jeff Walker -- Mr. Bojangles, Jerry Jeff Walker -- My Old Man, The Lost Gonzo Band -- Railroad Man, Jerry Jeff Walker -- Redneck Mother, The Lost Gonzo Band -- The Last Thing I Needed, Jerry Jeff Walker -- Will The Circle Be Unbroken

Season 2

14 :02x01 - Willie Nelson followed by Tracy Nelson

Willie Nelson is said to have bridged the gap between old school country music and youing music fans while Tracy Nelson is folk singer who threw a little country, rock and R&B into the mix.
Musical Guests: Willie Nelson as Himself | Tracy Nelson (2) as Herself
Songs: Tracy Nelson (2) -- After the Fire is Gone, Willie Nelson -- Bandera, Willie Nelson -- Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain, Willie Nelson -- Blue Rock Montana, Willie Nelson -- Can I Sleep in Your Arms, Willie Nelson -- Denver, Tracy Nelson (2) -- Down So Low, Willie Nelson -- Down Yonder, Willie Nelson -- Hands on the Wheel, Tracy Nelson (2) -- I Could Have Been Your Best Friend, Willie Nelson -- I Couldn't Believe It Was True, Tracy Nelson (2) -- I Couldn't Stay Here If I Wanted, Tracy Nelson (2) -- It's A Sad Situation, Willie Nelson -- Just As I Am, Willie Nelson -- O'er the Waves, Willie Nelson -- Red-Headed Stranger, Willie Nelson -- Remember Me, Willie Nelson -- Time of the Preacher, Willie Nelson -- Time of the Preacher Theme

15 :02x02 - Amazing Rhythm Aces followed by Gove

The Amazing Rhythm Aces featured Jeff Davis on bass guitar, Butch McDade on drums, Russell Smith singing and playing guitar, Billy Earhart III on keyboards, Barry Burton on the dobro and James Hooker on the piano. Gove played the guitar in bottle-neck style.
Musical Guests: The Amazing Rhythm Aces as Themselves | Gove Scrivenor as Himself
Songs: The Amazing Rhythm Aces -- A Fool For the Woman, Gove Scrivenor -- All I Want To Do Is See You Again, The Amazing Rhythm Aces -- Anything You Want, The Amazing Rhythm Aces -- Dancing the Night Away, The Amazing Rhythm Aces -- Emma Jean, The Amazing Rhythm Aces -- Hit the Nail on the Head, The Amazing Rhythm Aces -- I'll Be Gone, Gove Scrivenor -- Joy of Man's Desiring, Gove Scrivenor -- Make My Love Come Rolling Down, Gove Scrivenor -- Pigeon River Breakdown, The Amazing Rhythm Aces -- The End is Not in Sight, The Amazing Rhythm Aces -- These Dreams of Losing You, The Amazing Rhythm Aces -- Third Rate Romance, The Amazing Rhythm Aces -- Typical American Boy, The Amazing Rhythm Aces -- Who Will Be the Next Fool?

16 :02x03 - The Earl Scruggs Revue

Earl Scruggs picked the banjo like no one else and his sons helped him out along the way!
Guest Stars: The Earl Scruggs Revue as Themselves (Performer)
Songs: The Earl Scruggs Revue -- Black Mountain Blues, The Earl Scruggs Revue -- Bugle Call Rag, The Earl Scruggs Revue -- Carolina Boogie, The Earl Scruggs Revue -- Earl's Breakdown, The Earl Scruggs Revue -- Every Man Has Had His Own Price, The Earl Scruggs Revue -- Everybody Wants To Go To Heaven, The Earl Scruggs Revue -- Flint Hill Special, The Earl Scruggs Revue -- Foggy Mountain Breakdown, The Earl Scruggs Revue -- Freight Train, The Earl Scruggs Revue -- I Just Can't Seem to Care, The Earl Scruggs Revue -- I Shall Be Released, The Earl Scruggs Revue -- Lady in the First Degree, The Earl Scruggs Revue -- Nashville Skyline Rag, The Earl Scruggs Revue -- Orange Blossom Special, The Earl Scruggs Revue -- Sally Gooding, The Earl Scruggs Revue -- Stay All Night, Stay A Little Longer, The Earl Scruggs Revue -- Wooden Nickels

17 :02x04 - Jimmy Buffett followed by Rusty Wier

Jimmy Buffett was backed by his Coral Reefer Band while Rusty Wier played solo.
Musical Guests: Jimmy Buffett as Himself | Rusty Wier as Himself
Songs: Jimmy Buffett -- Banana Republic, Rusty Wier -- Coast of Colorado, Jimmy Buffett -- Dallas, Jimmy Buffett -- Got A Carribean Soul I Can Barely Control, Jimmy Buffett -- Havana Daydreaming, Rusty Wier -- I Don't Wanna Lay This Guitar Down, Rusty Wier -- Pass the Buck, Rusty Wier -- Queen of My Dreams, Rusty Wier -- Tell Me Truly, Julie, Rusty Wier -- The Devil Lives in Dallas, Jimmy Buffett -- Trying To Reason With The Hurricanes, Rusty Wier -- Whiskey Still, Jimmy Buffett -- Wino And I Know

18 :02x05 - Gatemouth Brown followed by Delbert McClinton

Gatemouth's accompanists were Leon Medica on bass, Jeff Pollard on rhythm guitar, Rod Roddy on piano, David Peters on drums and Bobby Campos playing horns, flute and trumpet. Delbert McClinton played solo.
Musical Guests: Clarence "Gatemouth" Brown (2) as Himself | Delbert McClinton as Himself
Songs: Delbert McClinton -- Back to Louisiana, Delbert McClinton -- Bad Luck, Clarence "Gatemouth" Brown (2) -- Blackjack, Clarence "Gatemouth" Brown (2) -- Chicken Shift, Clarence "Gatemouth" Brown (2) -- Gate Walks the Board, Delbert McClinton -- Honky Tonkin', Clarence "Gatemouth" Brown (2) -- Okie Dokie Stomp, Clarence "Gatemouth" Brown (2) -- Orange Blossom Special, Delbert McClinton -- Part-time Love, Delbert McClinton -- Pledging My Love, Delbert McClinton -- Ruby Louise, Clarence "Gatemouth" Brown (2) -- Up Jumped the Devil, Clarence "Gatemouth" Brown (2) -- When My Blue Moon Turns To Gold

19 :02x06 - Firefall followed by Denim

Firefall featured the following lineup: Rick Roberts sang, Jock Bartley played lead guitar, Mark Andes play bass guitar, Larry Burnett played rhythm guitar and Michael Clarke played drums. Denim was Bill Browder on lead vocals, guitar and piano, Richard Mullen playing guitar, pedal steel guitar, mandolin and backing vocals, Jerry Crow on bass guitar and backing vocals and David Moerbe on drums and seccond lead vocals.
Guest Stars: Firefall as Themselves (Performer) | Denim as Themselves (Performer)
Songs: Firefall -- Cinderella, Firefall -- Do What You Want, Firefall -- Even Steven, Denim -- I'd Be Lost Without You, Denim -- I'll Get Along, Denim -- Let's Keep This Thing Going, Firefall -- Livin' Ain't Livin', Firefall -- Mexico, Firefall -- No Way Out, Denim -- Panhandle Memory, Firefall -- Sad Ol' Love Song, Firefall -- You Are the Woman

20 :02x07 - Nitty Gritty Dirt Band followed by Kiwi

The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band consisted of John McEuen on banjo, fiddle and mandolin, Jeff Hanna playing guitar and washboard, Jackie Clark on guitar and piano, Jimmy Fadden doing the harp and drums and John Cable with the guitar and bass at the time of the performance. Kiwi featured John Fannin on lead guitar and harmonica, David Lloyd played rhythm guitar and sang bass and Tom Elskes played spoons and other percussion instruments while singing lead.
Guest Stars: Nitty Gritty Dirt Band as Themselves (Performer) | Kiwi as Themselves (Performer)
Songs: Kiwi -- Ain't Nobody Knocking At My Door, Nitty Gritty Dirt Band -- Battle of New Orleans, Nitty Gritty Dirt Band -- Bayou Jubilee, Nitty Gritty Dirt Band -- Classical Banjo, Nitty Gritty Dirt Band -- Diggy Diggy Lo, Kiwi -- Early Morning Riser, Nitty Gritty Dirt Band -- Every Day Pays, Nitty Gritty Dirt Band -- Harmonica Dust, Nitty Gritty Dirt Band -- Honky Tonkin', Kiwi -- I Am A Walrus, Nitty Gritty Dirt Band -- Mr. Bojangles, Nitty Gritty Dirt Band -- Randy Lynn Rag, Nitty Gritty Dirt Band -- Rocky Top, Nitty Gritty Dirt Band -- Sismal Swamp, Nitty Gritty Dirt Band -- Will the Circle Be Unbroken

21 :02x08 - Larry Gatlin followed by Alex Harvey

Larry Gatlin played solo while Alex Harvey had Jerry McEwen playing lead guitar, banjo and mandolin, Jim Jenne on rhythm guitar and vocals, Jim Althouse on bass and Dave Mize playing drums.
Guest Stars: Alex Harvey as Himself (Performer) | Larry Gatlin as Himself (Performer)
Songs: Larry Gatlin -- Broken Lady, Alex Harvey -- Catfish Bates, Alex Harvey -- Delta Dawn, Larry Gatlin -- Delta Dirt, Larry Gatlin -- Hallelujah, Larry Gatlin -- Help Me, Larry Gatlin -- I Just Can't Get Her Out of My Mind, Alex Harvey -- Makin' Music for Money, Larry Gatlin -- Ode to the Road, Alex Harvey -- Rings, Alex Harvey -- Sleep All Mornin', Alex Harvey -- Some One Who Cares, Alex Harvey -- Tell It All Brother, Larry Gatlin -- The Heart, Alex Harvey -- Tulsa Turnaround

22 :02x09 - Willis Alan Ramsey followed by Roy Buchanan

Both Willis Alan Ramsey and Roy Buchanan played solo.
Guest Stars: Willis Alan Ramsey as Himself (Performer) | Roy Buchanan as Himself (Performer)
Songs: Willis Alan Ramsey -- Ballad of Spider Jones, Willis Alan Ramsey -- Geraldine and the Honey Bee, Roy Buchanan -- Hey Joe, Willis Alan Ramsey -- Muskrat Love, Willis Alan Ramsey -- Northeast Texas Women, Willis Alan Ramsey -- Painted Lady, Roy Buchanan -- Roy's Bluz, Roy Buchanan -- Sweet Dreams, Roy Buchanan -- The Messiah Will Come Again, Willis Alan Ramsey -- Watermelon Man, Roy Buchanan -- Woman, You Must Be Crazy

23 :02x10 - Guy Clark followed by Steve Fromholz

Guy Clark was backed by Danny Rowland on guitar, Charlie Bundy on bass and Chris Laird on drums, while Larry Nye backed Steve Fromholz on guitar and vocals.
Musical Guests: Guy Clark as Himself | Steve Fromholz as Himself
Songs: Steve Fromholz -- Buzzard Blues, Guy Clark -- Desperadoes Waiting For A Train, Steve Fromholz -- Fool's Paradise, Steve Fromholz -- I'd Have to Be Crazy, Guy Clark -- It's About Time, Steve Fromholz -- Road to Kentucky, Steve Fromholz -- Sweet Janey, Guy Clark -- Texas 1947, Guy Clark -- Texas Cookin', Guy Clark -- The Ballad of Laverne and Captain Flint, Guy Clark -- The Last Gunfighter, Guy Clark -- Virginia's Real

Season 3

24 :03x01 - Michael Martin Murphey

Michael Murphey, one of the Southwest’s most outspoken and musically gifted performers is featured on the premier program of Austin City Limit’s third season. Now known as Michael Martin Murphey this performer has always stayed true to his Southwest roots.

Source: PBS
Songs: Michael Martin Murphey -- Boy From the Country, Michael Martin Murphey -- Carolina in the Pines, Michael Martin Murphey -- Holy Roller, Michael Martin Murphey -- Loners, Michael Martin Murphey -- Medicine Man, Michael Martin Murphey -- Mind Your Own Business, Michael Martin Murphey -- Nothing's Your Own, Michael Martin Murphey -- Paradise, Michael Martin Murphey -- Texas Morning, Michael Martin Murphey -- Wandering MInstrel, Michael Martin Murphey -- Wildfire

25 :03x02 - Steve Goodman

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Songs: Steve Goodman -- Banana Republics, Steve Goodman -- Can't Go Back, Steve Goodman -- Chicken Cordon Blues/This Hotel Room, Steve Goodman -- City of New Orleans, Steve Goodman -- I'll Fly Away, Steve Goodman -- Men Who Love Women Who Love Men, Steve Goodman -- My Old Man, Steve Goodman -- Old Fashioned Girl, Steve Goodman -- The 20th Century is Almost Over, Steve Goodman -- The Dutchman, Steve Goodman -- Video Tape, Steve Goodman -- You Never Even Call Me By My Name

26 :03x03 - John Prine

Of all the songs Prine has composed over the years, his most recent compositions may be his finest. Austin City Limits viewers are treated to several of Prine’s new tunes, including “Iron Ore Betty,” “Bottomless Lake,” “Jumpin’ Jahosafat,” and a gem entitled “That’s the Way the World goes Round.” Like many of Prine’s songs, this last one is an exquisite mix of tragedy, comedy and foolishness.

Source: PBS
Songs: John Prine -- Bottomless Lake, John Prine -- Bruised Orange, John Prine -- Fish & Whistle, John Prine -- Hello in There, John Prine -- Illegal Smile, John Prine -- Paradise, John Prine -- Pretty Good, John Prine -- Saboo Visits the Twin Cities Alone, John Prine -- Saddles in the Rain, John Prine -- Six O'Clock News, John Prine -- Spanish Pipe Dream, John Prine -- That's the Way the World Goes 'Round, John Prine -- There She Goes

27 :03x04 - Bob Wills' Original Texas Playboys followed by Ernest Tubb

“The Texas Playboys are on the air!” That familiar radio introduction takes on new relevance as the Playboys returned to Austin City Limits during season 3. This time the Playboys join Ernest Tubb and The Texas Troubadours for an hour for entertainment.

Source: PBS
Songs: The Texas Playboys -- Big Balls in Cowtown, Ernest Tubb -- If You Don't Quit Checking On Me, Ernest Tubb -- In the Jailhouse Now, The Texas Playboys -- Miss Molly, The Texas Playboys -- Right or Wrong, The Texas Playboys -- San Antonio Rose, The Texas Playboys -- Stay All Night, The Texas Playboys -- Steel Guitar Rag, The Texas Playboys -- Texas Playboys Theme, Ernest Tubb -- Thanks A Lot, The Texas Playboys -- That's What I Like About the South, Ernest Tubb -- There's A Little Bit of Everything In Texas, Ernest Tubb -- Tomorrow Never Comes, Ernest Tubb -- Walking the Floor Over You, Ernest Tubb -- Waltz Across Texas, The Texas Playboys -- You're OK

28 :03x05 - Chet Atkins followed by Merle Travis

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Songs: Chet Atkins -- Autumn Leaves, Chet Atkins -- Black Mountain Rag, Merle Travis -- Cannonball Rag, Merle Travis -- Detour, Chet Atkins -- Frog Kissing, Merle Travis -- Hominy Grits, Merle Travis -- Nine Pound Hammer, Chet Atkins -- Recuerdos De Alhambra, Merle Travis -- Sixteen Tons, Merle Travis -- Smoke Smoke Smoke That Cigarette, Chet Atkins -- Snowbird, Chet Atkins -- Until It's Time For You to Go, Chet Atkins -- Wildwood Flower/Freight Train, Chet Atkins -- Yakety Sax, Chet Atkins -- You'd Be So Nice To Come Home To

29 :03x06 - Doc Watson followed by Gove

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Musical Guests: Doc Watson as Himself | Gove Scrivenor as Himself

35 :03x12 - Merle Haggard

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42 :04x06 - Tom Waits

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46 :04x10 - Hoyt Axton

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49 :04x13 - Norton Buffalo

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53 :05x04 - Ray Charles & His Orchestra

Set List:

1. Oh, What A Beautiful Morning
2. Georgia On My Mind
3. Busted
4. Born To Lose
5. Some Enchanted Evening
6. Ray Talking: 'when you're an old battery, you need generators' - introducing Raelettes]
7. Hit The Road Jack
8. [Ray Talking - bridging between #7 and #9: 'this is for public tv; they're trying to get me to say the woman was pissed off, but I ain't gonna say that']
9. A Fool For You [improv]/I Can't Stop Loving You
10. I Can See Clearly Now
11. Für Elise/Steel Guitar Rag/Lonesome Blue Yodel/I'm Gonna Keep On Singin'...
12. That's Allright/What'd I Say/Shake It Up/Feel So Good...
13. Deep In The Heart Of Texas

Season 8

91 :08x03 - Roy Orbison

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Season 10

123 :10x09 - Nitty Gritty Dirt Band/Steve Goodman Tribute

First half: the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band performs.

Second half: a tribute to Steve Goodman, featuring performances filmed in 1982 but never aired during Goodman's life. Includes three songs with Jethro Burns and one with John Prine.
Musical Guests: John Prine as Himself | Jethro Burns as Himself | Steve Goodman as Himself
Songs: Steve Goodman -- City of New Orleans (with Jethro Burns), Steve Goodman -- Elvis Imitators, Steve Goodman -- I Just Keep Falling in Love, Steve Goodman -- Sdrawkcab Klat (Talk Backwards), Steve Goodman -- Souvenirs (with John Prine), Steve Goodman -- The Dutchman (with Jethro Burns), Steve Goodman -- Tico Tico (with Jethro Burns)

Season 23

284 :23x01 - Junior Brown/Robbie Fulks

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Musical Guests: Junior Brown as Himself | Robbie Fulks (5) as Himself

285 :23x02 - Patty Loveless/Collin Raye

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Musical Guests: Patty Loveless as Herself | Collin Raye as Himself

286 :23x03 - Marcia Ball/Irma Thomas/Tracy Nelson

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Musical Guests: Marcia Ball as Herself | Tracy Nelson (2) as Herself | Irma Thomas as Herself

287 :23x04 - The Manhattan Transfer

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Guest Stars: The Manhattan Transfer as Themselves (Performer)

288 :23x05 - Indigo Girls/Kim Richey

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Guest Stars: Indigo Girls as Themselves (Performer) | Kim Richey as Herself (Performer)

289 :23x06 - Loretta Lynn

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Guest Stars: Loretta Lynn as Herself (Performer)

290 :23x07 - Nanci Griffith & the Crickets

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Musical Guests: Nanci Griffith as Herself | The Crickets as Themselves

291 :23x08 - Hal Ketchum/Terry Allen

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Guest Stars: Hal Ketchum as Himself (Performer) | Terry Allen as Himself (Performer)

292 :23x09 - Willie Nelson/Emmylou Harris/Nanci Griffith/Lyle Lovett

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Musical Guests: Willie Nelson as Himself | Emmylou Harris as Herself | Nanci Griffith as Herself | Lyle Lovett as Himself

293 :23x10 - Boz Scaggs/8 1/2 Souvenirs

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Guest Stars: Boz Scaggs as Himself (Performer) | 8½ Souvenirs as Themselves (Performer)

294 :23x11 - Old 97's/Whiskeytown

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Guest Stars: Old 97's as Themselves (Performer) | Whiskeytown as Themselves (Performer)

295 :23x12 - Clay Walker/Trace Adkins

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Guest Stars: Trace Adkins as Himself (Performer) | Clay Walker as Himself (Performer)

296 :23x13 - Buddy Guy/Storyville

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Musical Guests: Buddy Guy as Himself | Storyville as Themselves

Season 24

297 :24x01 - Deana Carter/Matraca Berg

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Guest Stars: Deana Carter as Herself (Performer) | Matraca Berg as Herself (Performer)

298 :24x02 - The Dixie Chicks/Charlie Robison

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Musical Guests: The Dixie Chicks as Themselves | Charlie Robison as Himself

299 :24x03 - Lionel Hampton/Ruth Brown

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Guest Stars: Ruth Brown (1) as Herself (Performer) | Lionel Hampton as Himself (Performer)

300 :24x04 - Lucinda Williams/Billy Bragg

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Musical Guests: Lucinda Williams as Herself | Billy Bragg as Himself

301 :24x05 - Vince Gill/Martina McBride

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Musical Guests: Vince Gill as Himself | Martina McBride as Herself

302 :24x06 - Ray Price/Hank Thompson/Junior Brown

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Musical Guests: Junior Brown as Himself | Ray Price as Himself | Hank Thompson as Himself

303 :24x07 - Jonny Lang/Jimmie Vaughan

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Musical Guests: Jonny Lang as Himself | Jimmie Vaughan as Himself

304 :24x08 - Mexican Roots Music Celebration

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Musical Guests: Cesar Rosas as Himself | Freddy Fender as Himself | David Hidalgo as Himself | Tish Hinojosa as Herself | Ruben Ramos as Himself | Rick Treviño as Himself | Joe Ely as Himself | Flaco Jiménez as Himself | Los Super Seven as Themselves
Songs: Los Super Seven -- Canoero, Tish Hinojosa -- Esperate, Los Super Seven -- Gallo De Cielo, Ruben Ramos -- La Morena, Flaco Jiménez -- Margarita, Rick Treviño -- Mi Ranchito, Freddy Fender -- Piensa En Mi, Los Super Seven -- Rio De Tenampa, Capanas De America -- Tita, Flaco Jiménez -- Un Beso Al Viento, Freddy Fender -- Un Lunes Por La Mañana

305 :24x09 - Fastball/Mary Cutrufello

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Guest Stars: Fastball as Themselves | Mary Cutrufello as Herself

306 :24x10 - Dave Alvin/Loudon Wainwright

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Guest Stars: Dave Alvin as Himself | Loudon Wainwright III as Himself

307 :24x11 - Bruce Hornsby/Monte Montgomery

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Musical Guests: Bruce Hornsby as Himself | Monte Montgomery (1) as Himself

308 :24x12 - Hootie & the Blowfish

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Guest Stars: Hootie and The Blowfish as Themselves

309 :24x13 - Bobby Blue Bland/Susan Tedeschi

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Musical Guests: Susan Tedeschi as Herself | Bobby Blue Bland as Himself

Season 25

310 :25x01 - Garth Brooks

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Musical Guests: Garth Brooks as Himself

311 :25x02 - Robert Cray/Doyle Bramhall

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Guest Stars: Robert Cray as Himself | Doyle Bramhall, II as Himself

312 :25x03 - Clint Black/Eric Johnson/Ray Benson / Lisa Hartman Black

• No Summary (Add Here)
Guest Stars: Clint Black as Himself | Lisa Hartman as Herself | Eric Johnson (2) as Himself | Ray Benson as Himself

313 :25x04 - Willie Nelson & Family/Leon Russell

• No Summary (Add Here)
Musical Guests: Willie Nelson as Himself | Leon Russell as Himself

314 :25x05 - Marty Stuart, Pam Tillis & Earl Scruggs/Susan Ashton

• No Summary (Add Here)
Musical Guests: Marty Stuart as Himself | Earl Scruggs as Himself | Pam Tillis as Herself | Susan Ashton (1) as Herself

315 :25x06 - Lynyrd Skynyrd

• No Summary (Add Here)
Guest Stars: Lynyrd Skynyrd as Themselves

317 :25x08 - Kenny Rogers

• No Summary (Add Here)
Guest Stars: Kenny Rogers as Himself

318 :25x09 - The Mavericks/The Warren Brothers

• No Summary (Add Here)
Guest Stars: The Mavericks as Themselves | The Warren Brothers as Themselves

319 :25x10 - Wilco/Bela Fleck & Friends

• No Summary (Add Here)
Musical Guests: Wilco as Themselves | Bela Fleck as Herself

320 :25x11 - Songwriters Special

• No Summary (Add Here)
Musical Guests: Emmylou Harris as Herself | Dave Matthews (1) as Himself | Patty Griffin as Herself | Buddy & Julie Miller as Themselves

321 :25x12 - Joe Ely/Indigenous

• No Summary (Add Here)
Musical Guests: Joe Ely as Himself | Indigenous as Themselves

322 :25x13 - Lyle Lovett & Friends

• No Summary (Add Here)
Musical Guests: Lyle Lovett as Himself

323 :25x14 - Garth Brooks

• No Summary (Add Here)
Musical Guests: Garth Brooks as Himself

324 :25x15 - Trisha Yearwood/Alison Krauss

• No Summary (Add Here)
Musical Guests: Trisha Yearwood as Herself | Alison Krauss as Herself

325 :25x16 - Jewel

• No Summary (Add Here)
Guest Stars: Jewel as Herself

Season 26

326 :26x01 - Phish

• No Summary (Add Here)
Guest Stars: Phish as Themselves

327 :26x02 - John Hiatt/Kelly Willis

• No Summary (Add Here)
Musical Guests: John Hiatt as Himself | Kelly Willis as Herself

328 :26x03 - Shelby Lynne/Toni Price

• No Summary (Add Here)
Guest Stars: Shelby Lynne as Herself | Toni Price as Herself

329 :26x04 - Townes Van Zandt Tribute

• No Summary (Add Here)
Musical Guests: Willie Nelson as Himself | Emmylou Harris as Herself | Nanci Griffith as Herself | Lyle Lovett as Himself

330 :26x05 - Lee Ann Womack/Clay Davidson

• No Summary (Add Here)
Guest Stars: Lee Ann Womack as Herself | Clay Davidson as Himself

331 :26x06 - Brad Paisley/Eric Heatherly

• No Summary (Add Here)
Musical Guests: Brad Paisley as Himself | Eric Heatherly as Himself

332 :26x07 - Joe Cocker

• No Summary (Add Here)
Guest Stars: Joe Cocker as Himself

333 :26x08 - Tom Waits

• No Summary (Add Here)
Guest Stars: Tom Waits as Himself

334 :26x09 - Widespread Panic

• No Summary (Add Here)
Musical Guests: Widespread Panic as Themselves

335 :26x10 - Merle Haggard/The Derailers

• No Summary (Add Here)
Guest Stars: Merle Haggard as Himself | The Derailers as Themselves

336 :26x11 - Steve Earle/Kasey Chambers

• No Summary (Add Here)
Musical Guests: Steve Earle as Himself | Kasey Chambers as Herself

337 :26x12 - David Gray/Dar Williams

• No Summary (Add Here)
Guest Stars: David Gray (1) as Himself | Dar Williams as Herself

338 :26x13 - Fats Domino

• No Summary (Add Here)
Guest Stars: Fats Domino as Himself

Season 27

339 :27x01 - Ibrahim Ferrer Orchestra ft. Ruben Gonzalez

• No Summary (Add Here)
Guest Stars: Ibrahim Ferrer Orchestra as Themselves

340 :27x02 - Richard Thompson/Eliza Gilkyson

• No Summary (Add Here)
Musical Guests: Richard Thompson (2) as Himself | Eliza Gilkyson as Herself

341 :27x03 - Patty Loveless/The Del McCoury Band

• No Summary (Add Here)
Musical Guests: Patty Loveless as Herself | Del McCoury Band as Themselves

342 :27x04 - Mary Chapin Carpenter/Nanci Griffith

• No Summary (Add Here)
Musical Guests: Mary Chapin Carpenter as Herself | Nanci Griffith as Herself

343 :27x05 - The String Cheese Incident

• No Summary (Add Here)
Guest Stars: The String Cheese Incident as Themselves

344 :27x06 - Shemekia Copeland/Jimmie Vaughan

• No Summary (Add Here)
Musical Guests: Shamekia Copeland as Herself | Jimmie Vaughan as Himself

345 :27x07 - Brooks & Dunn

• No Summary (Add Here)
Guest Stars: Brooks & Dunn as Themselves

346 :27x08 - Brad Paisley/Sara Evans

• No Summary (Add Here)
Musical Guests: Brad Paisley as Himself | Sara Evans as Herself

347 :27x09 - Robert Earl Keen/Charlie Robison

• No Summary (Add Here)
Musical Guests: Charlie Robison as Himself | Robert Earl Keen (1) as Himself

348 :27x10 - Delbert McClinton/Asleep at the Wheel

• No Summary (Add Here)
Musical Guests: Delbert McClinton as Himself | Asleep At The Wheel as Themselves

349 :27x11 - John Hammond/Blue Rodeo

• No Summary (Add Here)
Guest Stars: John Hammond (1) as Himself | Blue Rodeo as Themselves

350 :27x12 - David Byrne

• No Summary (Add Here)
Guest Stars: David Byrne as Himself

351 :27x13 - Natalie Merchant/Eric Taylor

• No Summary (Add Here)
Guest Stars: Natalie Merchant as Herself | Eric Taylor (1) as Himself

Season 28

357 :28x06 - Robert Plant

• No Summary (Add Here)

Season 29

365 :29x01 - Steve Winwood

• No Summary (Add Here)
Guest Stars: Steve Winwood as Himself

366 :29x02 - Susan Tedeschi/Ruthie Foster

• No Summary (Add Here)
Musical Guests: Susan Tedeschi as Herself | Ruthie Foster (1) as Herself

367 :29x03 - An Evening with Vince Gill

• No Summary (Add Here)
Musical Guests: Vince Gill as Himself

368 :29x04 - Tracy Chapman

• No Summary (Add Here)
Guest Stars: Tracy Chapman as Herself

369 :29x05 - Rosanne Cash/Neko Case

• No Summary (Add Here)
Musical Guests: Rosanne Cash as Herself | Neko Case as Herself

370 :29x06 - John Mayer/Buddy Guy and Double Trouble

• No Summary (Add Here)
Musical Guests: John Mayer as Himself | Buddy Guy as Himself | Double Trouble as Themselves

371 :29x07 - Joe Nichols/Jessica Andrews

• No Summary (Add Here)
Guest Stars: Joe Nichols as Himself | Jessica Andrews as Herself

372 :29x08 - Jason Mraz/Fountains of Wayne

• No Summary (Add Here)
Guest Stars: Jason Mraz as Himself | Fountains of Wayne as Themselves

373 :29x09 - Jonny Lang/Chuck Prophet

• No Summary (Add Here)
Musical Guests: Jonny Lang as Himself | Chuck Prophet as Himself

374 :29x10 - The Jayhawks/Gillian Welch

• No Summary (Add Here)
Musical Guests: The Jayhawks as Themselves | Gillian Welch as Herself

375 :29x11 - Guster/Los Lonely Boys

• No Summary (Add Here)
Musical Guests: Los Lonely Boys as Themselves | Guster as Themselves

376 :29x12 - Ben Harper

• No Summary (Add Here)
Musical Guests: Ben Harper as Himself

377 :29x13 - Keith Urban/Rodney Crowell

• No Summary (Add Here)
Musical Guests: Keith Urban as Himself | Rodney Crowell as Himself

Season 30

452 :30x01 - John Fogerty

• No Summary (Add Here)
Guest Stars: John Fogerty as Himself

454 :30x03 - Damien Rice/Patty Griffin

• No Summary (Add Here)
Musical Guests: Patty Griffin as Herself | Damien Rice as Himself

455 :30x04 - Michael McDonald/Joss Stone

• No Summary (Add Here)
Guest Stars: Joss Stone as Herself | Michael McDonald (2) as Himself

456 :30x05 - Lyle Lovett/Jamie Cullum

• No Summary (Add Here)
Musical Guests: Lyle Lovett as Himself | Jamie Cullum as Himself

457 :30x06 - Sheryl Crow

• No Summary (Add Here)
Guest Stars: Sheryl Crow as Herself

458 :30x07 - Polyphonic Spree/Ozomatli

• No Summary (Add Here)
Guest Stars: Polyphonic Spree as Themselves | Ozomatli as Themselves

459 :30x08 - Elvis Costello

• No Summary (Add Here)
Guest Stars: Elvis Costello as Himself

460 :30x09 - The Flaming Lips/The Shins

• No Summary (Add Here)
Guest Stars: The Flaming Lips as Themselves | The Shins as Themselves

461 :30x10 - Wilco / Bright Eyes

Musical innovation is the theme for this episode of Austin City Limits featuring Wilco followed by Bright Eyes. The Chicago-based Wilco has outgrown the alt-country genre with their emotional, intelligent lyrics and explorative music on releases like a ghost is born and Yankee Hotel Foxtrot. Bright Eyes’ music is inundated with searching melodies fleshed out with the sounds of accordion, piano, mellotron, pedal steel, vibraphone, and the haunting voice of the group’s only constant – twenty-four year old singer/songwriter Conor Oberst.
Musical Guests: Wilco as Themselves | Bright Eyes as Himself

462 :30x11 - Trey Anastasio

Jam band icon Trey Anastasio, former frontman of Phish, goes solo for a performance taped live from the Austin City Limits Music Festival, one of the biggest outdoor music events in the country. With his skillful improvisation, Anastasio performs pieces from his first solo release for thousands of mesmerized fans.
Guest Stars: Trey Anastasio as Himself

463 :30x12 - Modest Mouse/Guided by Voices

For more than 10 years Modest Mouse has been creating genre-blending, folk-tinged indie-rock that has brought them legions of diehard fans, but in 2004, with the help of their single “Float On,” the band has gone from cult-following to MTV-staple.After twenty-plus years and an equal number of albums, EPs and singles, lo-fi indie-rock innovators Guided By Voices are calling it quits. Austin City Limits captures the band during their final tour performing songs from throughout their career.
Guest Stars: Modest Mouse as Themselves | Guided by Voices as Themselves

464 :30x13 - The Pixies

Austin City Limits caputres one of the year's biggest rock 'n' roll reunions as legendary alt-rockers the Pixies perform. With vintage fire the band takes the stage to perform their classics filled with brutal noise and impressionistic lyrics.
Guest Stars: Pixies as Themselves

Season 31

466 :31x01 - Jack Johnson/Rilo Kiley

Former surfer Jack Johnson has long been a hit at summer music festivals with his mix of folk, blues and hip-hop. He performs songs from his CD, In Between Dreams. Rilo Kiley fuse indie-pop and alt-country together for a sound that emphasizes their emotional, playful lyrics. Highlights include songs from the band's CD More Adventurous.
Guest Stars: Jack Johnson (1) as Himself | Rilo Kiley as Themselves

467 :31x02 - Alison Krauss and Union Station/Kathleen Edwards

Alison Krauss + Union Station have spent two decades taking the mournful, high, lonesome sound of bluegrass out of the mountains and into the mainstream. Highlights include songs from their CD, Lonely Runs Both Ways. Kathleen Edwards proves that country-rock and insightful lyrics go hand-in-hand. The singer-songwriter performs tunes from her sophomore release, Back To Me.
Musical Guests: Alison Krauss as Herself | Kathleen Edwards as Herself
Songs: Kathleen Edwards -- 6 O'Clock News, Kathleen Edwards -- Back To Me, Kathleen Edwards -- Good Things, Alison Krauss and Union Station -- Goodbye is All We Have, Alison Krauss and Union Station -- Gravity, Kathleen Edwards -- In State, Kathleen Edwards -- Independent Thief, Alison Krauss and Union Station -- My Poor Old Heart, Alison Krauss and Union Station -- Rain Please Go Away, Alison Krauss and Union Station -- Restless, Alison Krauss and Union Station -- This Sad Song, Alison Krauss and Union Station -- Unionhouse Branch, Alison Krauss and Union Station -- Wouldn't Be So Bad

468 :31x03 - Etta James

Music legend Etta James has been wowing critics and fans with a music legacy that has spanned more than 50 years. Hot off the success of her 2004 release, Blues to the Bone, the Lifetime Achievement Grammy Award winner continues to be one of the most respected R&B singers in America. Highlights include "All the Way Down" and "At Last."
Guest Stars: Etta James as Herself
Songs: Etta James -- At Last, Etta James -- Besame Mucho, Etta James -- Damn Your Eyes, Etta James -- I'd Rather Be a Blind Girl, Etta James -- Sugar On The Floor, Etta James -- Tell Mama, Etta James -- You Can Leave Your Hat On

469 :31x04 - Ben Folds/Ray LaMontagne

Ben Folds takes off on a solo career that builds on the success of his band's hit "Brick." Highlights include songs from his critically-acclaimed release, Songs For Silverman. Ray LaMontagne, who Rolling Stone called “the backwoods Van Morrison,” performs songs from his haunting debut release, Trouble.
Guest Stars: Ben Folds as Himself | Ray LaMontagne as Himself

470 :31x05 - The Killers/Spoon

The Killers have taken their catchy rock out of the indie scene and into the mainstream. Highlights include the hit "Somebody Told Me" and other songs off the band's release Hot Fuss. Spoon explores the sound limits of indie-rock while keeping thoughtful lyrics at the forefront. The Austin band performs songs from their CD Gimme Fiction.
Guest Stars: The Killers as Themselves | Spoon as Themselves

471 :31x06 - John Prine/Amos Lee

It’s been almost ten years since the iconic John Prine released a CD of new original songs, but after a battle with cancer he's back in top form. Highlights include songs from his CD, Fair&Square, plus a few Prine classics. Amos Lee melds folk and soul into a unique engaging song-poetry that is rooted in American tradition. Lee performs songs from his self-titled debut release.
Musical Guests: John Prine as Himself | Amos Lee as Himself

472 :31x07 - Franz Ferdinand/What Made Milwaukee Famous

Austin City Limits presents an hour of world indie-rock with Franz Ferdinand and What Made Milwaukee Famous. With intelligent, danceable pop-rock the Scottish quartet Franz Ferdinand perform song from their sophomore release, You Could Have It So Much Better, plus hits off their self-titled debut release. What Made Milwaukee Famous’ intelligent humor and electronic-fused choruses has swiftly made them one of Austin’s hottest bands. They perform songs from their critically-acclaimed debut release, Trying to Never Catch Up.
Guest Stars: Franz Ferdinand as Themselves | What Made Milwaukee Famous as Themselves

473 :31x08 - Coldplay/Michael Stipe

• No Summary (Add Here)
Guest Stars: Coldplay as Themselves | Michael Stipe as Himself

474 :31x09 - Blues Traveler/Café Tacuba

• No Summary (Add Here)
Guest Stars: Blues Traveler as Themselves | Café Tacuba as Themselves

475 :31x10 - Ryan Adams/Tift Merritt

• No Summary (Add Here)
Guest Stars: Ryan Adams (1) as Himself | Tift Merritt as Herself

476 :31x11 - Widespread Panic

For almost 20 years, Widespread Panic toured the country becoming one of the most popular "road warrior" bands. The band jams for one-full hour performing fan favorites.
Musical Guests: Widespread Panic as Themselves

477 :31x12 - Gretchen Wilson/Miranda Lambert

Austin City Limits presents a night of country’s leading ladies with Gretchen Wilson and Miranda Lambert. “Country Music Mafia” superstar Gretchen Wilson takes the stage to perform songs from her recently release second album, All Jacked Up. From Texas clubs to “Nashville Star,” Miranda Lambert has made a big impression during her short music career. The 21-year-old performs songs from her debut CD, Kerosene.

Source: PBS
Guest Stars: Gretchen Wilson as Herself | Miranda Lambert as Herself
Songs: Gretchen Wilson -- All Jacked Up, Miranda Lambert -- Bring Me Down, Gretchen Wilson -- California Girls, Miranda Lambert -- Can't Be Bothered, Gretchen Wilson -- Good Morning Heartache, Gretchen Wilson -- Here for the Party, Miranda Lambert -- Hillbilly Highway, Gretchen Wilson -- I Don't Feel Like Loving You Today, Miranda Lambert -- I Wanna Die, Miranda Lambert -- Kerosene, Miranda Lambert -- Me and Charlie Talkin', Gretchen Wilson -- Politically Uncorrect, Gretchen Wilson -- Rebel Child

478 :31x13 - Death Cab for Cutie/My Morning Jacket

Death Cab for Cutie have long been a critical favorite for their infectious melodies and moody lyrics. The Washington-based group perform songs from their new release, Plans, plus their breakthrough CD, Transatlanticism. My Morning Jacket have taken exotic soundscapes, guitar rock and clever lyrics and combined them for a unique sound that has won the band an ever growing group of fans. The Kentucky band performs songs from their newest release, Z.

Source: PBS
Musical Guests: Death Cab for Cutie as Themselves | My Morning Jacket as Themselves
Songs: Death Cab for Cutie -- A Movie Script Ending, My Morning Jacket -- Anytime, Death Cab for Cutie -- Crooked Teeth, My Morning Jacket -- Dondante, My Morning Jacket -- Gideon, My Morning Jacket -- Golden, Death Cab for Cutie -- I Was a Kaleidoscope, Death Cab for Cutie -- Soul Meets Body, Death Cab for Cutie -- Summer Skin, Death Cab for Cutie -- The New Year, Death Cab for Cutie -- Title and Registration, My Morning Jacket -- What A Wonderful Man

Season 32

480 :32x01 - Ray Davies

The legendary Kinks frontman Ray Davies makes a rare American television appearance, showcasing classic songs from the former quintessential Brit band as well as his eagerly received first-ever solo record.

Source: PBS
Songs: Ray Davies -- A Long Way From Home, Ray Davies -- After the Fall, Ray Davies -- All Day and All of the Night, Ray Davies -- Good Times Gone, Ray Davies -- I’m Not Like Everybody Else, Ray Davies -- Next Door Neighbour, Ray Davies -- Over My Head, Ray Davies -- Run Away From Time, Ray Davies -- The Getaway (Lonesome Train), Ray Davies -- The Tourist, Ray Davies -- Twentieth Century Man

481 :32x02 - The New Orleans Social Club

Just weeks after the anniversary of the devastation Hurricane Katrina wrought on their home town, a group of Crescent City legends celebrates the ravaged city’s musical history and culture. Featuring original members of the Meters and the Neville Brothers, plus special guests Marcia Ball, the incomparable soul queen Irma Thomas, Willie Tee, Monk Boudreaux, John Boutte, and Cyril Neville.

Source: PBS
Songs: The New Orleans Social Club -- Big Chief, The New Orleans Social Club -- Cabbage Alley, The New Orleans Social Club -- Chase, The New Orleans Social Club -- First Taste of Hurt, The New Orleans Social Club -- Fortunate Son, The New Orleans Social Club -- Look Up, The New Orleans Social Club -- Red Beans, The New Orleans Social Club -- Somewhere, The New Orleans Social Club -- This Is My Country, The New Orleans Social Club -- Why, The New Orleans Social Club -- Yield Not to Temptation

482 :32x03 - Juanes

Arguably the single most important figure on today’s Latin music scene, Juanes brings his infectious rhythms and compelling songs from his native Colombia to an American audience. Included by Time magazine on its list of “one of the 100 most influential people in the world,” Juanes remains true to his roots, performing in his native language.

Source: PBS
Musical Guests: Juanes as Himself
Songs: Juanes -- A Dios Le Pido, Juanes -- Damelo, Juanes -- Fotografìa, Juanes -- La Camisa Negra, Juanes -- La Noche, Juanes -- La Paga, Juanes -- Lo Que Me Gusta, Juanes -- Luna, Juanes -- Mala Gente, Juanes -- Nada Valgo Sin Tu Amor, Juanes -- Rosario Tijeres, Juanes -- Sueños

483 :32x04 - Alejandro Escovedo

Few contemporary artists inspire the degree of rapturous critical praise, without the accompanying fame and fortune, as Alejandro Escovedo. Back in form after a near-death battle with Hepatitis C, the eclectic, imaginative songwriter and his extraordinary band perform songs from The Boxing Mirror, praised by Billboard as “a masterwork from one of the genuine lights in rock music.”

Source: PBS
Songs: Alejandro Escovedo -- Arizona, Alejandro Escovedo -- Baby’s Got New Plans, Alejandro Escovedo -- Break This Time, Alejandro Escovedo -- Dear Head on the Wall, Alejandro Escovedo -- Everybody Loves Me, Alejandro Escovedo -- Evita’s Lullaby, Alejandro Escovedo -- Put You Down, Alejandro Escovedo -- Rosalie, Alejandro Escovedo -- Sacramento & Polk (string instrumental)

484 :32x05 - Sufjan Stevens/Calexico

Two of the underground rock scene’s most creative artists perform. Critical darling and indie rock sensation Sufjan Stevens brings his orchestral folk/pop to the stage in support of his latest album The Avalanche.

Highlighting its latest record Garden Ruin, Arizona’s Calexico dazzles with a unique blend of traditional songcraft and Southwestern roots music.

Source: PBS
Guest Stars: Sufjan Stevens as Himself
Songs: Calexico -- Across the Wire, Calexico -- All Systems Red, Sufjan Stevens -- Casimir Pulaski Day, Calexico -- El Picador, Calexico -- He Lays in the Reins, Sufjan Stevens -- Jacksonville, Calexico -- Letter to Bowie Knife, Calexico -- Not Even Stevie Nicks, Sufjan Stevens -- Oh Detroit, Lift Up Your Weary Head!, Calexico -- Sunken Waltz, Sufjan Stevens -- The Dress Looks Nice on You

485 :32x06 - Ladysmith Black Mambazo

Ladysmith Black Mambazo brings its combination of South African musical traditions and Christian gospel music to the Austin City Limits stage.

An international cultural force over the last 40 years, the a cappella group’s unbelievable vocal harmonies continue to inspire enthusiasm whenever and wherever they perform.

Source: PBS
Songs: Ladysmith Black Mambazo -- Amazing Grace, Ladysmith Black Mambazo -- Awu Wemadoda, Ladysmith Black Mambazo -- Hello My Baby, Ladysmith Black Mambazo -- Homeless, Ladysmith Black Mambazo -- Long Walk to Freedom, Ladysmith Black Mambazo -- Phansi, Ladysmith Black Mambazo -- Woqaqa

486 :32x07 - Van Morrison

Musical legend Van Morrison wraps his incomparable voice around the soul, blues, folk, jazz and country styles that have been the mainstay of his music for four decades.

Featuring songs from his latest album Pay the Devil and timeless Morrison classics, he delivers a spellbinding one hour performance in his first appearance on Austin City Limits

Source: PBS
Guest Stars: Van Morrison as Himself
Songs: Van Morrison -- Brown-Eyed Girl, Van Morrison -- Choppin’ Wood, Van Morrison -- Cleaning Windows, Van Morrison -- Don’t Start Crying Now / Custard Pie, Van Morrison -- Gloria, Van Morrison -- I Can’t Stop Loving You, Van Morrison -- Not Feelin’ It, Van Morrison -- Playhouse, Van Morrison -- St. James Infirmary, Van Morrison -- There Stands the Glass, Van Morrison -- Wild Night

487 :32x08 - Corinne Bailey Rae/KT Tunstall

Austin City Limits showcases a pair of British stars now conquering U.S. shores. England’s Corinne Bailey Rae affirms her burgeoning popularity with hits “Put Your Records On” and “Like a Star” from her self-titled debut.

Then Scotland’s KT Tunstall demonstrates why her star is rising with “Black Horse and the Cherry Tree” and other favorites from her acclaimed Eye to the Telescope.

Source: PBS
Guest Stars: Corinne Bailey Rae as Herself | K.T. Tunstall as Herself

488 :32x09 - Los Lonely Boys/The Gourds

It's a celebration of diverse Texas roots rock on Austin City Limits. First, San Angelo trio Los Lonely Boys consolidates its massive success with songs from Sacred, its latest slab of "Texican rock & roll." Then the Gourds bring their iconoclastic country/folk/Tex-Mex/Cajun rock to the stage with tunes from their latest album Heavy Ornamentals and crowd-pleasing favorites from their early years.

Source: PBS
Musical Guests: Los Lonely Boys as Themselves | The Gourds as Themselves
Songs: The Gourds -- Burn the Honeysuckle, The Gourds -- Do 4 U, The Gourds -- El Paso, The Gourds -- Jesus Christ with Signs Following, The Gourds -- Lower 48, The Gourds -- Mr. Betty, Los Lonely Boys -- My Way, Los Lonely Boys -- Outlaws, Los Lonely Boys -- Oye Mamacita, Los Lonely Boys -- Roses, Los Lonely Boys -- Texican Style

489 :32x10 - The Raconteurs/Cat Power

Detouring from his red-hot success with The White Stripes, Jack White’s new pop-rock collaboration with fellow Detroiter Brendan Benson, the Raconteurs, applies distinctly modern rock sensibilities to classic 60’s and 70’s influences. The quartet mixes Lennon-McCartney style harmonies with blues-power guitar and a touch of psychedelia on songs from its debut Broken Boy Soldiers.

Introspective, highly acclaimed singer/songwriter Cat Power follows with a set of tunes from her Memphis soul-inflected album The Greatest.

Source: PBS
Guest Stars: The Raconteurs as Themselves | Cat Power as Herself
Songs: The Raconteurs -- Bang Bang, The Raconteurs -- Blue Veins, Cat Power -- Could We, Cat Power -- Cross Bones Style /(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction, Cat Power -- I Don't Blame You, The Raconteurs -- Level, Cat Power -- Lived in Bars, Cat Power -- Living Proof, The Raconteurs -- Texas, Cat Power -- The Greatest, The Raconteurs -- Together

490 :32x11 - Damian Marley

Bob Marley's son Damian “Junior Gong” Marley performs selections from his “Welcome to Jamrock” CD; and is joined by his brothers, Stephen and Julian.The son of Bob Marley, Damian “Jr. Gong” Marley is a multiple Grammy Award winner for his distinctive take on his father’s reggae legacy. With his brothers Stephen and Julian as guests, Marley performs tunes from his latest album, the bestselling Welcome to Jamrock.

Source: PBS
Guest Stars: Damian Marley as Himself
Songs: Damian Marley -- All Night, Damian Marley -- Confrontation/Justice, Damian Marley -- Could You Be Loved?, Damian Marley -- Exodus, Damian Marley -- For the Babies, Damian Marley -- In 2 Deep, Damian Marley -- Me Name Jr. Gong, Damian Marley -- Road to Zion, Damian Marley -- War/No More, Damian Marley -- Welcome to Jamrock

491 :32x12 - James Blunt/James McMurtry

England¹s James Blunt showcases songs from his internationally popular album Back to Bedlam, including the massive hit You're Beautiful.

James McMurtry, son of author Larry McMurtry and a songwriter whose tough, literate rock sound has led him to be called "the Texan Lou Reed" follows.

Source: PBS
Guest Stars: James Blunt as Himself | James McMurtry as Himself
Songs: James McMurtry -- Choctaw Bingo, James Blunt -- Cry, James Blunt -- Goodbye My Lover, James Blunt -- High, James Blunt -- No Bravery, James McMurtry -- Red Dress, James McMurtry -- We Can't Make it Here, James Blunt -- Wisemen, James Blunt -- You're Beautiful

492 :32x13 - Dixie Chicks

The Dixie Chicks perform selections from the 2006 “Taking the Long Way” album, plus older songs. The set includes “Lubbock or Leave It”; “Truth No. 2”; “Long Time Gone”; “Silent House”; “Not Ready to Make Nice”; “Easy Silence”; “The Long Way Around”; “White Trash Wedding”; “Travelin' Soldier”; and “Mississippi.”
Musical Guests: The Dixie Chicks as Themselves
Songs: Dixie Chicks -- Easy Silence, Dixie Chicks -- Longtime Gone, Dixie Chicks -- Lubbock or Leave It, Dixie Chicks -- Mississippi, Dixie Chicks -- Not Ready to Make Nice, Dixie Chicks -- Silent House, Dixie Chicks -- The Long Way Around, Dixie Chicks -- The Neighbor, Dixie Chicks -- Traveling Soldier, Dixie Chicks -- Truth #2, Dixie Chicks -- White Trash Wedding

Season 33

493 :33x01 - Norah Jones

Five years after her debut on Austin City Limits, several Grammys and millions of records later, Norah Jones makes a triumphant return to the ACL stage. The Texas-born chanteuse showcases both old favorites and songs such as "My Dear Country" and "Thinking About You" from her recent bestselling album Not Too Late.
Songs: Norah Jones -- Be My Somebody, Norah Jones -- Broken, Norah Jones -- Come Away with Me, Norah Jones -- Creepin' In, Norah Jones -- Hands on the Wheel, Norah Jones -- Little Room, Norah Jones -- My Dear Country, Norah Jones -- Not Too Late, Norah Jones -- Rosie's Lullaby, Norah Jones -- Sinkin' Soon, Norah Jones -- Sunrise, Norah Jones -- The Sun Doesn't Like You, Norah Jones -- Thinking About You

494 :33x02 - The Decemberists/Explosions in the Sky

The Decemberists, an indie-rock band, perform cuts from the 2006 CD “The Crane Wife.” Also: the instrumental quintet Explosions in the Sky spotlights their 2007 CD, “All of a Sudden I Miss Everyone.”
Songs: The Decemberists -- Medley:Come and See/Landlord's Daughter, The Decemberists -- The Crane Wife 3, The Decemberists -- The Perfect Crime #2, The Decemberists (with Laura Veirs) -- Yankee Bayonet, Explosions in the Sky -- Yasmin the Light/Catastrophe and the Cure/Memorial

495 :33x03 - Femi Kuti with Positive Force

Nigerian bandleader/political activist Femi Kuti brings his multi-layered, socailly conscious Afrobeat to the ACL stage for a groove-laden, celebratory performance.

Source: PBS
Songs: Femi Kuti -- Beng Beng Beng, Femi Kuti -- Bring Me the Man Now, Femi Kuti -- Can't Buy Me, Femi Kuti -- If Them Want to Hear, Femi Kuti -- Oyimbo, Femi Kuti -- Sorry Sorry, Femi Kuti -- Stop AIDS, Femi Kuti -- Truth Don Die

496 :33x04 - Tribute to Bluesman Jimmy Reed

Joined by blues luminaries James Cotton, Delbert McClinton and others, guitarist Jimmie Vaughan pays tribute to blues legend Jimmy Reed, composer of the classics "Ain't That Loving You Baby," "Big Boss Man" and "Baby What You Want Me to Do."

Source: PBS
Musical Guests: James Cotton as Himself | Delbert McClinton as Himself | Kim Wilson (1) as Himself | Jimmie Vaughan as Himself | Omar Dykes as Himself | Lou Ann Barton as Herself
Songs: Omar Dykes, Jimmie Vaughan, Lou Ann Barton, James Cotton -- Ain't That Lovin' You Baby, Jimmie Vaughan, Kim Wilson, Omar Dykes -- Baby What You Want Me to Do / Bright Lights, Jimmie Vaughan, Omar Dykes -- Bad Boy, Jimmie Vaughan, Kim Wilson, Omar Dykes -- Big Boss Man, Omar Dykes, Jimmie Vaughan, Lou Ann Barton, James Cotton -- Caress Me Baby, Omar Dykes, Jimmie Vaughan, Lou Ann Barton, James Cotton -- Good Lover, Jimmie Vaughan and Kim Wilson -- High and Lonesome, Omar Dykes, Jimmie Vaughan, Delbert McClinton -- Hush, Hush, All -- Jimmy Reed Highway, Jimmie Vaughan, Omar Dykes, Gary Clark, Jr. -- Shame, Shame, Shame, Omar Dykes, Jimmie Vaughan, Lou Ann Barton, James Cotton -- You Upset my Mind

497 :33x05 - Wilco

The ever-evolving Wilco returns to Austin City Limits, performing classics and cuts from its latest disk Sky Blue Sky. Don't miss this innovative band performing at the height of their collaborative musical powers.

Source: PBS
Musical Guests: Wilco as Themselves

498 :33x06 - The Arcade Fire

Hailed as the “band who helped put Canadian music on the world map” by TIME magazine, experimental indie rock septet Arcade Fire has wowed audiences with its anthemic sound and emotionally-charged lyrics. The band’s complex, full sound combines diverse instrumentation with often brooding lyrics that “draw grand lessons from everyday life” (The New York Times).

Source: PBS
Guest Stars: Arcade Fire as Themselves
Songs: The Arcade Fire -- Antichrist Television Blues, The Arcade Fire -- Black Mirror, The Arcade Fire -- Haiti, The Arcade Fire -- Intervention, The Arcade Fire -- Keep the Car Running, The Arcade Fire -- Laika, The Arcade Fire -- Neighborhood #1 (Tunnels), The Arcade Fire -- Neighborhood #3 (Power Out), The Arcade Fire -- Rebellion (Lies), The Arcade Fire -- Wake Up

499 :33x07 - Paolo Nutini/Grupo Fantasma

U.K. sensation Paolo Nutini debuts with soulful pop songs from his hit album These Streets. Austin’s Grupo Fantasma throws down with the high energy Latin funk it’s taken to stages across the country.

Source: PBS
Guest Stars: Grupo Fantasma as Themselves | Paolo Nutini as Himself

500 :33x08 - John Mayer

Singer-songwriter John Mayer plays highlights from his 2006 CD Continuum.
Musical Guests: John Mayer as Himself
Songs: John Mayer -- Belief, John Mayer -- Dreaming With A Broken Heart, John Mayer -- Gravity, John Mayer -- I Don't Need No Doctor, John Mayer -- I Don't Trust Myself (With Loving You), John Mayer -- Stop This Train, John Mayer -- Vultures

501 :33x09 - Lucinda Williams/Old Crow Medicine Show

Country rocker Lucinda Williams sings selections from her 2007 CD, West. Old Crow Medicine Show, a form of rock flavored mountain music sings selections from their 2006 CD, Big Iron World.
Musical Guests: Lucinda Williams as Herself | Old Crow Medicine Show as Themselves
Songs: Old Crow Medicine Show -- Big Time in the Jungle, Old Crow Medicine Show -- Fall On My Knees, Old Crow Medicine Show -- Gospel Plow, Lucinda Williams -- Honey Bee, Lucinda Williams -- Joy, Old Crow Medicine Show -- Minglewood Blues, Lucinda Williams -- Righteously, Lucinda Williams -- Unsuffer Me, Old Crow Medicine Show -- Wagon Wheel, Old Crow Medicine Show -- We're All in This Together, Lucinda Williams -- West

502 :33x10 - Bloc Party/Ghostland Observatory

Bloc Party, a British post-punk band will play cuts from their album, "A Weekend in the City." Next, Ghostland Observatory will play selections from their self-titled CD.
Guest Stars: Bloc Party as Themselves | Ghostland Observatory as Themselves
Songs: Ghostland Observatory -- All You Rock and Rollers, Bloc Party -- Banquet, Ghostland Observatory -- Ghetto Magnet, Bloc Party -- Hunting for Witches, Ghostland Observatory -- Move With Your Lover, Ghostland Observatory -- Piano Man, Ghostland Observatory -- Rich Man, Ghostland Observatory -- Sad Sad City, Bloc Party -- Sunday, Bloc Party -- The Prayer, Bloc Party -- This Modern Love, Bloc Party -- Waiting for the 7:18

503 :33x11 - Crowded House

Crowded House, the New Zealand pop-rock band performs selections from their 2007 CD, "Time on Earth."
Guest Stars: Crowded House as Themselves
Songs: Crowded House -- Distant Sun, Crowded House -- Don't Dream It's Over, Crowded House -- Four Seasons, Crowded House -- Heaven That I'm Making, Crowded House -- Italian Plastic, Crowded House -- Locked Out, Crowded House -- Mean to Me, Crowded House -- Pour Le Monde, Crowded House -- Say That Again, Crowded House -- Silent House, Crowded House -- Transit Lounge

504 :33x12 - Kings of Leon/Roky Erickson

Selections from the 2007 CD "Because of the Times" are featured when the Kings of Leon take the stage. Then, Roky Erickson, a Texas rock legend performs from his extensive catalog throughout his career.
Songs: Roky Erickson -- Bermuda, Roky Erickson -- Creature with the Atom Brain, Roky Erickson -- Don't Shake Me Lucifer, Kings of Leon -- Four Kicks, Kings of Leon -- King of the Rodeo, Roky Erickson -- Mine Mine Mind, Kings of Leon -- Molly's Chambers, Kings of Leon -- My Party, Kings of Leon -- On Call, Roky Erickson -- Starry Eyes, Kings of Leon -- Taper Jean Girl, Kings of Leon -- The Bucket, Roky Erickson -- Two-Headed Dog, Roky Erickson -- Wind and More, Roky Erickson -- You're Gonna Miss Me

505 :33x13 - Brad Paisley/Dierks Bentley

Brad Paisley performs selections from his 2007 CD "5th Gear," followed by Dierks Bentley, playing selections from his 2006 CD, "Long Trip Alone."
Musical Guests: Brad Paisley as Himself | Dierks Bentley as Himself
Songs: Dierks Bentley -- Ain't Living Long Like This, Brad Paisley -- Alcohol, Dierks Bentley -- I'm so Lonesome I Could Cry / Settle for a Slowdow, Dierks Bentley -- Long Trip Alone, Dierks Bentley -- Lot of Leaving Left to Do, Brad Paisley -- Mud on the Tires, Brad Paisley -- Online, Brad Paisley -- Time Warp, Dierks Bentley -- Trying to Stop You Leaving, Brad Paisley -- When I Get Where I'm Going

506 :33x14 - Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival

The seventh annual Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival in San Fransisco's Golden Gate Park features musicians from the genre of bluegrass and far beyond, as its title hints at. Includes Emmylou Harris, Bruce Hornsby, Earl Scruggs, Ricky Skaggs and Doc Watson.
Musical Guests: Earl Scruggs as Himself | Doc Watson as Himself | David Grisman Bluegrass Experience as Themselves | Alison Brown Quartet as Themselves | Bela Fleck And The Flecktones as Themselves | Ricky Skaggs & Kentucky Thunder as Themselves | Bruce Hornsby as Himself | Guy Clark as Himself | Chris Smither as Himself | Teddy Thompson as Himself | Gillian Welch as Herself | Del McCoury Band as Themselves | Hazel Dickens as Herself | Charlie Louvin as Himself | Jim Lauderdale as Himself | Jorma Kaukonen as Himself | Subdudes as Themselves | Dave Alvin & The Guilty Men as Themselves | Robert Earl Keen (1) as Himself | Steve Earle as Himself | Allison Moorer as Herself | Emmylou Harris as Herself
Songs: Robert Earl Keen -- Amarillo Highway, Hazel Dickens -- America's Poor, Del McCoury Band -- Bluegrass Breakdown, David Grisman Bluegrass Experience -- Bluegrass Stomp, Steve Earle & Alison Moorer -- Day's Aren't Long Enough, Doc Watson -- Deep River Blues, Ricky Skaggs & Kentucky Thunder w/Bruce Hornsby -- Dreaded Spoon, Dave Alvin & The Guilty Men -- Dry River, Earl Scruggs -- Foggy Mountain Breakdown, Subdudes -- Fountain Of Youth, Emmylou Harris -- Get Up John, Charlie Louvin -- Great Atomic Power, Teddy Thompson -- I Wiah It Was Over, Chris Smither -- Leave The Light On, Gillian Welch -- Look At Miss Ohio, Jim Lauderdale -- Lost in the Lonesome Pines, Alison Brown Quartet -- Magnificent Seven, Jorma Kaukonen -- San Fransisco Bay Blues, Bela Fleck And The Flecktones -- Stomping Grounds, Guy Clark -- Texas 1947

Season 34

507 :34x01 - R.E.M.

R.E.M. performs songs from their critically acclaimed 2008 CD Accelerate.
Guest Stars: R.E.M. as Themselves
Songs: R.E.M. -- Accelerate, R.E.M. -- Bad Day, R.E.M. -- Drive, R.E.M. -- Electrolite, R.E.M. -- Hollow Man, R.E.M. -- Horse to Water, R.E.M. -- Houston, R.E.M. -- I'm Gonna DJ, R.E.M. -- Living Well's the Best Revenge, R.E.M. -- Losing My Religion, R.E.M. -- Man on the Moon, R.E.M. -- Mansize Wreath, R.E.M. -- Supernatural Superserious, R.E.M. -- Until the Day is Done

508 :34x02 - Bettye LaVette/Pinetop Perkins

Bettye LaVette began her career at age 16 and since has recorded in the blues, country and rock. Tonight she sings her classic hits and the newest from her CD "The Scene of the Crime." Next 90+ year old Pinetop Perkins is a blues pianist who began his career in the 1920's. He received a lifetime Grammy nomination in 2005.
Guest Stars: Bettye LaVette as Herself | Pinetop Perkins as Himself
Songs: Bettye LaVette -- Battle of Bettye LaVette, Pinetop Perkins -- Big Fat Mama, Bettye LaVette -- Choices, Pinetop Perkins -- Got My Mojo Working, Pinetop Perkins -- How Long?, Bettye LaVette -- Joy, Bettye LaVette -- Take Me Like I Am, Bettye LaVette -- Talking Old Soldiers, Bettye LaVette -- You Don't Know Me At All

509 :34x03 - Songwriters Special: Lyle Lovett & Friends

Four generations of genre-crossing songwriting talent has gathered for this one of a kind concert. Providing a glimpse of the best American folk, country and rock music is Guy Clark, Joe Ely, John Hiatt and Lyle Lovett, teaming up for a free-form songwriters roundtable.
Musical Guests: Lyle Lovett as Himself | Guy Clark as Himself | John Hiatt as Himself | Joe Ely as Himself
Songs: Lyle Lovett, Guy Clark, John Hiatt, Joe Ely -- All Just to Get to You, Lyle Lovett, Guy Clark, John Hiatt, Joe Ely -- Drive South, Lyle Lovett, Guy Clark, John Hiatt, Joe Ely -- Dublin Blues, Lyle Lovett, Guy Clark, John Hiatt, Joe Ely -- For Your Love, Lyle Lovett, Guy Clark, John Hiatt, Joe Ely -- Goin' Down the Road Feelin' Bad, Lyle Lovett, Guy Clark, John Hiatt, Joe Ely -- Memphis in the Meantime, Lyle Lovett, Guy Clark, John Hiatt, Joe Ely -- My Baby Don't Tolerate, Lyle Lovett, Guy Clark, John Hiatt, Joe Ely -- Parking Lot, Lyle Lovett, Guy Clark, John Hiatt, Joe Ely -- Step Inside This House, Lyle Lovett, Guy Clark, John Hiatt, Joe Ely -- This Land is Your Land

510 :34x04 - Jakob Dylan/Carrie Rodriguez

Jakob Dylan, front man for the Wallflowers, sings selections from his debut solo project "Seeing Things." Carrie Rodriguez plays her blend of country and bluegrass with songs from her newest CD "She Ain't Me."
Guest Stars: Jakob Dylan as Himself | Carrie Rodriguez as Herself
Songs: Carrie Rodriguez -- 50's French Movie, Carrie Rodriguez -- Absence, Jakob Dylan -- All Day and All Night, Carrie Rodriguez -- El Salvador, Jakob Dylan -- End of the Telescope, Jakob Dylan -- Everybody Pays as They Go, Jakob Dylan -- Evil is Alive and Well, Carrie Rodriguez -- Never Gonna Be Your Bride, Carrie Rodriguez -- Seven Angels on a Bicycle, Carrie Rodriguez -- She Ain't Me, Jakob Dylan -- Something Good This Way Comes, Jakob Dylan -- War is Kind

511 :34x05 - My Morning Jacket

The rock band My Morning Jacket play selections from their newest CD "Evil Urges."
Musical Guests: My Morning Jacket as Themselves
Songs: My Morning Jacket -- Evil Urges, My Morning Jacket -- Highly Suspicious, My Morning Jacket -- Librarian, My Morning Jacket -- One Big Holiday, My Morning Jacket -- Sec Walking, My Morning Jacket -- Smokin' From Shootin', My Morning Jacket -- Thank You Too!, My Morning Jacket -- Touch Me I'm Going to Scream Part 2, My Morning Jacket -- War Begun, My Morning Jacket -- Wordless Chorus

512 :34x06 - Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings/Carolyn Wonderland

Retro-soul act Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings play selections from their 2007 CD "100 Days, 100 Nights." Then, blues-rock artist Carolyn Wonderland hits the stage for a showcase of selections from her 2008 CD "Miss Understood."
Musical Guests: Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings as Themselves | Carolyn Wonderland as Herself
Songs: Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings -- 100 Days, 100 Nights, Carolyn Wonderland -- Bad Girl Blues, Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings -- Fish in the Dish, Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings -- Got to be the Way It Is, Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings -- How Do I Let a Good Man Down?, Carolyn Wonderland -- I Found the Lions, Carolyn Wonderland -- Judgment Day Blues, Carolyn Wonderland -- Long Way to Go, Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings -- Mean Man, Carolyn Wonderland -- Still Alive and Well, Carolyn Wonderland -- Walk On

513 :34x07 - Aimee Mann/Iron & Wine

Aimee Mann is known as one of the best songwriters of our time and will play selections from her 2008 CD @#%&*! Smilers. Then, Iron and Wine takes the stage for a few songs from their 2007 CD The Shepard's Dog.
Musical Guests: Aimee Mann Band as Themselves | Iron and Wine as Themselves
Songs: Aimee Mann -- Borrowing Time, Iron and Wine -- Boy With a Coin, Aimee Mann -- Deathly, Iron and Wine -- Each Coming Night, Aimee Mann -- Freeway, Aimee Mann -- Little Tornado, Iron and Wine -- Love and Some Verses, Aimee Mann -- Stranger Into Starman / Looking for Nothing, Iron and Wine -- Trapeze Swinger, Iron and Wine -- Upward Over the Mountain

514 :34x08 - Gnarls Barkley/Thievery Corporation

Gnarls Barkley, the hip hop duo are featured in this episode showcasing tracks from their 2008 CD "Odd Couple." Then, the world beat and electronic act Thievery Corporation perform songs from their 2008 CD "Radio Retaliation."
Musical Guests: Thievery Corporation as Themselves | Gnarls Barkley as Themselves
Songs: Gnarls Barkley -- A Little Better, Gnarls Barkley -- Crazy, Gnarls Barkley -- Going On, Gnarls Barkley -- Gone Daddy Gone, Thievery Corporation -- Lebanese Blond, Thievery Corporation -- Pontedalanca, Thievery Corporation -- Radio Retaliation, Gnarls Barkley -- Run (I'm a Natural Disaster), Thievery Corporation -- Shadows of Ourselves, Gnarls Barkley -- Smiley Faces, Thievery Corporation -- Warning Shots Gunjan, Gnarls Barkley -- Who's Gonna Save My Soul?

515 :34x09 - Foo Fighters

The Foo Fighters perform live, the songs from their 2007 CD "Echoes, Silence, Patience & Grace."
Musical Guests: Foo Fighters as Themselves
Songs: Foo Fighters -- All My Life, Foo Fighters -- Aurora, Foo Fighters -- But Honestly, Foo Fighters -- Everlong, Foo Fighters -- Monkeywrench, Foo Fighters -- My Hero, Foo Fighters -- Skin and Bones, Foo Fighters -- The Pretender, Foo Fighters -- Young Man Blues

516 :34x10 - Manu Chao

Manu Chao is a self-described "musical globalista" whose songs are a mix of pop, punk, reggae, rock, ska and more. On tonight's show he performs songs from his 2007 CD "La Radiolina."
Guest Stars: Manu Chao as Himself
Songs: Manu Chao -- A Cosa, Manu Chao -- Bienvenida a Tijuana, Manu Chao -- Bobby Marley, Manu Chao -- Calndestino, Manu Chao -- El Viento, Manu Chao -- La Despedida, Manu Chao -- La Primevera / Politik Kills, Manu Chao -- La Vida Tombola, Manu Chao -- Minha Galera, Manu Chao -- Radio Bemba...Court, Manu Chao -- Rainin in Paradize, Manu Chao -- Volver

517 :34x11 - Nick Lowe/The Swell Season

Nick Lowe has been a singer/songwriter for three decades now, spanning the range from new wave to his roots in rock and country music. Then, the folk-rock duo of The Swell Season takes the stage to perform songs from their "Once" soundtrack.
Musical Guests: Nick Lowe as Himself | The Swell Season as Themselves
Songs: Nick Lowe -- All Men Are Liars, Nick Lowe -- Beast in Me, The Swell Season -- Falling Slowly, Nick Lowe -- I Read a Lot, Nick Lowe -- I Trained Her to Love Me, The Swell Season -- If You Want Me, The Swell Season -- Lies, The Swell Season w/Daniel Johnston -- Love in Vain, The Swell Season -- Low Rising, Nick Lowe -- Peace, Love and Understanding, Nick Lowe -- Rome Wasn't Built in a Day, Nick Lowe -- When I Write the Book, The Swell Season -- When Your Mind's Made Up

518 :34x12 - Drive-By Truckers/Ryan Bingham

This episode features first, an alternative Southern rock band called Drive-By truckers, who will play selections from their 2008 CD Brighter Than Creation's Dark. Next comes American singer/songwriter Ryan Bingham as he hits the stage with songs from his 2007 CD Mescalito.
Musical Guests: Drive-By Truckers as Themselves | Ryan Bingham as Himself
Songs: Drive-By Truckers -- 3 Dimes Down, Drive-By Truckers -- A Ghost to Most, Drive-By Truckers -- Puttin' People on the Moon, Drive-By Truckers -- Righteous Path, Drive-By Truckers -- Space City

519 :34x13 - Sarah McLachlan/Duffy

Singer/songwriter Sarah McLachlan hits the stage singing songs from her 2008 CD, Closer: The Best of Sarah McLachlan, a greatest hits package. Then join Duffy for the pop/soul sounds of the 60's as she sings songs from her 2008 CD, Rockferry.
Musical Guests: Sarah McLachlan as Herself | Duffy as Herself
Songs: Sarah McLachlan -- Aida, Sarah McLachlan -- Angel, Sarah McLachlan -- Building a Mystery, Sarah McLachlan -- Ice Cream, Duffy -- Mercy, Sarah McLachlan -- Possession, Duffy -- Rain on Your Parade, Duffy -- Rockferry, Duffy -- Stepping Stone, Duffy -- Warwick Avenue, Sarah McLachlan -- World on Fire, Sarah McLachlan -- You Want Me To

Season 35

520 :35x01 - Dave Matthews Band

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521 :35x02 - Ben Harper and Relentless7

Ben Harper has been influenced by folk, blues, and hard rock, to country and reggae, and the Ben Harper and Relentless7's latest CD, White Lies in Dark Times reflects that.
Musical Guests: Ben Harper as Himself
Songs: Ben Harper and Relentless7 -- Boots Like These, Ben Harper and Relentless7 -- Fly One Time, Ben Harper and Relentless7 -- Keep it Together, Ben Harper and Relentless7 -- Lay There and Hate Me, Ben Harper and Relentless7 -- Number One With No Name, Ben Harper and Relentless7 -- Skin Thin, Ben Harper and Relentless7 -- The Word Suicide, Ben Harper and Relentless7 -- Up to You Now, Ben Harper and Relentless7 -- Why Must You Always Dress in Black

522 :35x03 - Kenny Chesney

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524 :35x05 - M. Ward/Okkervil River

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527 :35x08 - Pearl Jam

• No Summary (Add Here)

528 :35x09 - Allen Toussaint

New hip hop and R&B tunes from Gnarls Barkley. The psychedelic worldbeat electronic group follows.

529 :35x10 - Mos Def/K'naan

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533 :35x14 - Them Crooked Vultures

• No Summary (Add Here)

Season 36

534 :36x01 - Jimmy Cliff

• No Summary (Add Here)

535 :36x02 - Spoon

• No Summary (Add Here)

542 :36x09 - Cheap Trick

• No Summary (Add Here)

543 :36x10 - Monsters of Folk

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Season 37

547 :37x01 - Mumford and Sons/Flogging Molly

The season premiere features the British indie-rock group Mumford and Sons performing selections from their 2009 album "Sigh No More"; and the Celtic punk band Flogging Molly, which serve up songs from throughout their career.

Source: PBS

548 :37x02 - Raphael Saadiq/Black Joe Lewis

Raphael Saadiq performs selections from his 2011 retro-soul "Stone Rollin'" album; the bluesy Black Joe Lewis and the Honeybears highlight songs from their 2011 album "Scandalous."

Source: PBS

549 :37x03 - Widespread Panic

The jam band Widespread Panic celebrates its 25th anniversary by performing a career-spanning set.

Source: PBS

550 :37x04 - The Decemberists/Gillian Welch & David Rawlings

The Decemberists perform selections from their 2011 album, "The King is Dead"; Gillian Welch and David Rawlings perform songs from Welch's 2011 release, "The Harrow and the Harvest."

Source: PBS

551 :37x05 - Steve Miller Band/Preservation Hall Jazz Band

The Steve Miller Band performs Miller's hits, plus classic blues tunes; the Preservation Hall Jazz Band performs with the Del McCoury Band and My Morning Jacket's Jim James.

Source: PBS

552 :37x06 - Miranda Lambert/Jeff Bridges

Miranda Lambert performs her hits; Jeff Bridges sings songs from his self-titled 2011 collection.

Source: PBS

553 :37x07 - Randy Newman

Singer-songwriter Randy Newman performs.

Source: PBS

554 :37x08 - Americana Music Festival 2011

The Monsters of Folk supergroup (My Morning Jacket's Jim James, Bright Eyes' Conor Oberst and Mike Mogis, and M. Ward) perform selections from their 2009 eponymous album.

Source: PBS

555 :37x09 - Tom Waits

A classic Tom Waits performance from December 1978 is replayed. The featured songs include: “Burma Shave,” “Annie's Back in Town,” “I Wish I Was in New Orleans (In the Ninth Ward),” “A Sweet Little Bullet from a Pretty Blue Gun,” “On the Nickel,” “Romeo Is Bleeding,” “Christmas Card from a Hooker in Minneapolis” and “Small Change.”

Source: PBS

556 :37x10 - Cold Play New Years Eve

The British rock band Coldplay perform older hits, plus selections from the 2011 album "Mylo Xyloto."

Source: PBS

557 :37x11 - The Head and the Heart/Gomez

Seattle indie-rock band the Head and the Heart perform selections from its eponymous debut. Also: British modern-rock group Gomez perform.

Source: PBS

558 :37x12 - Arcade Fire

The indie-rock band Arcade Fire perform songs from its Grammy-winning 2010 album "The Suburbs."

Source: PBS

559 :37x13 - Fleet Foxes/Joanna Newsom

Folk-rockers Fleet Foxes perform selections from their 2011 "Helplessness Blues" album. Also: singer-songwriter Joanna Newsom performs.

Source: PBS

560 :37x14 - Florence + The Machine/Lykke Li

The pop-rock group Florence and the Machine showcase songs from their 2009 album "Lungs"; Swedish chanteuse Lykke Li sings selections from her 2011 "Wounded Rhymes" album.

Source: PBS

561 :37x15 - Wilco

Wilco performs selections from the 2011 album "The Whole Love."

Source: PBS

562 :37x16 - Coldplay

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Season 38

Americana Music Festival 2012

Alabama Shakes, the Carolina Chocolate Drops, Patty Griffin, Bonnie Raitt and Richard Thompson perform. Jim Lauderdale hosts.

Source: PBS

563 :38x01 - Radiohead

Radiohead perform songs from its 2011 "The King of Limbs" album in the Season 38 premiere.

Source: PBS

564 :38x02 - Bon Iver

Hear Grammy-winning Bon Iver perform material from its second album.

Source: PBS

565 :38x03 - Bonnie Raitt/Mavis Staples

See Bonnie Raitt and Mavis Staples showcase classic R&B, blues and pop.

Source: PBS

566 :38x04 - The Shins/Dr. Dog

Enjoy alternative rock with the Shins and Dr. Dog.

Source: PBS

567 :38x05 - The Civil Wars/Punch Brothers

Enjoy new American acoustic music from the Civil Wars and Punch Brothers.

Source: PBS

568 :38x06 - Jack White

Enjoy a solo performance by Jack White, leader of the White Stripes.

Source: PBS

569 :38x07 - Rodrigo y Gabriela

Hear a unique fusion of flamenco, jazz and rock from Mexican guitarists Rodrigo and Gabriela.

Source: PBS

570 :38x08 - Norah Jones/Kat Edmonson

Hear jazz and pop from Norah Jones and Kat Edmonson.

Source: PBS

571 :38x09 - Bob Mould/Delta Spirit

Enjoy alternative rock with punk veteran Bob Mould and young bucks Delta Spirit.

Source: PBS

572 :38x10 - Tim McGraw

Delight in a full hour of hits and new songs from country superstar Tim McGraw

Source: PBS

573 :38x11 - Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeroes/tUnE-yArDs

Listen in to the experimental alt.pop of Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeroes and tUnE-yArDs.

Source: PBS

574 :38x12 - Gary Clark Jr./Alabama Shakes

Join Gary Clark, Jr. and Alabama Shakes for modern blues and soul.

Source: PBS

575 :38x13 - Esperanza Spalding

Enjoy an hour with jazz/soul singer/bassist Esperanza Spalding.

Source: PBS

Season 39

576 :39x01 - Juanes | Jesse & Joy

ACL presents the best Latin music with Juanes and Jesse & Joy. Colombian superstar Juanes performs a high energy set of his best, while Mexico City’s sibling duo Jesse & Joy sing a selection of their greatest hits.

Source: PBS
Musical Guests: Juanes as Himself

577 :39x02 - Phoenix

Phoenix captures emotion and puts it to a fun pop beat like few other bands can do. The French band brings their “posh, atmospheric grooves” (Rolling Stone) to their Austin City Limits debut, performing songs from their newest release Bankrupt!

Source: PBS
Musical Guests: Phoenix as Themselves

578 :39x03 - The Lumineers | Shovels & Rope

The Lumineers, a folk-rock band from Denver, perform "Ho Hey" and "Stubborn Love"; the South Carolina-based folk duo Shovels & Rope perform selections from their 2012 album "O' Be Joyful."

Source: PBS
Musical Guests: The Lumineers as Themselves

579 :39x04 - Vampire Weekend | Grizzly Bear

Rock with indie rock bands Vampire Weekend and Grizzly Bear.

Source: PBS
Musical Guests: Vampire Weekend as Themselves | Grizzly Bear as Themselves

580 :39x05 - Emmylou Harris & Rodney Crowell

Hear country legends Emmylou Harris and Rodney Crowell perform songs from Old Yellow Moon.

Source: PBS
Musical Guests: Emmylou Harris as Herself | Rodney Crowell as Himself

581 :39x06 - Emeli Sandé | Michael Kiwanuka

Enjoy the best in British pop with Emeli Sandé and Michael Kiwanuka.

Source: PBS
Musical Guests: Emeli Sandé as Herself | Michael Kiwanuka as Himself

582 :39x07 - Jim James | The Black Angels

Hear the best alternative rock with My Morning Jacket leader Jim James, and the Black Angels.

Source: PBS
Musical Guests: Jim James as Himself | The Black Angels as Themselves

583 :39x08 - ACL Presents: Americana Music Festival 2013

Enjoy selected performances Dr. John, Duane Eddy, Richard Thompson and more.

Source: PBS
Musical Guests: Dr. John as Himself | Duane Eddy as Himself | Richard Thompson (2) as Himself

584 :39x09 - Queens of the Stone Age

Hear rock anthems from Queens of the Stone Age.

Source: PBS
Musical Guests: Queens of the Stone Age as Themselves

585 :39x10 - Jason Isbell | Neko Case

Enjoy modern roots rock from Jason Isbell, followed by Neko Case.

Source: PBS
Musical Guests: Jason Isbell as Himself | Neko Case as Herself

586 :39x11 - fun. | Dawes

Listen to hits from Grammy-winning trio fun. and California roots-flavored rock/pop from Dawes.

Source: PBS
Musical Guests: Fun as Themselves | Dawes as Themselves

587 :39x12 - Portugal. The Man | Local Natives

Hear the best in contemporary indie rock with Portugal. The Man and Local Natives.

Source: PBS
Musical Guests: Portugal. The Man as Themselves | Local Natives as Themselves

588 :39x13 - Sarah Jarosz | The Milk Carton Kids

Enjoy new acoustic music from instrumentalist Sarah Jarosz and folk songs from the Milk Carton Kids.

Source: PBS
Musical Guests: The Milk Carton Kids as Themselves

589 :39x14 - Kacey Musgraves | Dale Watson

Texas country reigns on tonight’s Austin City Limits with Kacey Musgraves and Dale Watson. Contemporary songwriter Musgraves sings tunes from her winning LP Same Trailer Different Park, while honky-tonker Watson plays tunes from throughout his career.

Source: PBS
Musical Guests: Kacey Musgraves as Herself | Dale Watson And His Lonestars as Themselves

Season 40

Austin City Limits Celebrates 40 Years

A star-studded special celebrating the trailblazing music series’ 40th anniversary. With guest hosts Jeff Bridges, Matthew McConaughey and Sheryl Crow, the two-hour broadcast features memorable moments from the show’s remarkable run, anchored by some of the brightest stars in the show’s history returning to the Austin City Limits stage for incredible performances. Highlights include legends Willie Nelson, Emmylou Harris, Kris Kristofferson, Gary Clark Jr., Lyle Lovett, Alabama Shakes, Buddy Guy and more performing in celebration of Austin City Limits’ legacy as an American music institution over the last four decades.

Source: PBS

2014 Hall of Fame Special

Willie Nelson, Lyle Lovett, Emmylou Harris, Buddy Guy, and Double Trouble are among the performers at the first "Austin City Limits" Hall of Fame ceremony.

Source: PBS

590 :40x01 - Beck

Hear some of the alt.rock superstar’s greatest hits and songs from his Morning Phase album.

Source: PBS

591 :40x02 - Ed Sheeran/Valerie June

Enjoy "Sing!" and "A-Team" by Sheeran and songs from Pushin' Against a Stone by June.

Source: PBS

592 :40x03 - Nine Inch Nails

Enjoy a rare television appearance by Nine Inch Nails, performing tracks from Hesitation Marks.

Source: PBS

593 :40x04 - Tweedy

Enjoy an hour with songwriter Jeff Tweedy, joined by his son Spencer and members of the band Lucius.

Source: PBS

594 :40x05 - Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds

Survey the 30-year career of this Australian noir rock group.

Source: PBS

595 :40x06 - Los Lobos/Thao & The Get Down Stay Down

Explore contemporary California rock with veterans and lively folk rockers.

Source: PBS

596 :40x07 - Eric Church

Relish a full hour with country superstar Eric Church.

Source: PBS

597 :40x08 - ACL Presents: Americana Music Festival 2014

ACL presents highlights from the 2014 Americana Music Festival, recorded in Nashville. Performers include Loretta Lynn, Jackson Browne and Taj Mahal.

Source: PBS

599 :40x10 - Spoon/White Denim

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601 :40x12 - Ryan Adams/Jenny Lewis

Ryan Adams and Jenny Lewis are on the show.

602 :40x13 - The Black Keys/J. Roddy Walston & The Business

Catch the best in contemporary rock from the Black Keys duo and Walston and his trio.

Source: PBS

603 :40x14 - Foo Fighters

The Foo Fighters are featured on the show.

604 :40x15 - Gary Clark Jr. / Alabama Shakes

Bluesman Gary Clark Jr. performs selections from his 2012 album "Blak and Blu"; Alabama Shakes highlight material from its 2012 "Boys & Girls" album.

Source: PBS
Classification: Variety
Genre: Celebrities | Family | Music | Talent
Status: Returning Series
Network: PBS ( USA)
Airs: Saturdays at 11:00 pm
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: September, 1975
Episode Order: 13
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