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When Katara and Sokka fall sick with a mysterious disease, Aang sets off to find the cure. As he is searching, the villainous Zhao and his troops find and capture him. With Aang held captive in a Fire Nation stronghold, his only hope is the "Blue Spirit", a strange masked figure set on rescuing the Avatar. Will this Blue Spirit be able to make it past the Fire Nation barriers and rescue him? Is there still time to save Katara and Sokka? And who is the Blue Spirit anyway?

Episode Info  

Episode number: 1x13
Production Number: 113
Airdate: Friday June 17th, 2005

Guest Stars
Jason IsaacsJason Isaacs
voiced Zhao
Jim MeskimenJim Meskimen
voiced Lieutenant Jee
Jodi CarlisleJodi Carlisle
voiced Herbalist
Nick JamesonNick Jameson
voiced Colonel Shinu
Episode Notes
We learn that Zuko is a skilled swordsman, in addition to being a powerful bender.

Zuko is the blue spirit.

The episode was originally titled as "The Red Spirit", but was later changed to Blue.

Episode Quotes
Aang: You're crazy aren't you?
Woman: Thats right!

Admiral Zhao: Don't worry, you won't be killed like they were. See if you die, you'll just be reborn and the Fire Nation will have to begin its search for the Avatar all over again.

Aang: (To Zuko) Before the war started, I used to always visit my friend Kuzon. The two of us, we'd get in and out of so much trouble. He was one of the best friends I ever had...And he was from the Fire Nation, just like you. If we knew each other back then, do you think we could've been friends too?

Aang: That's how Sokka started yesterday, now look at him, he thinks he's an earthbender!
Sokka: (punching the air) Take that, you rock!

Admiral Zhao: I don't know how you've been able to hide from the Fire Nation for the last hundred years, but you're not getting away this time.
Aang: I've never hidden from you! Untie me and I'll fight you right now!
Admiral Zhao: Uh, no.

Zuko: My honor, my throne, my country. I'm about to lose them all.

Sokka: You know what I love about Appa the most? His sense of humor.
Katara: That's nice, I'll tell him.
(Appa roars)
Sokka: (dilusional from being sick, laughs) Classic, Appa.

Zuko: What do they want?!?
Uncle Iroh: Perhaps a sporting game of Pai Sho?

Episode References

Sokka and Katara's cold's are most likely from the earlier episode, "The Storm".

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