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Avatar: The Last Airbender: The Blind Bandit

While searching for an earthbender who can teach Aang earthbending, the kids stumble upon an underground earthbending tournament. There they find Toph, a small blind girl who holds the championship belt. Aang desperately wants Toph to be his teacher, but complications with her family make it seem like an impossibility.

Episode Info  

Episode number: 2x6
Production Number: 206
Airdate: Friday May 05th, 2006

Guest Stars
Kevin Michael RichardsonKevin Michael Richardson
voiced The Hippo
Marc GraueMarc Graue
voiced Xin Fu
Mick FoleyMick Foley
voiced The Boulder
Sab ShimonoSab Shimono
voiced Master Yu
Cam ClarkeCam Clarke
voiced Lao
Episode Notes
Was originally titled The Earthbending Tournament.

This is the second time we see a person in the show with a limited disability. The first time being in The Northern Air Temple.

Toph, a blind but powerful Earthbeding girl, joins the team at the end of the episode with the intention of teaching Aang Earthbending

Episode Quotes
The Boulder: The Boulder feels conflicted about fighting a young blind girl
Toph: Sounds to me like you're scared Boulder!
The Boulder: The Boulder is over his conflicted feelings, and now he is ready to bury you in a rockalanche!
Toph: Whenver you're ready, The Pebble! (laughs)

Sokka: Now I'm really glad I bought this bag. It matches the belt perfectly.
Katara: (sarcastically) That is a big relief.

Toph: What are you doing here Twinkle Toes?
Aang: How did you know it was me?
Sokka: Don't answer to Twinkle Toes, it's not manly!
Katara: You're the one who's bag matches his belt.

Episode Goofs
The Big, Bad Hippo, an earthbending tournament competitor, is sometimes shown to have four large hippo-like teeth which he uses to crush rocks, and at other times (when his mouth is shut in a grimace, for example) he is shown to have a whole mouth of basically normal looking teeth.

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