The Chase - Recap

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The kids are setting up camp for the night, and Toph is sitting around doing nothing. Katara tries to get her to help, but Toph misunderstands her and the two start fighting. After the fight, they finish setting up camp and Katara tries to apoligize to Toph, but once again Toph misunderstands, and leaves Katara feeling annoyed and upset. A little while after they fall asleep, Toph joltst awake, feeling something moving on the ground. The kids pack up camp and take off, landing a little while later. Sokka says they aren't going to set up camp, and Katara says loudly, "Well that's good because Toph wasn't going to help anyway" Toph gets mad and slams the door to her "tent (to rocks in a triangle form) in Katara's face. Katara gets mad, and when Aang tries to calm her down, she yells at him. After maybe an hour of sleep, Toph wakes up again and says the tank that is chasing them is back. They once again take off, wondering how it's following them. Aang flies them to a mountain where they attempt to sleep, but Momo starts jumping around screeching, and they discover that once again the tank has found them. They also discover who is inside: Azula and her two friends the "crazy ladies from Omashu" as Sokka puts it. The kids try to hold off the three girls, but finally end up just taking off on Appa. They fly through the night, and just as the sun rises, Appa falls asleep while they are flying. Aang wakes him up just in time and they land. Sokka says they had put enough distance between themselves and the three girls, and proposes that they all get some sleep. Katara says it is Toph's fault they hadn't gotten any sleep because of her "issues" and when Toph questions her about it, Katara says if Toph had helped set up camp, they could have gotten some sleep. Aang tries to calm the girls down, only to hear Toph say it was Appa's fault that Azula and her friensd at found them. She said because Appa was shedding, the girls were able to follow his trail. Aang gets mad and says that before Toph had come along, Appa had never had problems flying. Toph gets upset and leaves, literally pushing Sokka aside when he tries to stop him. While walking, Toph hears a noise behind a rock, and Earthbends some ground to jut up and hit the spot where she heard the noise. She hears someone go "ow!" and looks around the rock. She sees (though she doesn't know it) Iroh. Back with Aang, Katara, and Sokka, Aang is practically in tears because he had yelled at Toph, and Katara is feeling guilty. Sokka (the only one who didn't really give Toph grief) says that they had both been pretty mean. Katara says they have to find Toph, and Sokka asks how they are supposed to find Toph when they've still got the "tank full of crazy ladies" after them. Aang comes up with a plan to get them off the kids trail, and give them time to find Toph. They give Appa a bath to rinse away all the hair he is shedding, and then Aang fills a bag with Appa's hair and takes off, dumping the hair along the ground to make a fake path. Sokka and Katara, meanwhile, take off on Appa to make a fake trail. Azula and her friends come to the spot where the kids had been resting, and discover that Aang is trying to trick them. Azula goes in one direction (the path Aang took) and her friends go in the other (the path Sokka and Katara took). Toph, meanwhile, is enjoying a cup of tea with Iroh, who is telling her about his nephew, and how she is just like him (strong, independent, etc). What he says helps Toph realize that she should have stayed with Aang and the others, and goes off to find them, telling Iroh before she leaves, "Oh, about your nephew. Maybe you should tell him you need him to". Azula's two friends catch up Sokka and Katara, and fight, and right as it looks like Sokka and Katara will lose, Appa flies in and hits the girls with a gust of air he flipped at them with his tail. Tai-Lee asks, after they get out of the river, "Is it just me, or was that guy kind of cute?" about Sokka. Aang, meanwhile, has finished setting the trail of hair, and is waiting for Azula to find him. She does, and when Aang asks her who she is, she does an impression of Zuko that's supposed to be funny. Right as they are about to fight, Zuko comes in and Azula ends up fighting both of them, and winning. Katara and Sokka come after, Zuko is hurt, and Iroh comes to his rescue. Toph comes in and saves Katara, Sokka, and Aang, and the four of them, with Iroh and Zuko right along, corner Azula. She pretends to surrender, then uses her lightning bending and attacks Iroh, hitting him right in the chest with a bolt of lightning. Zuko, Katara, Aang, and Toph all attack her at once, but she runs away. Zuko, overcome with grief, collapses next to his uncle's still breathing form, almost in tears. Aang, Katara, Sokka, and Toph come up behind him, all terrified, and Zuko tells them to get away from them. Katara says she can help Iroh, but Zuko attacks them, yelling, "Leave!" The episode ends with Appa flying off into the night, Aang, Toph, Katara, and Sokka all sleeping in his saddle