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An injured, weak, and confused Aang awakens aboard a Fire Nation ship weeks after his battle in Ba Sing Se. Meanwhile, Zuko returns to the Fire Nation as a hero, however he does not feel the way he thought he would.

Episode Info  

Episode number: 3x1
Production Number: 301
Airdate: Friday September 21st, 2007

Director: Giancarlo Volpe
Writer: Aaron Ehasz

Guest Stars
Richard McGonagleRichard McGonagle
voiced Bato
Johanna BraddyJohanna Braddy
voiced Princess Yue
André SogliuzzoAndré Sogliuzzo
voiced Hakoda
André SogliuzzoAndré Sogliuzzo
voiced Hakoda
Sterling YoungSterling Young
voiced Pipsqueak
Takayo FischerTakayo Fischer
voiced Lo, Li
Takayo FischerTakayo Fischer
voiced Lo, Li
Jimmy Garrett (1)Jimmy Garrett (1)
voiced Avatar Roku
Jimmy Garrett (1)Jimmy Garrett (1)
voiced Avatar Roku
Mark HamillMark Hamill
voiced Firelord Ozai
Episode Notes
Many wondered how Aang could have bended such a large tidal wave while he was injured. If you look closely you can see the the spirit of Princess Yue is actually bending the wave for Aang.

In a flashback it is revealed that the Dai Li used their earthbending to take down the walls of Ba Sing Se, allowing Fire Nation troops to invade and conquer the city.

In the flashback of the Dai Li tearing down the walls of Ba Sing Se several minor characters from throughout season 2 can be seen. Including Pao (Iroh and Zuko's boss at the tea shop), Jin (Zuko's date), and the family of refugee's the gang helped cross the Serpent's Pass.

Because he was unconscious for several weeks when Aang wakes up he has a full head of hair.

The Duke and Pipsqueak, members from Jet's old gang, appear in this episode for the first time since "Jet". It is unknown whether or not they are aware of what happened to Jet.

Storyline gaps between this episode and the season 2 finale where filled in by a second all-Avatar Nick Mag issue. The story gaps include the gang meeting up with Hakoda and his fleet, the Earth King and Bosco's travels, and Zuko's rekindled relationship with Mai. It also revealed Azula gave control of Ba Sing Se to Joo Dee, dubbing her "Supreme Bureaucratic Administrator".

This episode is the season 3 (Book 3: Fire) premiere.

Aang destroys his glider, hand-crafted by Monks from the Southern Air Temple, fearing if it is spotted his secret will be discovered.

According to Sokka, the entire world thinks Aang is dead from the battle in Ba Sing Se.

Because they no longer have the Earth Kingdom's army to rely on the gang now plans to invade the fire nation with a small "ragtag" group of old friends they have encountered through their journeys.

The crescent shaped island Aang washes up on is the same island the temple to Avatar Roku was on before it was destroyed in "The Winter Solstice (2): Avatar Roku".

The port from "The Waterbending Scroll" is seen again for the first time since that episode.

The giant sea serpent is seen again for the first time since "The Serpent's Pass". Katara mentions earlier in the episode that they had just passed by the Serpent's Pass a few days ago.

In a flashback it is revealed that after the battle in Ba Sing Se the gang luckily found Hakoda (Sokka and Katara's father) and his fleet. Shortly after that they ambushed a fire nation ship and have been sailing undercover in that undisturbed for weeks. Apparently the Earth King left the group to travel the world with Bosco.

Episode Quotes
Katara: Do you need anything?
Aang: I need to redeem myself. I need my honor back.

Katara: I like your hair.
Aang: I have hair?!

Mai: Aren't you cold?
Zuko: It's been over three years since I was home, I wonder how things have changed. I wonder if I've changed...
Mai: I just asked if you were cold, I didn't ask for your whole life story. Stop worrying.

Sokka: The best part is the eclipse isn’t our biggest advantage. (Whispering) We have a secret: you.
Aang: Me?!
Sokka: Yup, the whole world thinks you're dead. Isn’t that great!?

Aang: I always knew I'd have to face the Firelord, but now I know I need to do it alone.

Episode Goofs
The fire pattern on Azula's pajama sleeve dissapears after the first scene during the scene where Zuko confronts her in her bedroom.

Episode References
The Turtle-Ducks

The turtle-ducks Zuko is feeding in the pond quickly swim away when Azula appears. This is most likely because of the way she treated them when she was younger as seen in "Zuko Alone".

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