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Zuko and the Fire Nation gang take a break at the beach, where they learn more about each other. Meanwhile, the bounty hunter Zuko hired catches up with the gang.

Episode Info  

Episode number: 3x5
Production Number: 305
Airdate: Friday October 19th, 2007
Special Airtime: 08:30 pm

Guest Stars
Takayo FischerTakayo Fischer
voiced Lo, Li
Erik Von DettenErik Von Detten
voiced Chan
Ross ThomasRoss Thomas
voiced Ruon-Jian
Episode Notes
This episode is different from most others due to the fact that the characters who usually make up the secondary plot (Zuko and his gang), now make up the primary plot (usually made up of Aang and his gang), and vice versa. This allows us to get our first deeper view into the "villians" minds. For instance, we see Zuko confront his many problems, we find out Azula had issues with her mother, Ty Lee grew up in a family with six other sisters who look exactly like her (which is why she craves the attention of boys and joined the circus), and Mai is so close-mouthed because as the daughter of a politician she was always kept quiet as a child.

The girls bathing suits in this episode had to be redone because Nickelodeon thought the original drafts were too "innapropriate".

This episode marks when the gang meets the bounty hunter Zuko hired (later named "The Combustion Man").

Episode Quotes
Toph: Guys, you're all going to think I'm crazy, but it feels like a metal man is coming.

Ty Lee: Ohh. I love this seashell bedspread.
Mai: Are you serious? It looks like the beach threw-up all over it.

Zuko: Here, this is for you.
Mai: Why would I want that?
Zuko: I saw it, and I thought it was pretty. Don’t girls like stuff like this?
Mai: Maybe stupid girls.

Azula: Yes! We have defeated you for all time. You will never rise from the ashes of your shame and humiliation! That was fun.

Episode Goofs
Zuko's baby clay disc appears to be MUCH smaller in the picture as compared to when he picks it up in the present time.

If you keep your eyes on the big guy who hits on Ty Lee when he asks the other guy how he met Ty Lee, you'll notice his lips start moving long before his voice is heard.

The alien rock (which she keeps around her wrist) Sokka gave Toph dissapears and reappears from her wrist from angle to angle during the first scene.

When Ty Lee walks through the curtain's and into Lo and Li's living room; her belly button is missing.

Zuko's burnt left ear turns switches from burnt, to normal, and then back to burnt again during the scene where he is under the umbrella with Mai.

The ferry that takes Zuko and his gang to the beach comes to an abrupt complete halt, which is impossible for a boat to do in water.

Cultural References
Sepak Takraw

The sport played in this episode is called Sepak Takraw. It is very similar to volleyball, except it is played using only your feet and head instead of your hands. It is only played in Southeast Asia.

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