Season 1

1 :01x01 - Pilot

After a car accident, Detective Michael Britten discovers that he is living one life where his wife Hannah survived and he has a rookie partner named Vega, and dreaming another life where his son Rex lived instead and Michael works with his long-time partner, Bird. However, Michael isn't sure if he isn't dreaming his life with Hannah. Each day he alternates waking up in one reality or the other, and tries to cope with what may be his insanity.
Co-Guest Stars: Emil Beheshti as Mr. Weaver | Melvin Abston as Officer #1 | Cherise Charles as Young Baker Girl | Jay Seals as Tech | Richard Clarke Larsen as Hairy Man | Jim Klock as Uniformed Officer
Director: David Slade
Writer: Kyle Killen
Songs: Cat Power -- Maybe Not

2 :01x02 - The Little Guy

Michael pursues two different cases in his different realities, both revolving around a dead man named Bernard MacKenzie. Meanwhile, he suggests that Hannah embrace some of her dead son's belongings rather than ignore them, which leads to a surprising discovery. And in the other reality, Michael discovers that his son has an unsuspected hobby.
Guest Stars: Laura Innes as Captain Tricia Harper | Logan Miller as Cole | Brian Norris as Sam Harvinson | Mark Harelik as Carl Kessel | Chris McGarry as Dr. Banks | Jordan Lund as Dr. Arthur Taylor | Daniela Bobadilla as Emma |
Co-Guest Stars: Jeris Lee Poindexter as Homeless Man | Jay Seals as Nat | Robert Beuth as Stan Drake (as Robert Alan Beuth) | Franco Vega as Uniform #1 | Terrence Edwards as Uniform #2
Director: Jeffrey Reiner
Writer: Kyle Killen

3 :01x03 - Guilty

When an escaped convict abducts Michael's son in one world, the detective is forced to negotiate with same man in his other reality, well aware that he is missing a memorial service to his son that his wife Hannah doesn't want him to avoid.
Guest Stars: Bailey Chase as David Walker | William Russ as Jim Mayhew | Logan Miller as Cole | Clifton Powell as John Cooper | Daniela Bobadilla as Emma |
Co-Guest Stars: Lolly Ward as Nancy | David Pease as Doubting Cop | Enrique Almeida as Perez | Kevin Jackson (1) as Homeless Man | Jim Cantafio as IA Officer | Christopher Judd (1) as Paramedic
Director: Jeffrey Reiner

4 :01x04 - Kate is Enough

Cases in both realities reintroduce Michael to Rex's former babysitter Kate, whose life has taken two very different directions. Meanwhile, Michael tries to cope with his son's sudden anger outbursts when his friend breaks his tennis racquet.
Guest Stars: Brianna Brown as Kate Porter | Logan Miller as Cole | Eric Lange as Darin Knox | Eddie Matos as Cameron Fuller | Chris McGarry as Dr. Banks | Geoff Meed as Mark Hudson |
Co-Guest Stars: Michael Bryan French as Officer Bryce | Tony Colitti as Cameron's Lawyer | Angela Elayne Gibbs as Dora (as Angela E. Gibbs) | Grinnell Morris as Darin's Lawyer | John Christopher Storey as Len (as John C. Storey)
Writer: Kyle Killen

5 :01x05 - Oregon

Clues in one reality put Michael on the trial of a serial killer in the other reality. However, a FBI profiler believes that Michael knows more than he's telling. Meanwhile, Hannah contemplates a move to Oregon and when Michael learns of it, both of his psychologists warn that such an event could cause a schism in his realities.
Guest Stars: Laura Innes as Captain Tricia Harper | Salvator Xuereb as Gemini | Chris McGarry as Dr. Banks | Megan Dodds as Agent Elizabeth Santoro |
Co-Guest Stars: Frank Gallegos as Detective DaSalva | Hal Havins as Manager | Brett London as Driver #1 | Landon Ashworth as Driver #2 | Ronnie Clark as Crazy Man | Marlene Gilroy as Bronzed Older Woman | Erin Woods as Santoro's Daughter | Damian Poitier as Uniform
Director: Aaron Lipstadt

6 :01x06 - That's Not My Penguin

In one reality, Michael deals with a schizophrenic patient who has taken a hospital hostage, and gets advice from Dr. Lee. However, the key to solving the standoff lies in the other reality, where Michael tries to cope with a hallucinatory penguin while looking for a ring with the clue he needs.
Guest Stars: Daniela Bobadilla as Emma | Billy Lush as Gabriel Wyath |
Co-Guest Stars: Matt Riedy as SWAT Commander Hamilton | John Christopher Storey as Tech (Len) | Jarrod Crawford as Negotiator | Terrence Edwards as Uniform #1 | Benjamin Burdick as Uniform #2 | Susan Allison as Doctor | Ayanna Berkshire as Staff Nurse | Alissa Dean as Intern Steph | Elizabeth Espinosa as News Reporter | Noshir Dalal as Sniper | Natalya Oliver as Cashier | Sean Michael Guess as Patient #1 | Jody Carter as Patient #2 | Kristopher Logan as Patient #3 | Lizzie Peet as Patient #4 | Myles Cranford as Patient #5 | Paul Eliopoulos as Screaming Man
Director: Scott Winant

7 :01x07 - Ricky's Tacos

On the advice of a drivethru loudspeaker, Michael checks out the last case that he handled before the accident. Although the investigation turns up nothing, Michael becomes involved with the death of a construction worker whose body turns up entombed in cement. In the other reality, Michael and Bird work a case involving a young girl who had sex with a lab partner and then apparently killed herself.
Guest Stars: Laura Innes as Captain Tricia Harper | Lombardo Boyar as Jose Cabrera | Christopher Cousins as John Ferris | Charley Koontz as Tim Wax | Chris Brochu as Chris Chapman | Mark Harelik as Carl Kessel | Brighid Fleming as Ally Ferris | Chris McGarry as Dr. Banks | Gary Perez as John's Lawyer |
Co-Guest Stars: Deanna Douglas as Nell | Loren Lester as Murray | Natacha Itzel as Elena | Kevin Will as Doyle | Benjamin Burdick as Officer | Barrett Shuler as Attendant | Maura Soden as Realtor (Heather Seiple) | Debbie Kagy as Uniformed Cop
Director: Adam Davidson
Story: Kyle Killen | Teleplay: Evan Katz, Howard Gordon

8 :01x08 - Nightswimming

While Michael prepares a couple for new life in the witness protection in one reality, he negotiates the introduction of his new partner to his old informant in the other.
Guest Stars: Laura Innes as Captain Tricia Harper | Ayelet Zurer as Alina Ananyev | Elijah Alexander as Marcus Ananyev | Steve Lawrence as Jake | Ron Melendez as Greg Hollander |
Co-Guest Stars: Yasha Blackman as Vasly | Jack Guzman as Uniform #1 | Jamison Haase as Uniform #2 | Chesare Hardy as Duty Officer | Nick Hoffa as Bartender | Michael Holden (1) as Daniel Shapiro | Daron McFarland as EMT | Kevin Rock as Manager | Emmanuel Todorov as Alexander
Director: Jeffrey Reiner
Songs: Otis Redding -- Pain in My Heart

9 :01x09 - Game Day

When a Bowl game ends differently in Michael's two realities, he begins to understand how small events can have major consequences when two different crimes result. Meanwhile, Emma breaks up with Rex in one reality, while Vega plans a going-away party for Michael in the other.
Guest Stars: Laura Innes as Captain Tricia Harper | Chris Marquette as Kenneth Jones (as Christopher Marquette) | Daniela Bobadilla as Emma | Ron Yuan as Solomon Kang | Fran├žois Chao as John Kho (as Fran├žois Chau) | Elizabeth Sung as Sumi Kho | Marco Rodriguez (1) as Marco | Drew Powell as George |
Co-Guest Stars: Lupe Carranza as Sabina Fernandez | Jerry Chu as Jinsung Do | Kyle Sabihy as Rob Jones | Christopher Schauble as Sports Announcer | Exie Booker as Security Guard | Jordana Capra as Dr. Karen Koretz | Lyn Alicia Henderson as LAPD Investigator Cynthia Harrison (as Lyn Alicia Henderson) | Kieu Chinh as Mrs. Do | Michelle Jones as Colleen Jones | Mike Nojun Park as Driving Instructor
Director: Michael Waxman

10 :01x10 - Slack Water

Michael and Bird investigate a double-homicide at a tenement apartment, but soon discover that things aren't what they seem. In the other reality, Hannah and Michael talk to their dead son's girlfriend about their grandchild-to-be, and Vega prepares a goodbye party for his partner.
Guest Stars: Laura Innes as Captain Tricia Harper | Daniela Bobadilla as Emma | Mark Harelik as Carl Kessel | Paul McCarthy-Boyington as Milo Owens | John Cothran, Jr. as Curtis Wilson | Carlos Lacamara as Joaquin | Phyllis Applegate as Miss Pearl | Patrick Cox as Perry Jenkins | Kelly Wolf as Angela |
Co-Guest Stars: John Christopher Storey as Len (as John C. Storey) | Steven Lee Allen as Super | Leonard Kelly-Young as Pawn Shop Owner | Thor Knai as SVENgali69 | Don Guevara as Reporter | Liz Montgomery as Homeless Woman | Melissa Weberbales as Nurse
Director: Nick Gomez

11 :01x11 - Say Hello to My Little Friend

After passing out during a bungee jump in one reality, Michael discovers that he is trapped in the other reality with no way back. Worse, he becomes increasingly unable to distinguish reality from hallucination as a figment of his imagination stalks him.
Guest Stars: Laura Innes as Captain Tricia Harper | Daniela Bobadilla as Emma | Kevin Weisman as Detective Edward Hawkins | Carlos Lacamara as Joaquin | Evan Helmuth as Roland Petrowski | Wayne Bastrup as Thompson |
Co-Guest Stars: Sharon Omi as Sharon Poul | Saphna Gandhi as Ultrasound Tech | Casey Kramer as Cindy | Marcus Choi as Harvey | Josh Novak as Tom | Chad Cleven as Sketch Artist | Ron Jones (2) as Bungee Instructor | Tammy Dahlstrom as Woman | Christopher Carver as Onlooker
Director: Laura Innes
Songs: Queen -- Bohemian Rhapsody

12 :01x12 - Two Birds

Detective Ed Hawkins is the key to solving the accident in both realities. But when Michael is forced to kill him in on his reality, he must use his reality to crack the case in the other reality. However, Michael soon becomes a wanted man in both realities and he's unaware that the only person who can help him is one of the conspirators.
Guest Stars: Laura Innes as Captain Tricia Harper | Daniela Bobadilla as Emma | Mark Harelik as Carl Kessel | Kevin Weisman as Detective Edward Hawkins | Joe Hursley as Francis |
Co-Guest Stars: Jennifer Marsala as Detective Ellen Kramer
Director: Milan Cheylov

13 :01x13 - Turtles All the Way Down

In one reality, Michael sits in a holding cell after his arrest for the attempted murder of the man who killed his family. In the other reality, he is offered a commendation for killing the same man. To escape in the first reality, Michael must speak to himself in the second... and resolve the situation with his family once and for all.
Guest Stars: Laura Innes as Captain Tricia Harper | Mark Harelik as Carl Kessel | Kevin Weisman as Detective Edward Hawkins |
Co-Guest Stars: Roderick L. McCarthy as Sherrif's Deputy | Chesare Hardy as Detective Ramirez | Jim Cantafio as Detective James | Cutty Cuthbert as Uniform #1 | Mandy Schneider as Woman | Paul Kellner as LAPD #3 | George Chavez as LAPD #4
Songs: Youth Lagoon -- Montana
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Drama | Sci-Fi
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: NBC ( USA)
Airs: Thursdays at 10:00 pm
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: March 01, 2012
Ended: May 24, 2012
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