Slack Water - Recap

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Reality 1

Michael tells Hannah that Emma is pregnant with Rex’s child. She wonders who Emma really is and why Rex didn’t tell her about Emma. Hannah wonders how Michael figured it out, but all Michael can say is that they found each other. When Hannah wonders what Emma has planned about raising the child, Michael admits that he doesn’t know and his wife insists that they have to figure out how they’re going to be involved.

Reality 2

Michael wakes up alone in bed and goes into work. He and Bird are called to the shooting of a drug dealer, Dion Driggs, in his apartment. Bird figures the killer burst in, shot the dealer, and let with his computer and gamebox. When Michael points out that there are no drugs, Bird suggests that the killer took the drugs as well. He then traces the path that the killer took down the hallway to where he met an elderly resident, Maya King, and killed her as well. The landlord, Curtis Wilson, shows them the woman’s apartment and explains that she and her husband moved in fifty years ago. Wilson explains that her husband passed away years ago and her son died in Vietnam. No one else knew Ms. King and she refused to leave, and even Wilson doesn’t live there. Outside, Michael and Bird split up to canvass the area and Bird says that some people just need to learn when they should move on.

Reality 1

At the station, Vega tells Michael that he won’t throw him a goodbye party and then thanks him for teaching him. Harper comes in and tells them that Simpson Trujillo is back in Los Angeles. He’s a cocaine and arms dealer and Harper attaches Vega to the Federal task force. When Michael objects, given his history on Trujillo, Harper points out that he’ll be gone in three days and she needs someone who can close the cases. Michael has no choice but to have Vega sit down so he can brief him on everything.

Harper comes home and finds her contact, Carl, waiting for her. He warns Harper that his distributors are getting anxious but she tells him that Michael will be gone in three days. Carl worries that he can’t move his heroin shipment until Michael is gone and he’s getting impatient. He warns Harper that the heroin has been oxidizing for the last five months since the accident and warns Harper that he’ll wait three more days... and then take care of Michael himself.

Michael and Hannah go see Emma’s parents, Angela and Joaquin, Emma comes out and she and Hannah talk about Rex. Hannah comments on the shirt that Emma is wearing and then realizes that it’s Rex’s shirt. Everyone sits down and the Brittens offer to do whatever they can for the baby. However, Emma’s parents tell them that they’ve already decided that a closed adoption is best and that they wouldn’t even consider letting Michael and Hannah adopting the baby. Hannah points out that they’re moving to Portland, but Joaquin insists that it’s Emma’s decision and it’s what she wants. Emma says that it is, but as they leave, Hannah says that it was clear to her that Emma didn’t agree with her parents’ decision. Michael admits that he didn’t pick up on that and suggests that Hannah might be projecting. She insists that she isn’t projecting and figures that they’re pushing Emma to do something she doesn’t want to do.

Reality 2

Michael and Bird got to a pawnshop where the killer sold the items from the drug dealer’s apartment. The shop owner took the seller’s address and provides a description of the man, Perry Jenkins, and the detectives go to the address. They talk to the landlord, who says the man moved out and is living on the streets. Michael and Bird start canvassing the area. They spot Perry, who makes a run for it. The detectives finally capture him but Perry says he has nothing to do with the murder. He explains that he found everything he sold in a dumpster behind a Kwikmart and offers to show them. Michael and Bird end up going through the dumpster and find a video controller. They wonder why someone would kill Driggs for his stuff and then throw it away, and Michael figures that Perry wasn’t involved.

Reality 1

Hannah goes to see Emma at the bookstore where she works and apologizes for the other night. She offers her a glass water bottle as a peace offering and then suggests Emma that might not be happy about giving up the baby for adoption. Hannah insists that it’s Emma’s decision, not her parents, but Emma points out that Hannah is making it about herself and informs her that she’s wasting her time because she’s made her decision. Out in the car, Hannah calls Michael and admits that she feels like an idiot. She figures that Emma was right and wonders how she got it wrong, and Michael tells her that people sometimes want things so badly that it blinds them to anything else. Hannah admits that he’s right and thanks him listening to her.

Later, the cops gather at the station to watch a TV report on Vega bringing down Trujillo. As Michael offers his congratulations, he notices that Trujillo’s house looks just like the house on a video game case at Dion’s apartment in the other reality.

Reality 2

Michael goes back to the evidence room and tries to find the video game. The evidence officer finally agrees to help him and produces the case. Michael confirms that it’s the same house and discovers that there’s no disk inside, and figures that it’s in the machine. Michael and Bird have the evidence officer walk him through bringing up the game, and they receive a message for another player that knew Dion. Michael responds and the other player, SVENgali69, says that he knew something would happen. He explains that he’s in Stockholm, Sweden, and that he and Dion played for years until the other day. They were playing the game together and Dion said that he heard a gunshot and paused the game to go look.

The officers go back to the apartment and work out why the killer took out Maya first. Michael suggests that the killer needed to cover the fact that he came to kill Maya, not Dion. They go to see a friend of Maya, Miss Pearl, who is at a retirement home. She mistakes Bird for her grandson Myron and berates him for missing her birthdays. Michael plays along and explains that “Myron” has been helping the police find killers. Miss Pearl is proud of him and talks about how people moved out one by one or passed away until only Myra was left. Many of the others ended up at the retirement home. She explains that Wilson pays for everything so that they can all be together. Maya didn’t take the offer even though Wilson wanted her to move, and Pearl says that Wilson did it because he’s a nice boy

Back at the station, Michael confirms that Wilson owns the whole block and has been taking offers for years. The area is worth $10 million, but all of the residents were on rent control. He couldn’t sell the building without their permission, but when Maya refused to move, they figure Wilson hired someone to kill Maya and Dion stumbled into the shooting. The detectives start pulling phone and bank records to connect Wilson to the shooter.

Reality 1

As Michael cleans out his desk, Harper comes over and chats with him. He remembers back when he and Harper first met at a sensitivity class, and Michael admits that she always had her back. Harper admits that he’s going to miss him and Michael says that the feeling is mutual.

Reality 2

Michael is back at the station when Bird comes in, and explains that he wanted to start working early on Wilson’s records. The phone records show that he received calls on a throwaway phone right before and after the murder, and they were made from an apartment. Michael checked the apartments and came up with a parolee named Milo Owens with a long criminal record. The detectives take a team to Owens’ apartment, break in, and capture Owens. They search the place and find the gun. In interrogation, the detectives tell Owens that they have him dead to rights but they want the guy who hired him. Owens rolls over on Wilson immediately and Michael asks him for any proof that he has. They always met in person and Michael figures they’ll have to come up with an alternate plan.

The detectives have Owens call Wilson and claim that he wants more money. Wilson agrees to meet him, gives him an address, and hangs up. The officers wire Owens and tell him to get Wilson to admit that he paid him, but realize he’s starting to crash. Bird offers him some heroin to calm him down, but warns Michael that they may need to call it off. Michael figures that Owen’s desperation should work in their favor and points out they don’t have any other choice.

At the park, Wilson shows up and Owens stutters through a demand for money. Wilson figures that he’s high but then notices that he’s looking around and refuses to incriminate himself. However, Owen gets in his face and accuses him of wearing a wire and trying to entrap him, and Wilson finally admits that he shouldn’t have hired a junkie to kill Myra. The police move in and Wilson tries to run away, but the police easily capture him.

Reality 1

Michael wakes up when the doorbell rings. Hannah answers the door and finds Emma there. The girl admits that Hannah was right and she doesn’t want to give up the baby. The Brittens invite her in and Emma explains that her parents kept trying to change her mind and refused to take no for an answer. They freaked out and told her that if they wouldn’t live by their rules then she would have to get out. Michael tells her that she should call them, pointing out that they’re worried about her, and Hannah assures Emma that her parents will come around eventually. Emma wonders how she and the baby will get by, and Hannah and Michael assure her that they’re there for her no matter what. She asks to take a bath and sits in the tub alone, crying.

Michael calls Joaquin. Afterward he tells Hannah that he accused them of manipulating their daughter and trying to change Emma’s mind. Joaquin is bringing a suitcase over and Michael figures that they’re just trying to scare Emma. Hannah isn’t convinced, but worries that she might have made a mistake. Michael tells her that she was the only person who realized what Emma really wanted, and that Emma is exactly where she needs to be. Hannah wonders about them, and Michael says that maybe they’re exactly where they need to be. She agrees to call the movers back and tells Michael that he’ll need to cancel his resignation. When he tells Hannah that he was supposed to meet the guys that night to watch a game and will tell Harper then, she has no choice but to tell him about the surprise party that Vega planned anyway.

That night, Michael and Hannah arrive and Michael pretends to be surprised. Harper gives him a hug and Michael privately tells her that he’s not leaving. He tells her about Emma and the fact that he’s going to be a grandparent, and admits that he has no plans to leave. Harper assures him that it’s okay as the cops begin singing “Jolly Good Fellow.”

When Michael and Hannah return home, they find Emma watching an X-Files marathon. She asks them to watch with her and the Brittens sit down with her, watch TV, and have some pizza.