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Season 5

Babylon 5: In the Beginning

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Special Guest Stars: Michael O'Hare as Lt. Commander Jeffrey Sinclair |
Guest Stars: Theodore Bikel as Lenonn | Reiner Schöne as Dukhat |
Co-Guest Stars: James Patrick Stuart as Presidential Aide | Tricia O'Neil as Earth Alliance President | J. Patrick McCormack as General Lefcourt | Robin Atkin Downes as Morann | Robin Sachs as Coplann |
Uncredited: Jeffrey Willerth as Ambassador Kosh | Claudia Christian as Susan Ivanova |
Featuring: Justin Carroll as Comm Officer | Michael S. Kennedy as General Fontaine | Steven Ford as First Officer | Ardwight Chamberlain as Ambassador Kosh / Ambassador Ulkesh | Pancho Demmings as Alpha 7 | Yasemin Baytok as Senna | Jacob Chase as Luc Deradi | Jason Azikiwe as Captain Roger Stearns | Lane Davies as Callier | Erica Mer as Lyssa Deradi
Director: Mike Vejar

Babylon 5: Thirdspace

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Guest Stars: Shari Belafonte as Elizabeth Trent | Clyde Kusatsu as Bill Morishi |
Co-Guest Stars: William Sanderson as Deuce | Kip King as Leo | Floyd Levine as Alex | Jeffrey Anderson-Gunter as Merchant | Josh Coxx as Lt. David Corwin |
Featuring: Valerie Red-Horse as Technician | Jerry Kernion as Builder | Adam G. as Guard
Director: Mike Vejar

Babylon 5: River of Souls

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Starring Roles: Ian McShane as Dr. Robert Bryson | Martin Sheen as Soul Hunter |
Featuring: Jean St. James as Sheila | Jeff Silverman as Man | Nikki Schieler Ziering as Female Hologram | Ray Proscia as Klaus | Stuart Pankin as James Reilly | T.J. Hoban as Male Hologram | Joel Brooks as Jacob Mayhew | Jeff Doucette as 2nd Man | Wayne Alexander as Soul One | Bob Amaral as Customer | Beege Barkette as Woman | Josh Coxx as Lt. David Corwin
Director: Janet Greek

Babylon 5: A Call to Arms

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Guest Stars: Tracy Scoggins as Captain Elizabeth Lochley | Jeff Conaway as Sgt. Zack Allen | Peter Woodward as Galen | Carrie Dobro as Dureena Nafeel | Tony Todd as Captain Leonard Anderson
Director: Mike Vejar

89 :05x01 - No Compromises

With Ivanova gone - the new commander Elizabeth Lochley arrives to the station. B5 is going to remain independent from earth but a human was selected as a commander even so. Elizabeth is going to have a tough time taking over control over the station, and wishes to run the station her way. Byron, a powerful telepath approaches Elizabeth, he wishes sanctuary for his group of telepaths. It's also time for Sheridan's inauguration as the newly elected president of the interstellar alliance. A man is planning to use the ceremony to his own interests and sends threatening notes with his intentions. G'Kar's book has been gaining interest and it is so well written that Sheridan requests his aid in writing the oath and the declaration of principles.
Guest Stars: Anthony Crivello as John | Tim Eyster as Simon | Robin Atkin Downes as Byron
Director: Janet Greek

90 :05x02 - The Very Long Night of Londo Mollari

Londo drinks some bevaari - and suffers a severe heart attack. While unconsious he finds himself wandering in a strange version of Babylon 5 - having to face his past. Since he's known his own death, he welcomes this opportunity somehow, to get out of it. He must decide if he wants to live and confront the mistreatment of the Narns. The stress he's been under, and the guilt he has been feeling over his past - is what causes his heart to have problems. Lennier have decided to leave Delenn, and become a ranger. His feelings for Delenn is the reason - it's difficult for him to be a part of her life, as Sheridan has the role he would like to have.
Guest Stars: Akiko Morison as Med Tech
Director: David J. Eagle

91 :05x03 - The Paragon of Animals

The participants of the alliance are growing impatient. They are still waiting for the the advantages promised when entering. Nobody's going to sign the Declaration of Principles. Sheridan must find a way to bring them all together again, and regain the respect lost. The council, now just containing Londo, G'Kar, Delenn and Sheridan - needs to find ways to rally the races together. Garibaldi would like to use telepaths in his intelligence operation. As there now is a growing community of telepaths onboard, they may be willing to help out he thinks. Of course, nothing is ever that easy. A ranger arrives badly hurt conveying that somebody is in great need of help.
Guest Stars: Robin Atkin Downes as Byron | Bart Johnson as Ranger | Daniel Bryan Cartwell as Merkat |
Co-Guest Stars: Kim Strauss as Drazi Ambassador
Director: Mike Vejar

92 :05x04 - A View from the Gallery

The station is on red alert, and we get to follow the progress of the leaders through the eyes of the maintenance men Bo and Mack. These men get to see more than one would think and aren't the first ones you consider also being in danger when being caught in battle. And they obviously have a lot of opinions on what is done and how. Some of the decisions made by the officers doesn't always make sense to them. But as time passes through this crisis, their respect grows.
Guest Stars: Lawrence LeJohn as Bo | Josh Coxx as Lt. David Corwin | Robin Atkin Downes as Byron | Raymond O'Connor as Mack
Director: Janet Greek

93 :05x05 - Learning Curve

The teachers of the Rangers are invited to visit Delenn at Babylon 5. They bring with them two young recruits. A new crime lord has found his way to B5 - and his ruthless ways leaves nobody uninformed about his presence. He means to make an example of Zack as he appears non-corruptable and may pose a threat to the criminal activities. Meanwhile, Garibaldi is pestering Lochley about which side she was on during the Earth Alliance Civil War (2260-2261).
Guest Stars: Mongo Brownlee as Enforcer | Erica Ortega as Teegarden | Dawn Comer as Security Guard | Brian McDermott as Durhan | Trevor Goddard as Trace | Brendan Ford as Tannier | Turhan Bey as Turval
Director: David J. Eagle

94 :05x06 - Strange Relations

Garibaldi finds out about Lochley and Sheridan having had a romance in the past - and this fuels his suspicions about her. Lochley is introduced to locking horns with Bester - by now a bit of an initiation ceremony for all new commanders for B5, it would seem. He's come to round up the telepaths that are living on the station. Lyta Alexander and Byron are growing closer, and she's doing her best to try and help him and his group out. The cruiser that were to transport Londo to his new responsibilities was sabotaged. He's going to need a body guard - and one is appointed for him...
Special Guest Stars: Walter Koenig as Alfred Bester |
Guest Stars: Robin Atkin Downes as Byron | Josh Coxx as Lt. David Corwin | Steven Lambert as Bloodhound Teep #2 | Clarke Coleman as Telepath | James Lew as Bloodhound Teep #1

95 :05x07 - Secrets of the Soul

Dr Franklin is hard at work at cataloguing all known diseases of alien races. All races are exceedingly accomodating, but some have their own reasons for it. More telepaths arrive to the station and few see it as a good sign. Zack isn't comfortable with Lyta hanging with Byron and asks her to stop seeing him. Lyta is more and more convinced that Byron is what the telepath community needs. She reveals to him, and the community of telepaths, the secrets she has been carrying about the Vorlon's responsibility for the origins of telepaths.
Guest Stars: Robin Atkin Downes as Byron | Roger Hewlett as Thug | Jana Robbins as Ambassador Tal | Jack Hannibal as Peter | William Scudder as Drazi Captain | Stuart McLean as Carl | Skip Stellrecht as Security Guard
Director: Tony Dow (2)

96 :05x08 - Day of the Dead

Rebo and Zooty - the very popular comic duo visits the station. Although not everybody is a fan, Lochley not as appreciating for instance, their visit is most welcome. There is a Brakiri ritual of remembrance taking place on the station. They need to own a part of the station in order for their ritual to be successful. The ritual entails a meeting with somebody that is dead - and it affects all races that are on Brakiri territory. So those that lives in the area that the Brakiri purchased for this event, will be affected. They are mostly unprepared for this experience.
Special Guest Stars: Fabiana Udenio as Adira Tyree | Ed Wasser as Mr. Morden | Marie Marshall as Dodger |
Guest Stars: Penn Jillette as Rebo | Teller as Zooty | Josh Coxx as Lt. David Corwin | Bridget Flanery as Zoe |
Co-Guest Stars: Skip Stellrecht as Customs Officer | Ismail Kanater as Brakiri Salesman | Jonathan Chapman as Brakiri Ambassador | Mary Major as ISN Reporter |
Featuring: Harlan Ellison as Zooty
Director: Doug Lefler
Writer: Neil Gaiman

97 :05x09 - In the Kingdom of the Blind

Somebody is attacking freighters without stealing the cargo. As there is noone to blame, the risk is that various worlds will blame eachother. All members of the interstellar alliance. Londo returns to Centauri, bringing his bodyguard G'Kar with him. The regent is keeping himself secluded, and rumours are that he is unbalanced. Mundane tasks are being treated as highly classified intelligence, and the silence is spreading through the royal court. Back on B5 the telepaths finds out the truth about them having been manufactured by the Vorlons. Byron seeks to find somebody to take responsibity for all this.
Guest Stars: Robin Atkin Downes as Byron | Francis X. McCarthy as Minister Vole | Ian Ogilvy as Lord Jano | Damian London as Regent Milo Virini |
Co-Guest Stars: Victor Love as Telepath |
Featuring: David D. Darling as Drazi
Director: David J. Eagle

98 :05x10 - A Tragedy of Telepaths

Since the telepaths have welded themselves shut in the brown sector - after Sheridan allowed Elizabeth to go ahead and deport them - a siege is effectively in place. The member races of the interstellar council are agitaded - they're blaming eachother for the random attacks that still are going on, and they're not happy about having been scanned by the telepaths. Elizabeth has a solution, that nobody is going to like, and it includes Bester. Londo and G'Kar is still on Centauri - and Londo can't make sense of what is going on. Due to G'Kar's apetite, they find a reason to investigate the south end of the castle. They find a prisoner, Na'Toth, G'Kar's aid, chained in a cell.
Special Guest Stars: Walter Koenig as Alfred Bester |
Guest Stars: Julie Caitlin Brown as Na'Toth | Robin Atkin Downes as Byron | Leigh J. McCloskey as Thomas | Christina Gavin as Telepath | Freddy Andreiuci as Worker | Caroline Ambrose as Lara | Tom Billett as Centauri Guard |
Co-Guest Stars: Kim Strauss as Drazi Ambassador | Jonathan Chapman as Brakiri Ambassador
Director: Tony Dow (2)

99 :05x11 - Phoenix Rising

Squadrons of telepaths from the Psi Corp has arrived to the station, in order to capture the rouges led by Byron. Apart from the group who has welded themselves shut, and on a hungerstrike, there are other rogues lose on the station. They are armed and motivated, and turns the resistance into a bloodied battle. Byron and Bester apparantly has some sort of history together and it ruins any attempts at solving the issue. Garibaldi is unusually quiet - and with Bester on the station, that is not a good sign.
Special Guest Stars: Walter Koenig as Alfred Bester |
Guest Stars: Robin Atkin Downes as Byron | Leigh J. McCloskey as Thomas | Victor Love as Telepath
Director: David J. Eagle

100 :05x12 - The Ragged Edge

The members of the council are boycotting the meetings. They feel that Sheridan and Delenn are failing, as they can't protect the various worlds from the attacks. A possible witness to an attack seems to have gotten away. It would seem he is a smuggler though, and will probably not prove easy to find. Garibaldi is hitting the bottle - first time in years, unknown to the rest. He offers to go to Draasi space to find the witness. G'Kar's book has been, against his will, been published while he was at Centauri, and those that have read it revere him - much to his dismay. He is now a religious icon.
Guest Stars: John Castellanos as Tafiq Azir | Mirron E. Willis as Brannagan |
Featuring: Mark Hendrickson as Narn Acolyte
Director: John Copeland

101 :05x13 - The Corps is Mother, the Corps is Father

We get to follow the inner workings of the Psi Corps. Bester gets to take care of two new young recruits, to show them the ropes. Meanwhile a telepath at the training facility, has become unstable - and are killing other telepaths. Bester needs to hunt down his old student, who was at one point very close to him, and the two new recruits are given a scary crash course in the practice of the Psi Corps. The killer, a mindshredder, takes refuge to Babylon 5 - and Bester must yet again go back to his least favourite place in space. It's of importance that nobody finds out about the inner problems within the Corps.
Special Guest Stars: Walter Koenig as Alfred Bester |
Guest Stars: Drew Wood as Student TEEP | Michael Stanton as Dealer | Michael Max Charles Ciano as Roommate | Jeremy Thomas as Man | Don McMillan as Bartender | Dex Elliot Sanders as Jonathan Harris | Reggie Lee as Chen Hikaru | Mike Genovese as Drake | Brendan Ford as Gordon
Director: Stephen Furst

102 :05x14 - Meditations on the Abyss

Delenn meets with Lennier in secret - she needs to send him on a covert mission. She needs him to patrol the Centauri border and report in any suspicious activity. Nobody knows, not even Sheridan. Lennier will do whatever she asks of him, his devotion to her is as strong as ever. He confess to her, that during the day of the dead Mr Morden appeared to him saying that Lennier would betray the Rangers. On the ship that will take him where he needs to go, Lennier learns a few valuable lessons, as he needs to partake in the education although being on a mission.
Guest Stars: Vince Deadrick, Jr. as Tough Guy | Carl Ciarfalio as Drazi Vendor | Martin East as Findell | Richard Yniguez as Montoya |
Featuring: Mark Hendrickson as Narn Acolyte
Director: Mike Vejar

103 :05x15 - Darkness Ascending

Lise returns to Garibaldi. Hiding his drinking problem to her will prove very difficult. Lennier is finding out more about the attacks - he needs to find solid proof about the Centauri participation. Meanwhile he still participate as if he is one of the trainees on the ship he's stationed at. Londo is starting to wonder why so little interstellar alliance business is being made with them. Lyta is trying to find a way to form a colony for the telepaths. She's approaching business interests in order to try and make a deal. The Psi Corps is holding Earth in too tight a grip though. She needs to find outside interests, and G'Kar comes to mind.
Guest Stars: Edmund L. Shaff as Business Man | Ace Mask as Maitre D' | Denise Gentile as Lise Hampton-Edgars | Richard Yniguez as Montoya
Director: Janet Greek

104 :05x16 - And All My Dreams, Torn Asunder

The alliance are preparing for war. One that may torn the fragile bonds between the races. Now having proof of Centauri involvement in the attacks - they need to fight them. Londo is terrified - not knowing what his government been up to. Londo is told that it is all lies, and his innocence is used to keep up appearance. G'Kar decides to continue to be Londo's bodyguard and goes with him to Centaur, despite the fact that the council is now at odds with Centauri. Vir Kotto finds his new appointment as ambassador a huge and difficult task to keep up with, now that the situation at hand is what it is.
Guest Stars: Kim Strauss as Drazi Ambassador | Vince Deadrick, Jr. as Brakiri |
Co-Guest Stars: Jonathan Chapman as Brakiri Ambassador
Director: Goran Gajic

105 :05x17 - Movements of Fire and Shadow (1)

The Centauri war continues - and it's growing more and more serious. Centauri citizens on the station are murdered by acts of revenge, and the situation is spiraling out of control. The White Stars are now authorised to take on Centauri vessels and Babylon 5 may be caught in the cross-fire. They need to build more ships - and it's going to be a great expense. Delenn needs to go through dangerous territories to start building. Vir Kotto, now tucked away in a non-descript quarter in order to protect him, wishes that the dead Centauri soldiers is returned to them. Londo and G'Kar are sharing a cell back on Centauri, as Londo insisted.
Guest Stars: Josh Coxx as Lt. David Corwin | Tom McGreevey as Minister | Bart McCarthy as Daro | Wayne Alexander as Drakh | Neil Bradley as Dr. Literana Varda | Robin Sachs as Na'Tok | Damian London as Regent Milo Virini

106 :05x18 - The Fall of Centauri Prime (2)

Lyta Alexander found Shadow technology on the Draazi homeworld. Finally it's clear that it's the Draak, the leftover race from when the Shadows left that are doing all this, and they are controlling the Centauri regent. Centauri is left completely vulnerable, without any defense, and the attack on the planet leaves it in ruins. Londo scurries to try and salvage as much as he can of his beloved homeworld, and this includes dealing with the regent. He finds out that it is his turn to accept the dark that was foretold. The Draak wants a new home, and they have selected Centauri. Delenn is floating in space in a wrecked ship, having been attacked on her way to Minbar.
Guest Stars: Wayne Alexander as Drakh | Simon Billig as Ranger | Robin Sachs as Na'Tok | Damian London as Regent Milo Virini
Director: Douglas E. Wise

107 :05x19 - The Wheel of Fire

G'Kar is back on Babylon 5, having left Londo on Centauri who now is emperor. G'Kar is now treated like a star, and it bothers him exceedingly. Garibaldi's friends have decided to talk to him. His lapses and mistakes have finally been so apparant, that his drinking problem is no longer a secret. He needs to straighten out, and is suspended until he succeeds beating it. Elizabeth Lochley turns out to be a surprising support in his process. Lyta is escalating her protests in regards on how the telepaths are treated, and Delenn suddenly falls ill. Things aren't the way it used to be around the station, and all are individually taking a look at their lives and what they want out of their future.0
Guest Stars: Denise Gentile as Lise Hampton-Edgars
Director: Janet Greek

108 :05x20 - Objects in Motion

Garibaldi is leaving for Mars to start a new life with Lise. Franklin's heading for earth to start a new and exciting career. Lyta and G'Kar are to leave and explore space. Londo back on Centaur, not in touch with anybody else. Sheridan and Delenn on their way to Minbar to lead the alliance... Everybody are leaving, turning new pages in their lives. Edgar industries are regarded as a threat, the Mars resistance leader arrives to tell Garibaldi and Lise. Their lives are in danger.
Guest Stars: Walter Williamson as Paretti | Jeffrey James Castillo as Guard | Denise Gentile as Lise Hampton-Edgars | Neil Bradley as Tru'nil

109 :05x21 - Objects at Rest

Sheridan and Delenn are preparing to leave Babylon 5, and set up head quarters on Minbar. It is time for bitter-sweet farewells. With most already gone, the station isn't what it used to be, and new faces replace those that familiar ones once had. Talon arrives to find G'Kar already gone, but receives a message where G'Kar appoints Talon to be his successor. Vir Kotto is holding down Centauri interests. Franklin appoints his successor as he is to leave for earth. Garibaldi is getting used to his new role as head of Edgar Industries back on Mars. He starts by promoting "his" type of people, and is making a name for himself immediately. Lennier returns to watch over Sheridan and Delenn's journey to Minbar.
Guest Stars: Marjorie Monaghan as Number One | Marshall Teague as Ta'Lon | Josh Coxx as Lt. David Corwin | Simon Billig as Ranger | Jennifer Balgobin as Dr. Lilian Hobbs | Mike Manzoni as Employee |
Featuring: Maggie Egan as Jane (ISN Anchor)
Director: John Copeland

110 :05x22 - Sleeping in Light

Twenty years have passed since Z'ha'dum and, as prophesised by Lorien, it is time for Sheridan to die. He does, however, have enough time to tie some loose ends, say his goodbyes to old friends. Ivanova is now general, Vir Cotto is Emperor of the Centauri Republic, Garibaldi is on Mars leading the Edgars Corporation, Franklin is working on Earth - but they all immediately pack their things and head to Minbar after receiving an invitation. They are all still important to each other, and have great impact on each other's lives. A time for remembrance and goodbyes - and the final decommissioning of Babylon 5.
Starring Roles: Claudia Christian as General Susan Ivanova |
Guest Stars: David Wells (1) as Commander William Nils | Romy Rosemont as Publicist | Wayne Alexander as Lorien |
Co-Guest Stars: Sharon Annett as Mary Garibaldi | Kent Minault as Captain of the Guard | Lair Torrent as Ranger | Dan Sachoff as Aide |
Uncredited: J. Michael Straczynski as Maintenance Worker
Warning: Babylon 5 guide may contain spoilers
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Action | Adventure | Drama | Mystery | Sci-Fi
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: Syndicated ( USA)
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: January 26, 1994
Ended: November 25, 1998
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