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Babylon 5: Babylon 5: In the Beginning

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Episode Info
Episode number: 5x0
Airdate: Sunday January 04th, 1998
Special Runtime: 91 Minutes

Special Guest Stars
Michael OMichael O'Hare
As Lt. Commander Jeffrey Sinclair

Guest Stars
Reiner SchöneReiner Schöne
As Dukhat
Theodore BikelTheodore Bikel
As Lenonn

Co-Guest Stars
J. Patrick McCormackJ. Patrick McCormack
As General Lefcourt
Robin Atkin DownesRobin Atkin Downes
As Morann
Robin SachsRobin Sachs
As Coplann
Tricia OTricia O'Neil
As Earth Alliance President
James Patrick StuartJames Patrick Stuart
As Presidential Aide

Ardwight ChamberlainArdwight Chamberlain
voiced Ambassador Kosh / Ambassador Ulkesh
Erica MerErica Mer
As Lyssa Deradi
Jacob ChaseJacob Chase
As Luc Deradi
Jason AzikiweJason Azikiwe
As Captain Roger Stearns
Justin CarrollJustin Carroll
As Comm Officer
Lane DaviesLane Davies
As Callier
Michael S. KennedyMichael S. Kennedy
As General Fontaine
Pancho DemmingsPancho Demmings
As Alpha 7
Steven FordSteven Ford
As First Officer

Claudia ChristianClaudia Christian
As Susan Ivanova
Jeffrey WillerthJeffrey Willerth
As Ambassador Kosh
Main Cast
Bruce BoxleitnerBruce Boxleitner
As Captain/President John Sheridan
Mira FurlanMira Furlan
As Delenn
Richard BiggsRichard Biggs
As Dr. Stephen Franklin
Peter JurasikPeter Jurasik
As Londo Mollari
Episode Notes
Although he listed prominently as a "Special Guest Star" in the opening credits, the proper series' former lead actor Michael O'Hare (Jeffrey Sinclair) only appears in archive footage taken from the Season One episode "And the Sky Full of Stars", first broadcast in March 1994. That episode featured a flashback documenting Sinclair's previously unexplained experiences during the Battle of the Line. Furthermore, while it marks Sinclair's final on screen appearance, it is also his first chronological appearance.

In the Beginning marks the final appearance of Ambassador Kosh (Ardwight Chamberlain / Jeffrey Willerth) in the Babylon 5 franchise. In spite of this, his appearance here takes place earlier in terms of the franchise's internal chronology than all of his previous appearances with the exception of the 1260 based scene which takes place at the end of the Season Three episode "War Without End, Part Two".

Episode Quotes
G'Kar: It is said that the future is always born in pain. The history of war is the history of pain. If we are wise what is born of that pain matures into the promise of a better world. Because we learn that we can no longer afford the mistakes of the past.

Londo: The humans, I think, knew they were doomed. But where another race would surrender to despair, the humans fought back with even greater strength. They made the Minbari fight for every inch of space. In my life, I have never seen anything like it. They would weep, they would pray, they would say goodbye to their loved ones and then throw themselves without fear or hesitation at the very face of death itself. Never surrendering. No one who saw them fighting against the inevitable could help but be moved to tears by their courage…their stubborn nobility. When they ran out of ships, they used guns. When they ran out of guns, they used knives and sticks and bare hands. They were magnificent. I only hope, that when it is my time, I may die with half as much dignity as I saw in their eyes at the end. They did this for two years. They never ran out of courage. But in the end…they ran out of time.

The President of the Earth Alliance: This is…this is the President. I have just been informed that our midrange military bases at Beta Durani and Proxima III have fallen to the Minbari advance. We have lost contact with Io and must conclude that they too have fallen to an advanced force. Our military intelligence believes that the Minbari intend to bypass Mars and hit Earth directly, and the attack may come at any time. We have continued to broadcast our surrender and a plea for mercy, and they have not responded. We can therefore only conclude that we stand at the twilight of the Human race. In order to buy more time for our evacuation transports to leave Earth, we ask for the support of every ship capable of fighting, to take part in a last defence of our homeworld. We will not lie to you. We do not believe that survival is a possibility. We believe that anyone who joins this battle will never come home. But for every ten minutes we can delay the military advance, several hundred more civilians may have a chance to escape to neutral territory. Though Earth may fall, the Human race must have a chance to continue elsewhere. No greater sacrifice has ever been asked of a people, but I ask you now, to step forward one last time. One last battle to hold the line against the night…May God…go with you all.

Other Episode Crew

CreatorJ. Michael Straczynski
Production DesignerJohn Iacovelli
EditorDavid W. Foster  |  Suzanne Sternlight
CastingMary Jo Slater
MusicChristopher Franke
CinematographerJohn C. Flinn III
Conceptual ConsultantHarlan Ellison
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