Season 3, Episode 1 - Recap

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It is a new season of The Bachelor Pad and $250,000 is on the line for one of the 20 contestants. Chris Harrison comes out and says that the most memorable from seasons past are back to compete for the money and hopefully find love in the process. He says that some Bachelor Fans will be able to have a chance to win the money and even hook up as well as this is the first time in 2 seasons that they are doing this.

They showcase some memorable contestants. Chris (25) from Emily’s Season says that it was the worst heart break with him and Emily. He says that he is ready for love. Lindzi (27) from Ben’s Season says that people will do anything for the money. Reid (33) from Jillian’s Season says he should have done things different when he was on the Bachelorette and that he shouldn’t have tried to propose. Ed (32) from Jillian’s Season says that he was cheating on Jillian and says that he is still living the lifestyle as a Bachelor. Blakely (34) from Ben’s Season says that she has grown so much since then. She is a waxer now and says that she wants the money. She says that Jaclyn is her best friend. Jaclyn (27) from Ben’s Season says that she wants to make friends and says that Blakely is actually her “frien-amy’ and wants her to get voted off the first night. Kalon (27) from Emily’s season says that he is a villain for speaking his mind. He says that helicopter fuel is expensive and needs the money.

Chris says that they asked viewers to submit videos and says that some fans get to have their chance to compete for the money and be able to find love on Bachelor Pad. Paige (24) says that she is so excited and hopes that Chris is going to be there and says that she is going to be star-stricken for sure. Chris “Swat” (28) says that he is a SWAT team member and says that he loves to watch the Bachelor and Bachelorette when he is off work and relaxing. Donna (22) says that she is made for this and loves wearing a bikini. She says that Michael is her crush and she can’t wait to meet him. David (28) says that he is going to love to win this and says that he is very competitive. Brittany and Erica (22) who are twins, say that they come as a package deal and will be playing the game as one person. They are excited to have the chance to be on Bachelor Pad and want to have fun and hook up while they are there.

The first limo comes up and Chris comes out. He says that he is excited to be there. He says that he is mostly looking forward to meeting Lindzi. The next limo pulls up and it is Lindzi. She says that Chris is super cute. Ed comes out and Chris asks him if it feels weird. He says that he is looking forward to being there. He goes in the house and Lindzi laughs at Ed’s close. Nick (27) from Ashley’s Season comes in and introduces himself. Rachel (27) from Ben’s Season comes in and gets welcomed. Sarah (28) from Brad’s 1st Season come in and says that she is excited. Ryan (32) from DeAnna’s Season comes in and says that he is a 32-year-old virgin. Reid comes in and Ed welcomes him. Ed mocks Reid from his attempted proposal. Jaclyn comes in and is welcomed by Rachel and Lindzi. She doesn’t recognize Ryan. Jaclyn tells Rachel that Blakeley is going to be there. Tony (31) from Emily’s Season comes in. Blakeley comes up and is welcomed. When she gets into the house, Jaclyn says that they should be fake and pretend to keep her around for a little. She comes up to them and they pretend. She says that it is too early for Jaclyn to be mean and has $250,000 in mind.

Jamie (25) from Ben’s Season and Chris can’t wait to see who is going to come up next. Michael (28) from Jillian’s Season comes up and is welcomed by Chris. He says that he won the money last season and is back for the love. Sarah asks what he is doing now and she shows interest. Erica R. (30) from Lorenzo’s Season is back as well. She wants a more positive time. She says that she hopes that Kalon is not there because she went to the tabloids about him. Kalon (27) from Emily’s season comes up and introduces himself. They meet up and he sarcastically says thank you for the bad publicity she gave him. She tells him that she hopes that everything is better between them. Donna comes up and is star-stricken with Chris and says that this is crazy. She says that she has a crush on Michael. She says that this is going to be weird. She says that if she could win the money and be with Michael it would be great. Chris “SWAT” comes up and takes Chris’ picture. Paige comes up and says that this is so cool. She comes in and says that she is so excited. Erica says that she doesn’t see any competition. David comes in and says that this is great. Brittany and Erica come up and go inside the house and Sarah doesn’t believe that there are twins.

They do shots and start to get to know one another. Ed takes off his pants and jumps in the pool. Donna joins him. They Michael says that it is like Bachelor Pad meets Dr. Seuss. Chris Harrison comes in and welcomes all the 18 contestants. He says that each week, there will be a competition. If they win, they get a rose and get to take a contestant on dates. He says that Brittany & Erica will be playing as one. Ed leaves and jumps in the pool. Chris gets him and tells them that the first challenge is tomorrow and that they are going to have to partner up. The contestants start to scatter and the game changes. Reid partners up with Paige because it works. Erica R. picks Nick to be her partner. Blakeley picks Chris and he says that he needs to make sure that the other girls are not going to be mad. Chris says that Blakeley is a little scary. Donna and Kalon partner up. Jaclyn has to talk to drunken Ed and tells him that he is her partner. She is clearly not happy about this match-up at all.

The next morning, Ed is hung-over and Jaclyn says that she is scared. The others partner up and Erica says that if the fans are eliminated, it would be great. Chris has the contestants come out and they have their first competition. He says that two roses are on the line and will win a one-on-one date. They have to stay in a heart with one another while it is being tipped. The contestants go up and on the first tilt, no one falls. However, on the second tilt, Erica and Nick fall out. The next tilts happen and Chris & Blakely, Michael & Sarah and Jaclyn & Ed fall. The next tilt Chris “Swat” & Rachel and Kalon & Donna drop. The final four are Ryan & Jamie, Lindzi & Tony, Brittany & David and Reid & Paige are the last two in the hearts and Brittany & David win the challenge. Erica joins them and Jaclyn is not happy that a fan won the first challenge.

David, Brittany and Erica go out and David is excited that he has the dream scenario. They go to the Boardwalk and have fun and David says that this reminds him of everything on the Bachelor and Bachelorette. He says that it is like having six dates all in one from the shows. They decide to go skinny dipping like Ben and Courtney did. Back at the mansion, Blakeley says that Chris has to be trusting. Jamie pulls Chris to the side and asks him to hang out. Chris says that Jamie is really attractive and they kiss. They are interrupted by Blakely and Jaclyn. Chris says that they were “talking” and Blakeley says that Jamie is not a sweet as she portrayed herself on Ben’s season. Chris says that he didn’t do anything wrong. Blakely says that she feels hurt and that the money might not be worth it.

The next day, Chris tells the guys about the drama with Blakely and they laugh about it. David says that he is going to take out Erica and Nick since they have a vote against them already. However, he tells Erica this right to her face. The other veterans of the show take this as the fans are trying to take them out and feel that it is going to backfire on David. Erica comes up and starts to pretend cry and goes up to Michael and Kalon and says that David is trying to kick her out. They say that they have Erica’s back and for her not to worry. Erica goes up to David and tells him that he is an ugly loser and that his plan is not going to get her eliminated. She says that it is not a smart move and tells him that she will take him out. They continue to talk about what is going to happen.

Later that night, Michael says that this is great and that there is going to be so many issues. Chris Harrison comes up and tells them that they are going to vote out one girl and one guy. They start to scramble and Chris “SWAT” finds that his name is in the mix and so is Paige’s. They both scramble around to try to talk to people and persuade them not to vote for them. Reid tells Paige that he will do everything he can to make sure that the guys vote out Erica and not her. She says that she wants to stay and not go home the first night. Reid says that he will protect her. They go through the list of guys and realize that they are forgetting one person. The vote lies on Chris, who clearly has the votes against him to try to take out one of the veterans of the show.

The votes have been made and Ryan says that everyone is full of tension. Chris “SWAT” feels that he is going home because of David’s big mouth. There are 16 roses to be handed out. The first rose goes to Lindzi. The next rose goes to Chris. The third rose goes to Sarah. The next rose goes to Ed. The fifth rose goes to Rachel. The next rose goes to Reid. The seventh rose goes to Jaclyn. The next rose goes to Michael. The ninth rose goes to Jamie. The next rose goes to Kalon. The eleventh rose goes to Blakeley. The next rose goes to Ryan. The thirteenth rose goes to Donna. The next rose goes to Tony. With two roses left, the fifteenth rose goes to Nick and the last rose goes to Erica. This means that Chris “SWAT” and Paige, two of the fans, are going home. The episode ends.