Season 3, Episode 2 - Recap

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With Chris “SWAT” and Paige gone from the Bachelor Pad, Chris (25) Lindzi (27) Reid (33), Ed (32), Blakeley (34), Jaclyn (27), Kalon (27), Donna (22), David (28) Brittany & Erica (22), Nick (27), Rachel (27), Sarah (28), Ryan (32), Tony (31), Jamie (25), Michael (28) and Erica R (30) remain in the competition. The contestants get back from the rose ceremony. Erica says that David is going to have to dig himself out of a hole. The Twins argue and Blakeley says that it is like watching Jerry Springer. They make up and hug. Jaclyn says that the Twins are stupid and should leave.

The next day, Chris tells everyone that everything can change quickly. Today there are two roses to be given out in the next competition. Chris says that he is there to win and even though there is a thing with him and Jamie, he has to make Blakeley happy. They go outside and see gymnasts. They are kind of intimidated and Chris says that they are going to have to do rhythmic gymnastics. The men and women are going to perform as a group. They meet with their choreographer and she has the guys sit on their toes and makes them learn some moves. They are not getting it. The women meanwhile are struggling with the ribbon dancing. Erica is really bad at it and is scared that she is going to be out. Donna has a leg up and Blakeley is good too. The guys try the ribbon dancing and David is determined to be the best.

After the groups learn the routines, they have to get into outfits. The men meanwhile realize that they have to as well. Reid is pretty sure that he is going to be last. They go outside and the ladies come out first. The guys come out next and the ladies are impressed. The judges are Ashley & J.P and Tasha Schwikert, Olympic Gold Medalist. Erica doesn’t like it at all. The ladies are up first. Donna says that she needs to win this today. Everyone realizes that Erica is the worst. The guys come up and Michael and David are showing great skills. They are stunningly better than the girls. The judges take a moment to decide. Chris says that he wants to go on a date with a lot of the women. The girls are told that the worst is Erica Rose. The men are told that the worst is Ed. The winner on the girl’s team is Blakeley. The guys are told that Michael is the winner. Chris is not happy that he has to be nice to Blakely.

Sarah asks Donna if she wants to go on a date and she admits her crush. Erica is feeling anxiety and she goes up to Michael and tells him that she doesn’t want to sound weak and he says that Michael has her back. He says that he wants to see if there is a girl in the house. Lindzi, Rachel and Donna get the date card with Michael. Erica tells Sarah that she is pissed and says that Donna shouldn’t get the rose. Donna says that she is going to try her hardest to get Michael to like her. They go to a theater and a band playing. Donna dances with Michael and is the happiest she has ever been. Rachel dances with Michael and Michael says that dancing with Rachel is romantic. She kisses him. Donna is clearly upset. At the mansion, they celebrate Jamie’s birthday. Ryan decorates her bed. Blakeley is not happy with Jamie. Ryan pulls her away and he says that Chris is staying with Blakeley. She realizes that she has to talk to Chris.

Back on the date, Michael talks the girls. He doesn’t really talk with Rachel and kisses her. He sits down with Donna and she shows him that he drew a picture of him. He kisses her and she says that this is so happy. Back at the mansion, Jamie talks to Chris and he says that Blakeley wants to be more romantic, but Chris doesn’t, but he has to be smart and keep Blakeley, but also keep Jamie close. He says that he can manipulate Jamie to do what he needs. The date is over and Michael gives the rose to Rachel. Donna is hurt and sighs. Chris goes up to Blakeley and Ed and she asks Chris about their partnership. He says that it is smart to be partners with her. He gets into bed with her and kisses her. Jamie goes into find Chris and Blakeley kissing. She gets into bed hurt.

The next day, Chris says that kissing Blakeley was interested and Blakeley says that he is thinking of bringing David on the date. He says that it is a bad idea. The card comes and Blakeley says that Chris, Ed and David. Blakeley says that it is not just up to Chris who stays and goes. They go up to 2 kids coming down a hill. It is a soapbox derby challenge. They get to decorate their car. Chris decorates it with 250 K written. Ed is unique and David decorates his with a rose. Back at the mansion, Erica says that there is a possibility that David and Blakeley will hit is off. She says that David is a big threat. On the date, Chris is confident that he is going to win. David wants to win. Ed wins the race. They toast and David says that he is not intimidated by Ed.

Later that night on the date, the rose is sitting on the table. Chris says that he doesn’t know why David is there and says that he is strategic. David and Blakeley seem to hit it off and David says that he needs Blakeley and that he will do what she says. She says that she will think about it. Ed asks if Chris if he is into Blakeley and he admits that he is not. Chris and Blakeley sit down and Chris says that he could be with her all the time. He lies to her and laughs. Blakeley doesn’t like the laughter. Blakeley gives the rose to Chris. David is bummed out and fears that he is going to go home.

They get back from the date and they start to party. Everyone is frisky and Lindzi is confused with Blakeley’s strategy. Ed is drunk and Jaclyn says that she likes Ed. Sarah realizes that she is not hooking up and takes off her top and hangs out with Ed. They go to the bedroom and get “busy”. Ed and her make a lot of noise. The Twins try to talk to Tony and Nick. The Twins start to argue and they insult each other. Tony says that something is going to happen. Later, the Twins are arguing and the others hear. They tell them to go to bed and not be dramatic about it. One of the twins, Britney wants to go home. The next day, the twins are still arguing. Jaclyn is not happy about the twins arguing and they are not agreeing on staying. Kalon and Lindzi watch the fight and laugh. It ends with the Twins leaving.

Later, the contestants wake up and realize that the twins left. Erica tells David the news and he is pretty shocked and worried about what is going to happen tonight. Later, Chris comes out and says that there is another rose ceremony and tells the ladies that they are all safe tonight. One of the guys is going to be voted out tonight. Kalon says that the girls should shake things up and vote out Ryan. He talks to Lindzi and tells her to tell the others that David is not a threat. She listens and starts to toss Ryan’s name out there. Everyone goes along with the plan it seems. However, Reid says that Ed and Chris are trying to run the game and says that they should vote him out. Sarah admits to Ed that she voted for him. This makes Ed nervous about the whole competition.

The contestants go into the Rose Ceremony and Reid is confident that they are going to vote off Ed. Chris comes out and tells Blakeley that she gets to hand out the roses tonight. The first rose goes to Kalon. The next rose goes to Reid. The third rose goes to Nick. The next rose goes to Tony. The fifth rose goes to David. The last rose goes to Ed. This means that Ryan is out of the competition. The episode ends.