Season 3, Episode 3 - Recap

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With Brittany & Erica and Ryan out of the competition, Chris (25) Lindzi (27) Reid (33), Ed (32), Blakeley (34), Jaclyn (27), Kalon (27), Donna (22), David (28), Nick (27), Rachel (27), Sarah (28), Tony (31), Jamie (25), Michael (28) and Erica R (30) are still in it to win the $250,000. The roommates get back and Reid is afraid that his plan will get back to him. Sarah is mad at herself that she was a mean person. Reid talks to Donna and tells her that it was his idea to try to get rid of Ed. Meanwhile outside, Ed tells Jaclyn that he should go home, but she tells him that it is ridiculous and Ed says that he wasn’t expecting that the game was going to be like this. They realize that they have to refocus the priorities.

The next day, Chris talks to the 16 remaining contestants. Chris tells them that they are going to travel to their next competition. They arrive at an obstacle course. They all partner up and they are going to have to make it through and be covered with ingredients of a nice hot fudge Sundae. They have to be partnered up with someone new. The race begins and it is Jamie who manages to get out of the course first followed closely by the others. Jaclyn is in last place so far. The game continues and the men are tagged after the women have gone through. With a big lead, it is Michael and David who power through and are forced to have the producers look back at the video. The race continues and Ed, who was teamed up with Jamie, cannot make it over the hot fudge wall. Chris comes up behind and manages to not get in last place. The results show that David is the winner along with Rachel. Ed and Jamie are last and have a vote against them going into the rose ceremony.

The roommates get back and David has his three girls who he is taking out. He chooses Blakeley, Erica and Jamie. They get to their date and it is set up like a Prom. They get into nice outfits and Erica asks if David would be a boob guy or a butt guy. David says that he is pumped up for tonight. The girls get ready and Blakeley tells Jamie that they shouldn’t be like they are in high school and tells her that the need to have a fun time. At the mansion, the roommates are having fun and Reid plays the good guy to try to get on Ed’s side. He tells him that Ed was being naïve and that he has nothing to worry about.

Back on the date, David gets pictures with the girls and they have fun. He dips Jamie and kisses her on the lips. Katie Armiger is there singing for them and the other girls see the kiss. Blakeley doesn’t like that. Back at the mansion, the other contestants are having fun drinking and having a fun time. Ed takes Jaclyn with him to bed and they hook up. On the date, David takes Jamie to the side and she tells him that she had a rough time in her life and Blakeley and Erica talk. She tells Blakeley that Jamie is going to do anything to get the rose. Blakeley gets up and tells David that he has an alliance to stick to and not to give the rose to Jamie. However, he says that he told Jamie that she was going to get the rose. David eventually gives the rose to Jamie. They enjoy a dance and in the limo back, Erica says that David and Jamie really look like they are in love.

Rachel has her picks for her date and she picks Michael, Tony and Nick. They go on their date and it is a wax museum. They go to an exhibit called “The Bachelor Experience”. They see a wax statue of Chris Harrison. However, he turns and say hello and scares them. Chris says that they have the greatest fans and they are going to become wax exhibits and watch the fans. They get into the makeup room. At the mansion, Blakeley talks to Chris and he says that she is fine. Jamie tries to go up to Chris and “get busy”, but he tells her that it is not tonight. She feels rejected and goes to bed.

Back on the date, Rachel, Tony, Michael and Nick are getting makeup and latex on to pretend to be wax statues. One right after another, they scare fans as they come in and think that they are not real. One of the fans tells Christ that she thought that Tony was a little pathetic. Tony tries everything to hold back. Michael is in proposal stance and makes the fan jump when he asks her to marry him. Rachel says that should be her. Afterward, Rachel has the rose to give to one of the guys and she gives it to Michael. Tony and Nick get in the limo and Tony feels that he should have gotten the rose tonight because he is doing this for his son. Rachel and Michael enjoy their time together and she tells him that she doesn’t want to get her heart broken again. He reassures her that he is not going anywhere without her.

The next day, the girls talk with Reid and he feels that they have enough people where they can get rid of Ed now. He tells the girls that voted last time and they are all in for it too. Sarah goes over to Ed and tells him that they are thinking of voting him off again. She tells him that Reid is behind all of this. Ed feels betrayed because he had thought that Reid was a friend of his. He talks to Reid in the Jacuzzi and tells him to not be dishonest with him. Reid tries to back out of the conversation and avoids admitting that he was the one who set up the entire thing. Inside, the roommates talk and they all agree that if they don’t have a rose, it is elimination time. Chris comes out and says that elimination is going to happen to 2 individuals.

The contestants all start to scramble and Donna is told that her name is on the chopping block. Other contestants tell her that they will do anything to make sure that she is going to stay. Blakeley gets worried and Tony and Michel tell her that they are going to vote off Donna. The roommates talk to Donna and Nick kisses her. Kalon says that he is the swing vote and that he loves watching peoples’ dreams crash. Jaclyn goes up to Reid and he says that Ed is going to go home and that they should team up. She is disgusted and says that she can’t deal with that. She goes up to Ed and tells him what Reid told her. He is not happy and doesn’t like that Reid has animosity against him. Ed sits down and talks to Reid. He admits that this is a game and that he is going to do anything he can to stay in the game. Sarah has the swing vote when it comes to Ed and she is not sure if she should stick with Reid or not.

The rose ceremony begins and the contestants line up to hear the results of the voting. They are not too sure what is going to happen and all are quite scared. The first rose goes to Erica. The next rose goes to Kalon. The third rose goes to Lindzi. The next rose goes to Chris. The fifth rose goes to Sarah. The next rose goes to Tony. The seventh rose goes to Jaclyn. The next rose goes to Nick. The ninth rose goes to Blakeley. The last rose goes to Ed. This means that Donna and Reid are going home. They get in their limos and Reid says that he is shocked and can’t believe that Ed beat him not only on the Bachelorette, but also on the Bachelor Pad. Donna is sad to go home, but is happy she made it so far. The episode ends.