Season 3, Episode 4 - Recap

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With Donna and Reid out of the running for the $250,000, it is down to Chris (25) Lindzi (27), Ed (32), Blakeley (34), Jaclyn (27), Kalon (27), David (28), Nick (27), Rachel (27), Sarah (28), Tony (31), Jamie (25), Michael (28) and Erica R (30). The roommates go back and David is shocked that Donna went home and Ed says that he is relieved. Jaclyn says that tonight is the most pivotal move. Jamie talks with David and he says that he is not going to give up. Jamie says that she doesn’t have a partner and David is determined to get every challenge won. Chris Harrison comes in and tells the roommates that they have some work to do still. They are going to have to take surveys. They don’t like where this is going.

The next day they go to the challenge. It is a Gameshow Mashup. Two categories are Love & Romane and Who Said That. They are going to have to try to get the best scores. The ladies are up first. Sarah is confident. Jacylyn and Sarah get the first points. Blakeley is upset that Chris is cheering for Sarah. At the end of Round One, Sarah is in first place and Jaclyn is next. However after the next round, Jaclyn pulls ahead and wins the rose for the girls. The guys get to know a little bit about what guy said what about them. The guys come up and answer the questions. The girls get to know what other girls said about them including Jamie’s comment about Jaclyn’s “easiness” with men. The winner is Ed. David & Rachel both have a vote counted against them.

Jamie goes up to Michael and says that he has no one she can trust and she has to hone in on him. Michael says that Jamie is gaming a little too late. He hugs her. Kalon says that he has no problem to hear Jamie. Chris sees this and doesn’t want to deal with it. Blakeley says that she felt betrayed as Chris’ partner. Jaclyn has her one-on-one date. She decides to pick Ed. Sarah is upset because she had planned to get some alone time with Ed. Jaclyn and Ed get to their date and they are at Dodger Stadium. They have fun singing and playing in their own Dodgers hat and shirt. At the mansion, Sarah and Erica talk and Erica says that since Jaclyn hooked up with Ed, she has been clingy. They don’t like that she has bonded with Ed.

Back on the date, Jaclyn and Ed get to a dinner and they find a rose. Jaclyn is going to have to pick a guy in the house to give the rose to so that he can take someone on a date with. They start to decide who would be the best choice. Ed says that Chris should be a good pick, but Jaclyn says that Kalon would be. At the mansion, Jamie tries to get Chris into bed with her and she manages to do it. On the date, Ed and Jaclyn are on the Kiss Cam and kiss. Fireworks go off and they are enjoying their time together. In the mansion, Chris and Jamie are in the bed. She asks if he likes her and he says that he does. However, he hides any real feelings.

The next morning, Jamie tells Rachel that Chris and she spent the night cuddling. Rachel tells her to be careful. Ed and Jaclyn come up to the roommates and say that they have chosen Chris to get Ed’s date. Chris flips the script and chooses Sarah to go with him. Blakeley is shocked and especially Jamie. Blakeley pulls Chris to the side and he tells her that he can’t promise her that everything is alright between them, but says that he has her back. Jamie talks to Chris and he says that he wants to have fun tonight and that he still likes her over Blakeley. Jamie says that Chris is doing this to protect her and says that it is a good feeling.

Chris and Sarah go on their date and Sarah says that Chris is creating a love triangle. They laugh until they come to a parking garage and are sitting there. Suddenly the car drives really fast and they are in the middle of an action scene. They get out and meet Steven Hou, a stunt coordinator. They are going to choreograph a fight and Sarah shows her skills and accidentally kicks Chris in the face. He says that he is alright. They stare into each other’s eyes and she tells him hat she wants to kiss him. They get into costume and film their movie. They have a lot of fun with it. At the mansion, Chris Harrison comes in with a rose. He says that Ed has a rose to give to a girl. Blakeley says that she needs that rose.

At dinner, Chris tells Sarah that she would get a rose if he had one to give her and says that he had a fun time with her. Sarah makes a rose out of a strawberry and they kiss. At the mansion, Ed decides to give the rose to Rachel and Jaclyn says that Rachel deserved the rose. Blakeley feels that she is on the chopping block. At the hotel, Sarah and Chris get intimate. Back at the mansion, Jamie goes up to Blakeley and says that she and Chris are an item and that she didn’t owe it to Blakeley to tell her. She tells Blakeley that she didn’t know that Chris and her were together. Blakeley says that she doesn’t need him. Back at the hotel, Sarah says that they need to get a hotel room. Chris agrees. Jamie is confident that Chris will come back and be with her, but at that moment, Chris puts a “Do Not Disturb” sign on the door.

Chris and Sarah get back in the morning and everyone knows that they hooked up. Jamie feels betrayed. Chris Harrison comes out and says that there is a rose ceremony coming up and that they have to decide which two are going up. David has a vote against him already. He rushes around to the girls and Jaclyn tells him that Nick would be her other choice. He starts to try to get the girls to go after Nick. However, Nick catches wind of this and tells Jamie that he will vote Blakeley out if she saves him. She says that she will. However, she tells David that he is not going to get her vote and that Nick is going to go home. She puts Nick’s picture in the box. Meanwhile, Chris wants Blakeley gone and starts to spread it around that Blakeley needs to go home.

However, the alliance doesn’t agree with Chris and feel that he is playing on his emotions rather then strategy. Chris is confident that people are going to vote for Blakeley and feels that Kalon has his back. However, he doesn’t as he casts his vote for Jamie. The voting concludes and the remaining people line up. The first rose goes to Sarah. The next rose goes to Kalon. The third rose goes to Lindzi. The next rose goes to Michael. The fifth rose goes to Erica. The next rose goes to Tony. The seventh rose goes to Nick. The final rose goes to Blakeley. This means that Jamie and David are going home. Chris realizes that his alliance lied to him. David is in the limo grateful to have had the chance. Jamie feels that she was played and doesn’t like it. The episode ends.