Season 3, Episode 5 - Recap

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With David and Jamie out of the quest for $250,000 and potential love, it is down to Chris (25) Lindzi (27), Ed (32), Blakeley (34), Jaclyn (27), Kalon (27), Nick (27), Rachel (27), Sarah (28), Tony (31), Michael (28) or Erica R (30) to seize up victory and become the winner of this season. The contestants get back to the house and Blakeley says that she feels great that her alliance has her back. She is done with being partners with Chris and is partnering up with Tony. Chris feels betrayed that people can’t be trusted. Chris says that he felt that Blakeley had him under a spell. Chris and Sarah talk and Chris feels that he is going home next week. She tells him that they have to do something about that. Michael says that he is avoiding Chris at all costs.

In the bedroom, Chris talks to Kalon and tells him that he is a liar. Kalon tells Chris that he is the loose cannon and tells him what he wants to hear. Chris feels betrayed even more and Chris goes out to talk to Ed about lying too. Ed says that he was influenced by his partner and says that he has to respect that. Chris says that he doesn’t have to yell at him and Chris reminds Ed that he is there because he told others to keep Ed around. This upsets Ed and he leaves smashing a glass along the way. The next day, Chris doesn’t like that he is out of the alliance and Jaclyn says that Chris messed with the alliance and has to pay for it.

The contestants get to the challenge and Lindzi is confused to what they have to do. Chris Harrison comes out and says that there are two roses up for grabs and says that they are going to have to balance teacups on a tray. There is no penalty for the losing couple and that no extra point is against anyone. The ladies get their trays and start to stack the cups. Blakeley is happy because she worked at Hooters for a while and is experienced in this. After a long while and constant crashes of teacups, the winner of the challenge is Blakeley after Sarah gets disqualified from touching the cup. The guys are up and Chris gets progress rather quickly. However, Blakeley constantly is there coaching Tony along the way and he eventually wins the challenge. Chris is upset that this happened. After the challenge, Blakeley tells Chris Harrison that she is going to take Tony on the date and chooses the overnight date rather then the romantic date. She gives the rose to Kalon.

Kalon gets the date card and he chooses Lindzi. He has two gifts in his hands. They open the boxes and it is jewelry and car keys to a Bentley. Blakeley is jealous, but smiles. Kalon and Lindzi go down the road in the Bentley and pull up on a bridge. They find that it is closed off and that they have a romantic dinner for them overlooking the skyline. Kalon tells Lindzi that he is happy with her and that for the first time on a show like this, he is actually falling in love with a girl on it. Lindzi smiles and kisses him. At the mansion, Chris talks to Sarah and says that they are going to have to make a power play and that he doesn’t want to go home. Back on the date, Kalon and Lindzi are kissing on the Bentley. Chris contemplates and gets in his head to send Lindzi home.

The next day, Tony and Blakeley have their overnight date to go to and Tony says that Blakeley is the hottest girl in the house and hopes that there is connection with her. They get their date card and they have keys to an unknown vehicle and a map. They go out to the patio and see that it is a Jeep. They get in and go to their date. Erica says that this is just up Blakeley’s isle because she is trashy. Kalon says that Blakeley is like a praying mantis. Tony thinks that this is a romantic date and they pull up to their overnight date and find a trailer and a picnic table. At the mansion, Chris talks to Ed and says that he is sorry and that both of them can be friends again. Ed says that he is sorry and says that they both need to check the egos. He says that they have to make sure that they vote for Lindzi. They both agree that Kalon is trouble.

Back on the date, Blakeley and Tony are cooking and Blakeley says that she doesn’t like to be hurt or move too fast. He says that he is the perfect guy for her. At the mansion, Michael takes Rachael off and shows her that he created a date for them. They kiss. On the date, Tony turns on music from the car and they start dancing. Blakeley says that Tony is great and says that she got more then she bargained for. He leans her over and kisses her. Blakeley says that she never thought that she could fall for Tony before the date. At the mansion, couples Michael & Rachel, Chris & Sarah and Ed & Jaclyn show their affection. The date ends on a “happy” note.

The next day, they get back and everyone wants to know how the date was. Sarah asks if they made “woopie” and they all laugh. Chris goes off to talk to Tony about who the right person is to give the rose to. Tony agrees that Sarah is good to keep around. Tony talks to Blakeley and tells her that Chris wants Lindzi off. Blakeley says that they already talked about this. Tony later comes out with the rose and just as he is about to announce, Chris asks to talk to him. Blakeley says that Tony better give the rose to who they talked about. Jaclyn gets the rose. Chris Harrison comes out and says that everyone seems to almost have a partner now. Ed says that he is not there for a relationship and Jaclyn is clearly hurt. Chris Harrison says that they are going to shake things up and says that everyone is going to vote for a girl and that one girl is going to take a guy with her.

The scrambling begins as the contestants are not too sure what is going on. Chris sees this as his advantage and needs to find out which girl is going to not take him out. Tony and he feel that they are not voting Lindzi anymore. Michael says that Erica is the best choice and wants to make sure that Chris is blamed for setting it up. Chris and Sarah talk and she really hopes that Erica will take Michael home with her. They are happy that their plan might keep them. Ed and Jaclyn talk and he apologizes to her for what he said. However, Jaclyn can tell that there is nothing between them. Erica talks to Michael and says that everyone seems to be voting for Lindzi. Erica talks to Jaclyn and she is told that Chris is voting for her. She goes to Chris and he says that he doesn’t want to vote for her. They think that their plan is working until Chris takes Erica with him and shows her that he is voting for Lindzi. Erica now feels that Micahel was lying to her.

The rose ceremony begins and Chris Harrison says that they are going to reveal the 3 girls who are going to get the rose. The first rose goes to Sarah. The next rose goes to Rachel. The final rose goes to Lindsay. This means that Erica is going home. She steps forward and says that she is going to take out Michael. Rachel doesn’t like this and tells Michael that she doesn’t want to stay without him. He tells her to stay and fight until the end. Erica continues to cut down Michael and tells him that Holly did the best thing in dumping him and marrying the other guy. Michael tells her that he is taking this too far and that everyone is seeing her true colors. They leave and Erica is happy that she took out a leader. The episode ends.