Season 3, Episode 6 - Recap

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With Michael and Erica R out of the running, it is up to Chris (25) Lindzi (27), Ed (32), Blakeley (34), Jaclyn (27), Kalon (27), Nick (27), Rachel (27), Sarah (28) and Tony (31) to get the prize. The roommates get back to the mansion and Rachel is distraught. Jaclyn feels bad for Rachel and tells her that this is a dirty game. Chris Harrison comes in and tells them that from now on, they are going to be competing as a couple from now on. They talk and they feel that the only couple that isn’t strong is Rachel & Nick and that they are going to be going against elimination. Everyone is upset that Chris & Sarah are still around.

The next day, the couples wake up and they get into a School Bus. They are taken to an auditorium and there they find out that they are going to have to spell. They get into their partnerships and as a couple are going to have to spell the word per letter while alternating letters. Round One is easy and they all get it right. In Round Two, Blake & Tony and Kalon & Lindzi and Rachel & Nick get voted out of the challenge. After Round 9 they are down to Jaclyn & Ed and Chris & Sarah. After spelling many words and getting them wrong, eventually Sarah and Chris get the roses. They are happy, but everyone is upset because they runed the plan. Chris Harrison says that Chris and Sarah are going on their overnight date now. Ed and Jaclyn get a overnight date as well for getting second place.

Sarah and Chris land in their plane and get on a train. They ride on it and Sarah says that this is an amazing time. Chris says that things happen for a reason. They get to a lake and jump in. Chris says that there is a little part still hanging on and is holding back with Sarah. He says that he doesn’t think about Emily when he is with Sarah. Back at the Mansion, Rachel says that she is done with this and Jaclyn tells Blakeley and Tony that Rachel and Nick are the perfect targets. Rachel and Nick sit down and Nick says that they need to fight. Rachel says that it isn’t worth the money.

Back on Chris and Sarah’s date, they get to dinner in a barn and Sarah says that this is so great and says that she needs to know what Chris is thinking about their relationship. Chris says that when he was sent home, it was heartbreaking. Chris says that he is happy that Sarah is helping him work out his feelings. He says that she came un-expectantly and is happy. Sarah says that this is an amazing time and they feel they are making history. Back at the mansion, Jaclyn tells Rachel that she deserves this and Jaclyn wants Rachel to be there. Jaclyn says that Lindzi & Kalon are the target that they need to go after. Chris and Sarah finish their date and Sarah says that they have something real. They kiss and close the barn.

The next day, Jaclyn and Ed get to go on their date and Jaclyn says that she is going to be excited despite not knowing where she and Ed are in their relationship. Sarah says that she feels bad for her. Ed and Jaclyn get on a plane and are taken around the many islands. Jaclyn says that she is scared to fall in love and scared of rejection. They land and have a seat in the grass. Ed says that he was a little mean with her and he says that he has been pursuing someone back home for a while. He says that they broke up, but he still has feelings for her. Jaclyn doesn’t feel happy about that. She says that she feels that she is the girl that always gets screwed over. At the Mansion, Blakeley and Tony walk around and Tony says that he is falling for her. He has a place set for her and they have a mini-date. Blakeley says that there is a connection there.

Ed and Jaclyn get to a restaurant and Jaclyn feels that Ed has something for her and she feels conflicted. Jaclyn brings up their situation again and Ed asks her what being a “couple” means. He says that this is like a Facebook Status for her. Jaclyn says that she doesn’t need to have that, but wants to know that they are a couple in the Bachelor Pad. Ed says that he wants to be close to Jaclyn and says that she feels comforting and says that she is amazing. He says that he enjoys her. However, Jaclyn doesn’t like that he doesn’t want to keep the relationship. Jaclyn goes with him and says that she is going to keep going with the flow. They go upstairs to their room.

The next day, Ed and Jaclyn come in with roses and they have to give out the roses to a couple besides them. Immidiately, the couples without roses swarm them and tell them that they have been loyal. Eventually, they decide to give the rose to Blakeley & Tony. Chris Harrison comes out and says that they are going to vote as a couple. They start to scramble and Rachel feels that she is set with her alliance with Blakely and Jaclyn and that they have nothing to fear. They go in and vote for Kalon & Lindzi. Other contestants feel that Nick & Rachel are not a real couple and that they should go. Kalon tries to work his charm on Tony and Blakeley to not vote for him.

Nick goes up to Tony afterward and starts to panic when Blakeley and Tony say that they are still undecided what they are going to be doing next. Rachel feels that Nick is sabotaging things and needs to talk to Michael. She does and he comforts her. They go into the rose ceremony and Chris Harrison says that the couple that doesn’t get a rose is going to go home. The first rose goes to Ed & Jaclyn. The last rose goes to Rachel & Nick. This means that Kalon & Lindzi are going home. They get into separate limos, but Kalon gets into Lindzi’s limo. He tells her that he loves her. They kiss and the episode ends.