Season 3, Episode 7 - Recap

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With Kalon & Lindzi out of the running, it is down to Chris (25), Ed (32), Blakeley (34), Jaclyn (27), Nick (27), Rachel (27), Sarah (28) and Tony (31) left. The Final Four couples celebrate that they are there. Chris says that this is a special time. Chris says that he and Sara is the only real couple left. The next morning, Blakeley and Tony say that they have to win the next challenge. Chris Harrison comes in and says that they are not getting a rose to save them, but will have a lot of power. The couples get their things together and Nick says that they can’t give up on this.

They go outside to find a trapeze contraption. They are going to have to choose one person to suspend over the pool while the other answers trivia. Once three wrong answers are given, the person on platform will have to hold on until the last person hanging. The winner will get to choose which couple goes home immediately. The challenge begins and Tony goes out first. Rachel falls next. It is up to Ed & Jaclyn and Chris & Sarah. The winners of the challenge are eventually Chris & Sarah.

They get back to the mansion and Chris & Sarah sit down and talk about the Pros and Cons of the couple staying and going. They are not too sure who are going to go home because all of the couples have played a good game. They get to the decision and tell all of them that none of them were on Chris or Sarah’s side. They eventually choose Blakeley and Tony to go home. In the limo ride out, Tony tells Blakeley not to think that it was her fault and that he is happy that he was able to find some sort of a relationship that will hopefully grow into something more.

Ed & Jaclyn, Sarah & Chris and Rachel & Nick sit down when Chris Harrison comes in and says that the next competition starts right now and the winner will have a secured spot in the Final. They get to the Hollywood Paladium. They see Night Ranger singing “Sister Christian”. Chris Harrison says that they are going to be all singing the song in front of a LIVE audience and being judged by Night Ranger. The contestants get in a limo to a vocal coach and they are nervous that they are going to bomb. Ed & Jaclyn get to their vocal coach Julie (Glee), Nick & Rachel get Brad (Glee), Sarah & Chris get Ben (Glee). They all get there training in and it is not good. The next day the couples try to rehears a bit. They go to the theater and get into the dressing room. They are excited to be there.

The performances begin and Nick & Rachel go first. The other contestants get a little worried that they are actually good enough. They get a standing ovation. Jack says that the audience was involved and that was good. Kelly says that it was great. Brad says that they had great tone. Ed & Jaclyn are next and they forget the word and dry hump each other on stage. They bombed. Kelly says that it was the worst performance. Brad says that forgetting the lyrics is a no good thing. Jack says that it is tough. Last up is Chris & Sarah and their performance is a little off. Sarah tries to get the crowd going, but it goes strange. However, the judges laugh. Brad says that they were the most fun, but pitchy. Jack says that the dance together was nice, but all hell broke loose. The winner of the competition is Rachel & Nick!

After the challenge, Nick and Rachel celebrate as the other contestants are worried on who they are going to take with them to the Finals. Back at the mansion, Chris Harrison tells Rachel & Nick that they are going to have to come up with a decision on who stays and who goes. They don’t like to have this on their hands, but Nick brings up that Chris and Sarah have hurt many feelings that they are going to be the easy win. He tells Rachel that Ed & Jaclyn are the most loved in the competition. Rachel is afraid that she will loose a friendship. In another room, Jaclyn tells Ed that if she doesn’t pick her, then her and Rachel’s friendship is over. They come out with the roses and they eventually pick Chris and Sarah. Jaclyn and Ed are devastated and Jaclyn leaves in a tearful goodbye. Rachael doesn’t like that she had to vote the other way. Next week, the Finals!