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Season 3, Episode 8 - Recap

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With two couples left in the competition, it is down to Chris (25) & Sarah (28) and Nick (27) & Rachel (27). Chris Harrison comes out and greets the crowd. Ryan, Chris “SWAT”, Donna, David, Kalon, Lindzi, Paige. Reid, Brittany & Erica T., Jaclyn, Ed, Erica R., Jamie, Tony, Blakeley and Michael are back to join Chris. Blakeley says that it was fun to begin with, but it was crazy. Michael says that no one thought that this was going to be easy. They take a look at the season. Erica says that this game is lying and manipulating. Kalon says that you can survive if you don’t lie, but you won’t thrive. He says that he and Lindzi are still a couple. Erica R. tells Lindzi to be careful and says that she saw him in a movie premiere with a different girl.

Michael gets to the hot seat. He says that he thought that he was going to be eliminated 1st or 2nd. They watch the exit. Michael says that the things that Erica R. said some mean things. Erica R. says that she was under the impression that Michael was going to help her win. Michael says that he wasn’t looking for a wife and just to have a fun time. He says that Rachel and he are not together. Jaclyn says that Rachel is still hurt. The girls feel that Michael was misleading Rachel. Jaclyn says that Michael and Rachel’s relationship was phony.

Jaclyn gets to the hot seat. They take a look back at her time and how she was betrayed by her friend. She says that it sucks to relive that and says that she was loyal throughout the game. She says that she fought for Rachel to stay. She says that she forgives, but doesn’t forget. She says that she wants to vote for her best friend, but doesn’t know exactly what she is going to do. She says that she really thought that she was going to win because she was the puppet master.

Blakeley gets to the hot seat. They take a look back on her time and how she was eliminated before she expected to. Blakeley says that she and Tony are together. Chris asks about the animosity between Jamie and her. She says that she doesn’t need to be friends. Jamie says she has no good reason not to be friends with her. Jaclyn says that she is fake and Jamie says that Jaclyn is fake. Jaclyn says that she is socially awkward. Blakeley says that Tony lifted a weight off her shoulders. She gets emotional and says that Tony is amazing. She says that she can be herself around him.

Chris tells Blakeley that he has never seen her emotion and says that it is clear that she is in love. Tony says that he had a crush on Blakeley and says that he was in the “Friend Zone” at first, but he was persistent. Tony comes up and tells the others that he and Blakeley are a couple and are moving in together. Blakeley says that she was scared at first and he helped her. She is moving in with Tony next week. Tony says that this has moved really quickly and says that he says that he cares about her more than anything. Tony gets on one knee and proposes to Blakeley and she says yes!

Nick & Rachel and Chris & Sarah come out to join Chris Harrison on the couches. Rachel says that she is excited to be there, but there is some relationship stuff to be talked about. She brings up Michael and her relationship and says to Michael that she is confused. She thought that they were on the same page. Michael says that he wasn’t falling in love and says that he wasn’t ready. Rachael says that she did struggle because she was falling in love. Michael says that he was trying not to lead her on and says that he wasn’t honest with her. Rachel tries to control her emotions. Nick says that it was a tough situation and says that he needed to prove to her. Nick says that his hands are clean and stayed out of all of the controversy.

Chris Harrison talks to Chris and he says that it is tough to watch on TV. He says that his family doesn’t have anything good to say and says that the game got a hold of him and says that his intentions were not to be that bad. Jamie says that he claimed that he loved Emily so much and says that she wouldn’t be a good father to Emily’s kid. Chris Harrison throws it over to the cast members. Jaclyn asks why she didn’t fight harder. Rachel says that she wanted to. Nick says that it was strictly strategy. Rachel says that she still feels horrible about it. Chris says that he doesn’t regret the moves that he made and came here to win. Blakeley says that they have to vote and that he should have thought about that.

The questioning continues and Sarah says that Chris was painted as a bad guy, but says that Chris is so loyal. Chris says that he is sorry that he hurt her feelings, but can’t regret it. He says that he learned that the game took a hold of him. He says that he hears about how he played the game. He tells them not to vote for him and vote for Sarah. The cast members get their tablet and the first couple to get to 9 votes goes to the next round. The votes are 9 votes for Rachael and Nick and 3 votes for Chris & Sarah.

Nick and Rachel are the final two and Rachel says that she trusts Nick in this. Nick says that he and she may have not been on the same page, but they did a great job. They are going to go into separate rooms where they will choose between “Keep” or “Share”. If they both pick “Share”, they get to split it. If one picks “Keep” then they get to keep it. However, if both choose “Keep”, then they loose the money and it is split. The cast members feel that they will share the money.

Rachel & Nick come out with their boards. Rachel reveals that she decided to share the money because she found a new partner in Nick and it has been great. Nick reveals that he is going to Keep it because Rachel was never there for him as a partner and was about to go home and ruin their partnership. Rachel is crushed, but Nick is sitting pretty. Jaclyn says that Nick doesn’t deserve it. Kalon says that none of them deserve it and says that he is proud on how he did that. Nick says that he played the game great. Chris says that Nick really won the game. Nick says that he would have liked the relationship. Rachel goes up to him to try to continue their conversation, but he leaves. The season ends with Nick as the sole winner, a first in Bachelor Pad history.