Bad Girls Club

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Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
01 01x01 05/Dec/2006 It's Easier to be Bad (1)
02 01x02 05/Dec/2006 It's Easier to be Bad (2)
04 01x04 19/Dec/2006 Quick Fix
05 01x05 02/Jan/2007 A Tomik Bomb
06 01x06 09/Jan/2007 Out with the Old, In with the New
07 01x07 16/Jan/2007 The Trouble with Boys
08 01x08 23/Jan/2007 Miss Understanding
09 01x09 30/Jan/2007 Not a Happy Camper
10 01x10 06/Feb/2007 Smack My Beach Up
11 01x11 13/Feb/2007 And the Walls Came Tomberlin Down
12 01x12 20/Feb/2007 Drop of a Hat
13 01x13 27/Feb/2007 She Said, She Said
14 01x14 06/Mar/2007 Holy Ghost!
16 01x16 20/Mar/2007 Kiss and Tell
17 01x17 27/Mar/2007 Rocky Road
18 01x18 03/Apr/2007 Chicken Scratch
19 01x19 10/Apr/2007 A Little Ditty About Steve and DeAnn
20 01x20 17/Apr/2007 Lord of the Lies
21 01x21 24/Apr/2007 Happy Ending
22 01x22 01/May/2007 Shrink Wrapped

Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
23 02x01 04/Dec/2007 Bad Company
24 02x02 11/Dec/2007 Battle Lines
25 02x03 18/Dec/2007 Spilled Milk
26 02x04 01/Jan/2008 Music and Lyric
27 02x05 08/Jan/2008 Pop Off
28 02x06 15/Jan/2008 Prank Wars: Party Girls Strike Back (1)
29 02x07 22/Jan/2008 Prank Wars: Who Killed Clayboy? (2)
30 02x08 29/Jan/2008 Prank Wars: Fat Lady Sings (3)
31 02x09 05/Feb/2008 Love Conquers All
33 02x11 19/Feb/2008 Sucker Punched
34 02x12 26/Feb/2008 Taken for a Ride
35 02x13 04/Mar/2008 Cordelia and the Chamber of Secrets
36 02x14 11/Mar/2008 Bad Riddance
37 02x15 18/Mar/2008 With Friends Like These
39 02x17 01/Apr/2008 Disorderly Conduct
40 02x18 08/Apr/2008 The Ugly Drunkling
41 02x19 15/Apr/2008 Ghouls Gone Wild
43 02x21 29/Apr/2008 Happy Trails
44 02x22 06/May/2008 Pimp Down
45 02x23 13/May/2008 All BAD Things Must Come To An End
46 02x24 20/May/2008 Unfinished Business

Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
47 03x01 02/Dec/2008 Breaking and Entering
48 03x02 09/Dec/2008 I Got Your Backbone
49 03x03 16/Dec/2008 Boston Tea Party
50 03x04 06/Jan/2009 The Naked Truth
51 03x05 13/Jan/2009 The Tipping Point
52 03x06 20/Jan/2009 Poppin' In!
53 03x07 27/Jan/2009 Who Is This Bitch?
54 03x08 03/Feb/2009 What Happens in Las Vegas...Airs on TV
55 03x09 10/Feb/2009 This Is NOT the Amber Show
56 03x10 24/Feb/2009 Ailea of the Storm
57 03x11 03/Mar/2009 Make a RUN for the Border
58 03x12 10/Mar/2009 The Cookie Crumbles
59 03x13 17/Mar/2009 This IS the Amber Show
60 03x14 24/Mar/2009 All Well That Ends Bad
61 03x15 31/Mar/2009 Unresolved Issues

Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
62 04x01 01/Dec/2009 Off the Wall
63 04x02 08/Dec/2009 I Run LA!
64 04x03 15/Dec/2009 No More Mr. Nice Girls
65 04x04 22/Dec/2009 Can Buy Me Love
66 04x05 05/Jan/2010 Don't Sweat the New Bitch
67 04x06 12/Jan/2010 Paul and Kate Plus Hate
68 04x07 19/Jan/2010 Bad Break
69 04x08 26/Jan/2010 Friend??? Or Frenemy?
70 04x09 02/Feb/2010 Sex, Lies and Bigfoot
71 04x10 09/Feb/2010 Go With the Flo
72 04x11 16/Feb/2010 The Puppet Master
73 04x12 23/Feb/2010 Clip Show
74 04x13 02/Mar/2010 Amber Alert!
75 04x14 09/Mar/2010 Out With a Bang
76 04x15 16/Mar/2010 Reunion (1)
77 04x16 23/Mar/2010 Reunion (2)

Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
78 05x01 03/Aug/2010 Welcome to Miami Beyotch
79 05x02 10/Aug/2010 Check Your Baggage
80 05x03 17/Aug/2010 Where's the Money Honey
81 05x04 24/Aug/2010 Talkin’ Smack
82 05x05 31/Aug/2010 Beach Blanket Bad Girls
83 05x06 14/Sep/2010 Jamaican Me Crazy
84 05x07 21/Sep/2010 Threesome's A Crowd
85 05x08 28/Sep/2010 Departures and Arrivals
86 05x09 05/Oct/2010 Life's A Bleach
87 05x10 19/Oct/2010 Who Runs Miami?
89 05x12 02/Nov/2010 The Wicked Witch Of Key West
90 05x13 09/Nov/2010 Punching Out
91 05x14 16/Nov/2010 Reunion (1)
92 05x15 23/Nov/2010 Reunion (2)

Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
93 06x01 10/Jan/2011 It’s Hotter in Hollywood
94 06x02 17/Jan/2011 Broverload
96 06x04 07/Feb/2011 From Ashes to Clashes
97 06x05 14/Feb/2011 Kentucky Fried and Char Broiled
98 06x06 21/Feb/2011 Play With It
99 06x07 07/Mar/2011 Beat-Down Barbie
100 06x08 14/Mar/2011 Weak Sauce
101 06x09 21/Mar/2011 Power Trippin
102 06x10 28/Mar/2011 Wilma Goes BAMM-BAMM
104 06x12 18/Apr/2011 Army of One
105 06x13 25/Apr/2011 Only the Bad Remain
106 06x14 02/May/2011 Reunion (1)

Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
108 07x01 01/Aug/2011 I Got The Voodoo For U
109 07x02 08/Aug/2011 Call Me Karma
110 07x03 15/Aug/2011 A Tale of Two Cliques
111 07x04 22/Aug/2011 Can I Bayou A Drink?
112 07x05 29/Aug/2011 Playing for the Other Team
113 07x06 05/Sep/2011 Better Off Dread
114 07x07 12/Sep/2011 Cat Scratch Fever
115 07x08 19/Sep/2011 An Eye for An Eye
116 07x09 26/Sep/2011 Revenge Is A Dish Best Served Cold
117 07x10 03/Oct/2011 Truces, Tirades and Tiaras
118 07x11 17/Oct/2011 Keeping It 100
119 07x12 24/Oct/2011 Can’t Teach Old Dogs New Tricks
120 07x13 31/Oct/2011 Parting Shots
122 07x15 14/Nov/2011 Reunion (2)

Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
123 08x01 23/Jan/2012 Throw-Up Throw-Down
124 08x02 30/Jan/2012 Weaving Las Vegas
125 08x03 06/Feb/2012 Chicks Before Hicks
126 08x04 13/Feb/2012 Sink or Swim
127 08x05 20/Feb/2012 A New Elease on Life
128 08x06 27/Feb/2012 Bed, Bathing Suit and Beyond
130 08x08 12/Mar/2012 Sister Act
131 08x09 19/Mar/2012 Evil Pair
132 08x10 26/Mar/2012 Double Trouble
133 08x11 02/Apr/2012 Bad Girl Players
136 08x14 30/Apr/2012 Reunion (1)
137 08x15 07/May/2012 Reunion (2)

Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
138 09x01 09/Jul/2012 One Night in Mexico
139 09x02 16/Jul/2012 Wash, Rinse, Re-Beat
140 09x03 23/Jul/2012 The Devil Wears Nada
142 09x05 06/Aug/2012 Pretty Girl Bounced
143 09x06 20/Aug/2012 Mexican Meltdown
144 09x07 27/Aug/2012 Stage Bite
145 09x08 03/Sep/2012 Miserella
146 09x09 10/Sep/2012 The Tipping Point
147 09x10 17/Sep/2012 Cruisin' for a Brusin'
148 09x11 01/Oct/2012 Hate-Lanta
149 09x12 08/Oct/2012 Match Made in Mexico
150 09x13 15/Oct/2012 Fist, Fist, Bang Bang
151 09x14 22/Oct/2012 Reunion (1)
152 09x15 29/Oct/2012 Reunion (2)
153 09x16 05/Nov/2012 Reunion (3)

Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
154 10x01 15/Jan/2013 Southern Discomfort
155 10x02 22/Jan/2013 Houston Ho Down
156 10x03 29/Jan/2013 Molly-Whopped
157 10x04 05/Feb/2013 The Girl Who Cried Mommy
158 10x05 12/Feb/2013 There's Something About Jerry…
159 10x06 19/Feb/2013 Anger Mismangement
160 10x07 26/Feb/2013 Bottled Up and Beat Down
161 10x08 05/Mar/2013 Gone with the Weave
162 10x09 12/Mar/2013 Between A Rocky and A Hard Place
164 10x11 26/Mar/2013 Who's Laughing Now
165 10x12 09/Apr/2013 Rocky Like a Hurricane
166 10x13 16/Apr/2013 Greece Up, Get Down
167 10x14 23/Apr/2013 Home Is Where the Hurt Is
168 10x15 30/Apr/2013 BGC Top Ten OMGs Seasons 6 - 10
169 10x16 07/May/2013 Reunion: Off the Jump (1)
170 10x17 14/May/2013 Reunion: Stand Up, Throw Down (2)
171 10x18 21/May/2013 Reunion: Old Beef, New Leaf (3)

Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
172 11x01 13/Aug/2013 Premature Evacuation
173 11x02 20/Aug/2013 Waiting, Hating, Instigating
174 11x03 27/Aug/2013 Tap In Tap Out
175 11x04 03/Sep/2013 Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow
176 11x05 10/Sep/2013 Juice-tify My Love!
177 11x06 17/Sep/2013 The Queens of Key West
178 11x07 01/Oct/2013 The Bullyguard
179 11x08 08/Oct/2013 Public Enemy Number Two
180 11x09 15/Oct/2013 Weaving With a Bang
181 11x10 22/Oct/2013 Nae, 'Nae Go Away
182 11x11 29/Oct/2013 Knock Your Socks Off
183 11x12 05/Nov/2013 Cowgirl. Crapshoot
184 11x13 19/Nov/2013 Tropical Punch
185 11x14 26/Nov/2013 Paradise Lost
186 11x15 03/Dec/2013 Reunion (1)
187 11x16 10/Dec/2013 Reunion (2)
188 11x17 17/Dec/2013 Reunion (3)

Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
190 12x02 20/May/2014 Model Behavior
191 12x03 27/May/2014 A Change For the Bad!
192 12x04 03/Jun/2014 The Fabtastic 4
193 12x05 10/Jun/2014 Seeing Redd
194 12x06 17/Jun/2014 REDDemption
195 12x07 24/Jun/2014 A Diamond is Not Forever
196 12x08 01/Jul/2014 Rapper's Anonymous
197 12x09 08/Jul/2014 That's A Rap
198 12x10 15/Jul/2014 Bad News Brit
199 12x11 29/Jul/2014 Family Affairs
200 12x12 05/Aug/2014 Insults and Injuries
201 12x13 12/Aug/2014 Easy Come, Easy Go
202 12x14 19/Aug/2014 Smell Ya Later!
203 12x15 26/Aug/2014 Reunion Part One
204 12x16 02/Sep/2014 Reunion Part Two
205 12x17 09/Sep/2014 Reunion Part Three

Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
206 13x01 07/Oct/2014 Bad Girls Don't Cry
207 13x02 14/Oct/2014 Judging Judi
208 13x03 21/Oct/2014 Lashing Out
209 13x04 28/Oct/2014 Birthday Blowout
210 13x05 04/Nov/2014 Glitter Beef
211 13x06 11/Nov/2014 Rocky-Ing the Boat
212 13x07 18/Nov/2014 Trouble in Paradise
213 13x08 25/Nov/2014 Mama Drama
214 13x09 02/Dec/2014 Twerk It Out
215 13x10 09/Dec/2014 Girl, Bye!
216 13x11 16/Dec/2014 Reunion (1)
217 13x12 23/Dec/2014 Reunion (2)
218 13x13 06/Jan/2015 Reunion (3)

Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
219 14x01 11/Aug/2015 Once Upon a Turnt Up Time
220 14x02 18/Aug/2015 Double Trouble
221 14x03 25/Aug/2015 Birthday Ho-down
222 14x04 01/Sep/2015 Flirting With Kat-tastrophe
223 14x05 08/Sep/2015 Return To Sender

Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
225 15x02 22/Mar/2016 Twin Some, Lose Some
226 15x03 29/Mar/2016 Release The Beast And Other Tall Tales
227 15x04 05/Apr/2016 No Room For T.H.O.T.S
229 15x06 19/Apr/2016 Recipe For Disaster
230 15x07 26/Apr/2016 Birthday Blowout
231 15x08 03/May/2016 Og Overthrow
232 15x09 10/May/2016 Bids, Breakthroughs And Barbecues
233 15x10 17/May/2016 Five Dollar Farewell
234 15x11 24/May/2016 Reunion Part 1
235 15x12 31/May/2016 Reunion Part 2
236 15x13 07/Jun/2016 Reunion Part 3

Episode Air Date Episode Name
S01 - #1 05/Jun/2007 Outrageous & Unseen
S05 - #2 30/Nov/2010 BGC: Top 10 OMGs
S06 - #3 07/Feb/2011 Afterparty #1
S06 - #4 21/Feb/2011 Afterparty #2
S06 - #5 28/Feb/2011 Flo Gets Married
S08 - #6 05/Dec/2011 Season 8 Preview Special
S08 - #7 26/Mar/2012 Double Trouble: The Twins Speak
S10 - #8 08/Jan/2013 Making it to the Mansion, ATL
S11 - #9 06/Aug/2013 Makin' it to the Mansion
S11 - #10 24/Sep/2013 So Social
S11 - #11 22/Oct/2013 First Look: 10/22 (1)
S11 - #12 22/Oct/2013 First Look: 10/22 (2)
S12 - #13 15/Apr/2014 Funniest Bad Girls of All Time
S12 - #14 22/Apr/2014 Best Frenemies
S13 - #15 30/Sep/2014 Redemption: Return to the Mansion
S14 - #16 04/Aug/2015 Back For More Casting Sneak Peek
S15 - #17 08/Mar/2016 Casting Special
S15 - #18 26/Apr/2016 Retwisted (1)
S15 - #19 10/May/2016 Retwisted (2)

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Network: oxygen ( USA)
Type: Reality
Genres: Lifestyle
Status: Returning Series
Airs: Tuesdays at 08:00 pm
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: December 05, 2006
Episodes Order: 13
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