Pilot - Recap

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The scene opens in a prison yard. A man is getting released and he doesn’t look too happy. He walks into a bar and the bartender eyes him. They eventually have sex in the back room. He steals a car and drives off. He walks into a hair salon later and Job, one of the hair dressers, follows him to the back room. The man asks where “she” is and after some persuasion, he gets her location. The man goes outside and is followed by a SUV. He crashes his car and runs for it. One of the men, Olek, tries to kill him. A bus flips over in the street and the man is forced to run back Olek, trying to kill him. He makes a run for it and steals a motorcycle. He gets away and smiles. He drives into Amish Country to the town of Banshee.

In a courtroom, a trial is underway and Gordon Hopewell is upset that the judge has dismissed his case. Gordon asks Jackson, another attorney, if he has a judge in his pocket. Dan Kendall comes up and Gordon tells him that their day will come. Dan is clearly upset. Gordon tells his wife, Carrie, that they lost. Deva, Gordon and Carrie’s daughter, has gotten into trouble at school for kicking the substitute. She tells him that he was looking down her shirt and Gordon tells her that it is her fault for dressing the way she does. Carrie looks out the window and sees the man from earlier outside. She goes outside and finds no one there. Deva goes off with her friend and sees the man ride off. He rides into a bar and the bartender asks if he is coming or going. He still doesn’t know. The bartender introduces himself as Sugar Bates. He was a championship boxer at one point of his life. Sugar can tell that he is just out of prison and toasts to freedom.

Lucas Hood, the new Sherriff of Banshee comes in and offers to buy drinks for everyone. Two men, Randall and Mundson, come in and try to rob Sugar. Mundson tells Sugar that he knows the drill. Lucas tells them that he wants to enjoy his steak. Lucas stabs Mundson’s hand and points his gun on the Randall. The man from before tells Lucas and the other two men that everything is fine and that Lucas should just allow the men to take the money since the amount is so little. However, Lucas pushes him to the side and a gun fight ensues. Lucas is shot in the hand, leaving a big hole there. He is shot again and the man helps him by killing the other two men. He doesn’t like that he is a newly released inmate and there are three dead bodies, one being a cop. Sugar tells him to leave and that he can have at least a head start.

Later that night, Carrie looks out in the dark and meets the man. He calls her Anna and asks about her kids. She tells him that her name is Carrie now. She tells him that he could have led Rabbit strait to her. He asks about the diamonds and she tells him that she doesn’t have them. He doesn’t like that he didn’t get the girl, the diamonds and had to spend 15 years in prison. Sugar packs the bodies of the men and Lucas and they go to bury them. Suddenly Lucas’ phone rings. The man picks it up and says that he is the Sheriff. The man is now Lucas. Job gets a call from Lucas and asks him to make sure that Lucas’ identity becomes his own. Job doesn’t like that the ID that he wants is a cop. However, he tells him that he can do it. Sugar gives Lucas the keys to Lucas’ pickup and asks if he has a place to stay. He offers to give Lucas a place to rest. That night, Lucas has a dream of when Carrie and he were together.

The next day, Lucas is cleaning up and Sugar sees Kai Proctor pull up. He tells Lucas to go in the back room. Kai comes in and asks how the headaches are. He tells Sugar that Randall and Mundson, the men who tried to rob Sugar, have gone missing. Sugar tells him that he would never take things in his own hands. Kai walks out touching the anvil that killed one of his men and is oblivious. Lucas comes back out and asks about Kai. Sugar tells him that he can get out with $400. He takes half and leaves. Meanwhile, Carrie and Gordon are having sex and Carrie remembers when she and Lucas had sex and how it used to be. Lucas meets with Dan at a diner. Back at Salon HiShe, Job is told that two men are looking for him. It is Olek, the man who was hunting Lucas. They tell him that they work for Mr. Rabbit. He tells them that he doesn’t know where he is. After they beat him up a little, he tells them that he will get the files. However, he escapes, blowing up the Salon on his way out.

Back at the diner, Dan tells him that he brought him in to bring down Kai Proctor. The reason for this is because Kai has had every Sheriff in his pocket and he needed an outsider. They go to the police station, which used to be a used car lot. They go in and the receptionist, Alma, likes what she sees. They meet Brock Lotus, the senior officer, Emmett Yawners, the new officer and Siobhan Kelly, the attractive officer who takes an instant liking to Lucas. Dan asks if Siobhan would like to give Lucas a tour of Banshee, but Lucas decides to go with Brock. In the patrol car, Lucas asks what Brock’s attitude problem is or if he is always like this. They pull up on the Moody brothers picking on an Amish crew trying to load beams in their cart. Lucas tells the men to stop and the men are confused when they hear that he is the Sheriff and not Brock. Lucas tells them to knock it off and Cole, the leader of the group, tells Lucas that he will mess his shit up. Lucas welcomes the fight. They fight and just as Cole is about to hit Lucas with a beam, Kai steps in and stops him. He apologizes to Lucas and offers him to go to the Slaughterhouse, which he owns.

Lucas takes his card and leaves. Kai goes up to one of the Amish men and addresses him in Dutch as Father. Lucas goes up to Lucky ‘s Pawn shop and sees Sugar’s champion boxing belt that Sugar had to pawn to make repairs. At the same moment, Deva is making out with a boy in the back of a car. She walks out and bumps into Lucas. He has her wallet and sees that she is not 13 years old like Carrie told him. He gives her wallet back and tells her to get back to school. At the slaughterhouse, Kai is visited by his accountant, Burton. He tells him to fix the numbers. Cole goes into see Kai and Kai tells him that he called his father a Dutchie, which is a derogatory term for Amish. Cole apologizes and Kai hits him with a Bolt Gun. He tells Cole to put his teeth back in his mouth. Later that night, Kai gets home and calls for one of his girls. She starts to undress and he has her put on a bonnet. She pleasures him. The next day, Siobhan gets Lucas in uniform for his swearing in. The cut scenes show that someone took out a safe, Job is working on making Lucas legit and Sugar getting his championship belt back in his bar.

That night at the party, Lucas tells Kai that the party is nice. Gordon says hello and Carrie is shocked to see Lucas. Brock tells Emmett that he saw Lucas fight Kai’s workers and it was like combat rather than a normal fight. Kai introduces Lucas to Benjamin Longshadow, the local Native Indian tribe chief. Longshadow introduces his son, Alex to him. Lucas accepts Longshadow’s invitation to dinner and goes off to find Carrie. She can’t believe that he is Sheriff. She asks what his motive is and he says that she knows why. He tells her that he has something to show her. Lucas shows the safe that was “stolen” and asks Carrie to open it. She refuses. Cole is in the parking lot and hits Lucas. There is a gun shot and Cole comes out and aims a gun on Kai. Just as he is about to shoot him, Lucas kills Cole. Back in the city, Olek goes into an office building and tells Mr. Rabbit that everything is gone. Mr. Rabbit tells Olek that he will find them both quickly. The episode ends.