The Rave - Recap

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The scene opens with Lucas dreaming of how he allowed Carrie to leave while he got arrested. He wakes up and runs out through the forest like he did last time he had a dream of the past. He falls on the shore of the lake and daydreams of him and Carrie again. In the dream, he tells Carrie that everything will be fine. Hanson, one of Kai’s men, tells Kai that he will be back on track soon and Kai tells him that he has until Friday. Hanson goes to a barn and smokes a cigarette. He sees an Amish boy and tells him to get down from the rafters. He tells Hanson that the owners of the Amish barn are out of town. He pays the kid and leaves. Carrie is showing a house and Lucas says that he is looking to put down roots. Lucas and Carrie go to the kitchen and he kisses her. She hits him and he tells her that he still loves her.

They are interrupted and Carrie gets a call from the principal from the school. Deva has ditched school. Carrie calls her and gets the voicemail. As it turns out, Deva is in a car with the guy she was making out with, Reed. They get to a house where people are brewing drugs. Reed tells Hanson that the girls are cool. Deva partakes of the drugs too. Deva sees that Hanson is meeting with a tweaker and gets some drugs off of him. He tells the guy not to steal from him and has his goon chase after him. Hanson sees that she has been watching the entire time and calls her over. He unzips her shirt and asks if she is cool. She says that she is. He runs a beer bottle down her chest when one of Hanson’s men comes out and tells him that the pills are not pure. Hanson tells him that he just needs to make them, regardless if they have caffeine in them. Reed comes out and asks what is going on. Hanson gives Reed the pass to get in and they leave. Apparently, Hanson had an affect on Deva because she looks back at him.

Lucas gets into the station and Brock tells him that he is late. Lucas tells him that he must have lost track of time. Brock tries to reprimand him and Lucas tells him to shut-up. Kai is there and asks to talk to Lucas in private. He thanks him for saving his life. Kai tells him that he is there to warn him of the Moody Brothers. He offers to resolve the problem. Lucas says that he will take things as they come. Lucas asks what Kai wants and tells him that he is good. Lucas calls Job and Job asks where his money is. He tells Lucas that the old Sheriff was a nobody and that he should be good. Job asks how “she” looks, referring to Carrie. Lucas says that she looks good. Carrie walks into a building where a man attacks her. She fights back and it is clear that she is trained. It turns out that the man is her sparing instructor. She apologizes for going so hard and that it has been that type of week. He says that it is fine. They continue to spar.

Sugar is fishing when Kai comes up and says that he has heard that Lucas is staying with him. Sugar says that he doesn’t chose sides. Sugar says that Lucas is serious and if he is going to come for him, he better be ready. Later, Lucas goes to a Sugar’s bar and Sugar tells him that he can’t be here because the Moody Brothers are there. A woman walks over to Lucas and says that she is Kat Moody, the wife of Cole. She tells him that she can’t believe that he is eating the food at her husband’s wake. He apologizes, but tells her that he deserved to die. She slaps him. Dex and Marcus Moody, Cole’s brothers come out and aim their guns on Lucas. He tells them to shoot him and Sugar comes out with a shotgun. Lucas starts to read them their Miranda Rights and Kat tells Lucas that the boys are drunk. He tells them to get out of there. Lucas sees a woman lingering around and he asks who she is. The next scene shows them having sex. Afterwards, Lucas gets a voicemail. It is from Jason. He lies down to sleep. He dreams again of when he and Carrie were escaping. It turns out that Carrie is having the same dream.

The next day, Siobhan asks Lucas about the paperwork and tells Lucas that Alma can do the paperwork for him. Gordon and Carrie talk to Deva and tell her that they are worried about her. She goes upstairs and ignores them. Later in the field, the boy who took money drops some money and his father asks him what is going on. His father goes to the Sheriff’s office and tells them that a Rave is happening. He goes out and the man introduces his daughter, Rebecca. Lucas recognizes her as the girl he had sex with earlier at his place. He pretends not to know her. He gets back in the station and the other officers are loading up on ammunition. Later at the Rave, Deva gets in and is enjoying herself. Reed is the DJ. Deva’s friend gives Deva Ecstasy and they jump around. At Carrie’s home, Max is on a breathing machine and she asks if he is alright. He says that he is. She calls up for Deva and finds out that she is not there. Back at the barn, Deva is tripping when the cops pull up.

Outside, Siobhan asks what the plan is and Emmett says that this is going to be hard. Brock tries to take charge, but Lucas has another plan. He says that he is going to walk in. Brock tries to tell him that he is legally required to inform that he is a police officer. Lucas ignores him. He goes up and punches the two watching the gate. Siobhan asks if they are allowed to do that. Lucas goes in and takes down security one after the other. Reed and Deva continue to dance when suddenly he falls over and convulses. She looks around to find others vomiting. Hanson sees Lucas and Hanson tells everyone that the cops are there and that they needs to bail. As kids are passing out around them, Hanson and his men leave with Lucas on their trail. Lucas manages to catch one of the men and starts to drown him in the river. Another guy shoots at Lucas, but shoots the guy instead. Emmett shoots the other guy and Hanson hides. The paramedics arrive to try to revive Reed, but he is dead. Deva cries. Siobhan sees that Reed is no ordinary kid. He is Reed Schumacher, the son of Senator Schumacher. The men who were caught are lined up and one of the men asks Deva what she is looking at. Lucas kicks him.

Lucas takes the girls outside and Brock asks what the hell that was about. Lucas tells him that he had better look at other forms of employment if he has a problem with him. It is clear that Brock has a problem and tells him that he will be arrive long after Lucas is gone. At Kai’s house, Hanson gets in to ask him for help. However, Kai cuts off Hanson’s finger and feeds it to his dog. Kai tells Hanson that he never shits where he sleeps and that cooking up a bad batch of Ecstasy and selling to kids in the town is not a good thing to do. He tells Hanson that his dog now has a taste for him and that he has 60 seconds to run. He does, but by the sound of it, he didn’t make it. Lucas takes Deva home and tells her that she will be alright. He tells her that he saw a kid die once and that she can’t try to make sense of why it happened. She listens to him and then goes to see her family. She hugs Gordon and Lucas sees that Carrie is watching him. The episode ends.