Meet the New Boss - Recap

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The scene opens with a man standing outside of a building. Carrie comes up to him and takes knocks him out. She does the same to another guy. It turns out that she is at Mr. Rabbit’s place. She goes into the house where Mr. Rabbit is playing a game of chess with himself. Mr. Rabbit goes to the bathroom and when he returns, Carrie is there with a gun aimed at him. She tells him to cuff himself to the bedpost. He does as she says and compliments her look. She tells her that he has wondered about her. She gives back the diamonds she stole from him. She tells him that she is free, but he wants Lucas as well. She contemplates his proposal, but he can see that Lucas has gotten to her. He asks how she is going to get away and she injects him with a sedative. She packs the diamonds in the bag, kisses him and calls him Daddy. Mr. Rabbit is her father!

The next day UFC champion Damien Sanchez comes into town. Kai tells Longshadow that with the fight, he will be able to have anything they want with the building of the new casino. Alex makes his reservations known, but Longshadow brushes him off. Douglas Dern, Sanchez’s manager comes up to Kai and thanks him for having them there. He doesn’t like the way the casino looks ancient and Kai tells him that a new casino is going to be built with the help of Sanchez’s fame. Alex talks to Longshadow and tells him that they shouldn’t deal with men like Kai. However, Longshadow likes how Kai gets things done fast. Meanwhile, Lucas is working out and is reminded when he was beaten up in prison and stabbed. Sanchez gets led to his trailer and is given the money for the fight. He is told by Kai that there is a surprise waiting for him inside. He goes inside his trailer to find a naked woman on the bed. He says that he really likes this town.

At the funeral of Reed Schumacher, Brock and Lucas give their condolences to the Senator and Lucas glares at Robert Schumacher for a moment. Gordon goes up to Lucas and asks him to join them for dinner. He accepts despite Carrie’s glares. Later at dinner, Carrie glares at Lucas still and Lucas asks Deva how she is doing. She starts to talk when Max starts to have an attack and she gets his mask. Lucas asks what is wrong with him and asks if he is alright. Carrie says that he has good days and bad ones and that he’s had it since birth. Gordon thanks Lucas for helping Deva and says that he knows that Kai was involved in this drug peddling. Lucas asks what happened to Carrie’s hand and she lies about it and says that she was sparing. He doesn’t believe her. She tells Lucas that he used to be nice and Lucas says that he spent 15 years in prison and that he has to be changed. He leaves, blaming it on a call. Gordon is confused when Carrie gets up and leaves as well.

Lucas goes to Sugar’s bar and Sugar asks if he wants to talk about it. Rebecca sits next to him and asks if he is drinking alone. Lucas says that she should go home, but it is seen them having sex in the cellar. He tries to tell her that they can’t do this and she tells him to shut-up. Sugar is on the phone with someone and tells them that “she”, referring to Rebecca is back. Rebecca goes outside to find Kia waiting for her. It turns out that Kai is Rebecca’s Uncle. He tells her that she needs to have respect for her family and that she needs to behave. She tells him that he is bad too and that he likes to rebel. He tells her that she is the only one who can talk to him like that. She kisses his cheek and he tells her that he will take her home now.

Lucas goes to the casino and sees that Sugar is going to referee the fight. Sanchez is given a gold watch from the city. Kai asks if Lucas got the invitation to the fight. He says that he did. Lucas asks Kia if he can tell him about the drugs that were found on Reed. Kia asks if he is asking or accusing. Lucas tells him that it is nothing and Kai says that he is busy. Sugar doesn’t like how Sanchez is hitting his sparring partner so hard. Sanchez suggests that Lucas come at him for some practice. He declines. Sanchez sees a waitress, Chloe, and asks her to come to his trailer later. She does. At Lucas’ place, Carrie stands over him with a gun aimed on him. She gives him the diamonds and tells him to start a new life. However, he is not interested in that and tells her to take the diamonds and get out of there. Back at the trailer, Sanchez and Chloe are having sex until he gets upset that he is not getting pleasured enough and rapes her.

Olek goes up to Mr. Rabbit and tells him that Carrie left no trail. Mr. Rabbit says that they need to find him. Olek says that he will mess up soon. At the station, Lucas is cleaning his gun when Siobhan comes up and asks what he is doing there on his day off. He says that he doesn’t have a social life. Chloe stumbles out of the trailer with her clothes in hand and collapse. Back at the station, Alma tells Lucas to get to the hospital. Siobhan questions a now beaten up Chloe what happened and she goes over what Sanchez did to her. Lucas is clearly really upset and goes strait to the casino. It is clear that everyone knows about the abuse that Sanchez inflicted and Kai tries to tell Lucas to arrest him after the fight. He contemplates it until Siobhan tells Lucas that he is just like the other bosses and will do what Kai says. Lucas goes up and Dern tries to tell him that these things happen and that the girl will ask for money to stay quiet. He doesn’t like that answer and goes up and confronts Sanchez. They fight and in the end, Lucas breaks both of Sanchez’s arms and is really beat up.

He is lead out by Sugar and put into the police car. He laughs and says that he is really showing the town that he is a nice guy. He tells Lucas that he cost him some money for having the fight get canceled and Lucas gives Sugar the gold watch that he snatched off of Sanchez. Kai, inside, is clearly really upset that the fight is not going to happen. Later at the bar, Sugar gives Lucas an ice bag and sees someone pull up. It is Kai. Lucas comes out and tells him that he is not scared of him. Kai tells him that he should be and that he still has faith that he will come around and work with him on this. Burton, Kai’s accountant, goes up to Dern and demands the money back. However, he is told that he is not going to get it back. Burton takes his glasses off and steps inside Dern’s trailer. He asks Burton what he has and Dern is killed by what could be supernatural. At the casino, a deputy takes the video he shot with his phone and uploads it to YouTube. The episode ends.