Half Deaf Is Better Than All Dead - Recap

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The scene opens with Carrie and Gordon having sex. However, it seems that Carrie is somewhere else. Gordon finishes and asks if she is good. She lies and says that she is fine. She tells him that it is because she is stressed. She goes to the kitchen and sits on the counter. After a while, she goes back to bed. The next day, Lucas is running through a hall and is trapped. He calls Job and tells him that he is in a jam. Job realizes that he is on a take, meaning that he is stealing something. He works his magic and stops the alarm. Lucas sees that he is getting another call. It is Carrie. She tells him that she can’t sleep now that he is in town. He tells her that he can’t talk right now. He switches back to Job and he tells Lucas that the police are going to be there in 6 minutes. He works through the system and looks for an override. Lucas starts to panic and hyperventilate. He switches back to Carrie.

At the diner, Job can’t take any more of the men’s comments across the way and smashes a plate over one of their heads. He tells them that if they can’t behave, then they are going to pee sitting down the rest of their lives. Carrie finds out that Lucas is on a take too and talks him down when he starts to panic. He tells her that he is in a museum. Job manages to override the system and allow Lucas to get out. However, he is met by the police and he maneuvers to run away from them. After stealing a uniform, he tries to leave. The police see that he is not one of them and he runs. They give chase until they have him surrounded. Lucas sees that Carrie has come and she has him jump in the back of the SUV. He fires at the cop car and it flips. They manage to escape. Later, Sugar is waiting for Lucas on the side of the road as Lucas changes the license plate on Carrie’s car. She tells him that this whole Sheriff thing that he is doing is not good. He says that she is no different. Lucas goes up to Sugar and he asks if he got the painting. He says that he left it behind.

That night, Lucas dreams of Carrie and his time in prison. The next day, Gordon is serious at the table and Carrie asks what the matter is. He says that it is nothing. Lucas gets into work and Kat Moody is waiting for him. She tells him that the Moody brothers are gunning for him and wonders why he is not scared. He smiles and goes into the station. Siobhan asks what that was about and he avoids the question. Brock tells him that Senator Schumacher is in his office. Lucas gets in uniform and goes to his office. Robert Schumacher tells him that his wife is sleeping with Reed’s lacrosse stick at night. He tells Lucas that he wants justice and that the blood is on his hands now. He has Deva come in and look at mug shots of people she recognizes from meeting Hansen. She points out Arno Webber, the tweaker. Emmet recognizes him. Carrie comes in and yells at Lucas for talking to Deva without her. Emmett asks Lucas what that was about and Lucas says that has a point.

They go to the neighborhood to find Arno and it is full of White Supremacy. Lucas makes a joke and says that Emmett is one of them because his wife is white. They go into the building and Lucas slams a guy into the wall when he is questioned of his being there. Lucas goes up to Arno and he runs. Lucas catches him with thanks to Emmett’s side arm. They go into his place and Arno says that the hand he has is what is left of Hansen because Kai and Burton disposed of the body. He shows them a video on his phone. They leave with his phone and take it to Gordon. He says that they may not have Kai on drugs, but murder is good. He talks to Lucas and says that Carrie was really upset. He says that he understands that he needed to get the case moving, but wants to keep Deva safe. Lucas and Emmet go to Kai’s place and find him exercising. He asks them what they need and Lucas says that he is under arrest.

They drive down the rode with Kai in the back when suddenly; they are T-Boned by a truck. The cop car flips into the creek. Lucas is dragged out of the car and it is the Moody Brothers who have Kai hanging on a branch and Lucas in their arms. Marcus, the leader of the group is happy that they have two birds with one stone. He goes up to Kai and tells him that they are going to pull the teeth out of Kai and Kai laughs. Dex tells Marcus that they can’t hurt Kai and Marcus says that they got him in the deal. After getting hit a few times, Lucas fights back and cuts off Marcus’ ear. Dex points a gun on Lucas and he laughs. He tells him to leave now without any restitution. They find out that Emmet has Dex at gunpoint. Emmett asks if they are going to allow them to go and Lucas says that he is prioritizing. They walk in and Kai’s lawyer yells at Lucas for abusing his client. Lucas pins him to the wall and tells him to be quiet.

Later that night, Carrie is having a bath and she remembers when she was with Lucas and how they were going to get a house together. She starts to pleasure herself. She goes to her bed where Gordon is. She tells him to have sex with her now and he does. She, for the first time in a while, enjoys it. At the bar, Sugar tells Lucas that he wants in on the next take that Lucas is going to go on. He tries to talk Sugar out of it, but he is adamant. He agrees to allow him on board. Carrie gets dressed and tucks Gordon into bed. Lucas is reliving himself and then goes home to find Kat Moody waiting for him. She tells him that they couldn’t sew Marcus’ ear back on. He asks why she is there and the next scene shows the two having sex. Carrie is outside of his place when she sees Kat walk out. Carrie cradles the necklace Lucas gave her with the picture of their house a while ago in her hands and decides that it is a bad idea.

At the station, Kai is singing a Dutch song when Mayor Kendall comes in and tells Kai that he is happy to see Kai in jail. He tells him that it is justice to what happened to his father when Kai made him be admitted into a nursing home. Kai grabs Kendall’s throat and tells him that he is weak like his father is and that he will control him. He lets go and Siobhan glares at Kai. In court the next day, Gordon tries to tell the judge that Kai needs to be remanded still, but the judge doesn’t think so. Kai tells Burton to find the “witness” they have. He says that he is on it. Lucas leaves the station to find Job on his patrol car. He tells him that he needs the $750,000 that he is owed. But, first he will settle on a steak. He says that he already hates it in Banshee. At a hotel, Brock is on Arno watching duty when there is a knock on the door. Suddenly the wall is blasted open and Arno is carried off. The episode ends.