The Kindred - Recap

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The scene opens with a biker group coming into Banshee. One motorcyclist with a blacked out helmet passes by them. The motorcyclist tails a Brinks Security truck. It is Job. He calls up Lucas and tells him that the Brinks van is scheduled like clockwork and if they are going to hit this, they are going to have to do it smart. The Brinks truck is going to the Casino. Lucas and Sugar watch as Longshadow and Alex both come out to inspect it. Sugar speaks up and Job doesn’t like that they became a committee all of a sudden and that Sugar has joined the team. Job says that they need to go to the city and rob banks rather than stagecoaches. Job clearly doesn’t like being in Banshee and makes his discuss known to a bunch of cows.

It is Spirit Week in Banshee and the festival is in full swing. Carrie, Max and Deva are there too. One of the biker members compliments Carrie’s ass crudely and Deva tells him where he can stick it. He laughs and Carrie tells her not to encourage them. Carrie goes up to a stand and gets some peach cobbler and Rebecca is there in full Amish garb. She is clearly not happy to be there. Alex goes up to Kai and tells him that Longshadow is not feeling well. He tells Kai that the deal with Kai being involved with the casino is over because of the exposure he can bring. Kai is clearly upset. Dean Xavier of the FBI is in Banshee and meets with Lucas, Brock and Gordon. He says that he has been sent there to monitor the situation before it goes to the Grand Jury. Brock and Lucas are not happy and Lucas says that Xavier will be gone in a few days. Brock is not happy of losing Arno.

Carrie goes up to Sugar and asks him if they have to worry about him. He says that they don’t. Carrie goes back to get Max’s inhaler when the same biker, Tali, comes up and harasses Carrie. The other bikers hold her down and clearly want to rape her. Sugar shows up and tells the men to go away. However, he is forced to show that he can punch and the men hit him in the back of the head with a pipe. The other bikers leave as Tali has his way with Carrie. However, Siobhan hears the noise and sees Tali on top of Carrie. She sees Carrie eject Tali’s clip and Siobhan shoots him. Lucas arrives on scene and asks if Carrie is alright. He only sees one man and wonders why Carrie couldn’t take him. She says that there were more. Sugar gets carted off in an ambulance and tells Lucas to look after the bar. Brock tells Lucas that they are a biker gang that never causes any big problems. Lucas is determined to find them and is upset at his place.

At the biker hangout, the other bikers want to leave. However, one of them says that they are going to disturb the festival in the name of Tali. At Carrie’s, Deva climbs into bed with Carrie and snuggles her. At the Station, Lucas asks Siobhan if she is alright. She tells him that she has never killed anyone before. He tells her that it is not easy, but it can’t allow her to forget the one she saved. Siobhan says it seems weird to her though and how Carrie ejected the biker’s clip. Later, Siobhan is looking at paperwork when she sees one of the bikers in the window. She runs out to find that the patrol car’s tire has been slashed. Lucas and Emmett pull up and Siobhan tells them what happened. Emmett and Siobhan are going to drive around and try to find the gang. The festival starts up and the bikers ride through the crowd grabbing and punching people in the crowd. The police try to stop them and Rebecca cuts one of them with a knife. The community is clearly not pleased. The bikers ride off.

Later in a courtroom, Mayor Kendall tries to calm the angry crowd. Kai comes in and tells the crowd that he can give away free meat and have his own private security detail. Lucas tells Kai that he doesn’t tell him how to kill a cow and so he doesn’t tell him how to police the town. Lucas tells the townspeople that the festival stands and that they are going to catch these men. The Elders of the Amish Community tell Lucas what Rebecca did and he doesn’t care. They are clearly not pleased and have Lucas keep the knife. Siobhan is at her home when Lucas comes over. He tells her to get her things. She refuses and he says then he is staying with her then. She tells him that when the time comes to stay the night, it won’t be to protect her. Clearly there are some feelings, but she blows it off. She tells him that he can give her a quick call to check in.

Lucas visits Sugar at the hospital and tells him that he is going to get the men who did this. Sugar tells him that he doesn’t have to worry about that because they don’t have to settle every cheap shot. He says that he is full of wisdom. Sugar can see that Lucas is not going to take his advice. Lucas gets back home to find Rebecca there. She tells him that she wants her knife back and takes her dress off. They proceed to have sex. At Siobhan’s place, the bikers come and torch the place. She is unable to shoot them as they ride away. Lucas and Rebecca finish having sex and she tells him that she has to repent or else be shunned. Lucas laughs a little and she tells him that it is serious. It is clear that Rebecca is struggling with her faith. Lucas gets the news and goes to Siobhan’s burnt down house. He tells her that she is going to stay with Emmett and his wife.

Lucas goes back home to find Kai and Burton there. Kai shows Lucas that his men have managed to capture one of the bikers who has given up the location of their hideout. Lucas asks what Kai wants in return for this gratitude. Later, Lucas goes to the hideout and manages to knock out all the bikers one by one. Job comes by with a van and Lucas piles them in. Job tells him that he did the job he asked him too and Lucas gives him a half-hearted thanks. Job tells him that he is legit worried about him. Siobhan gets into work and finds an evidence envelope with Happy Birthday written on it. Inside she finds all the rings that the bikers wore. At the festival, Margerie, from the PTA, comes up and tells her that she should seek some counseling after the attack. Carrie is friendly until Margory brings up Deva’s rebellious behavior and tells her that she better not talk about her daughter.

Carrie goes up to Lucas and Lucas says that Deva is a great kid. Gordon watches the two of them on the bench from inside the building. In the evidence locker, FBI Agent Xavier wants to know how the evidence is missing. The Chief Officer has no clue. The agent calls up his boss and tells him that the evidence is gone. He asks for permission to stick around and follow more suspicious things that are happening in the town. He is told to keep him posted. The episode ends.