Aaron Winckler     Production Assistant (NYC)2 Eps
Abbey Taylor     Production Assistant (NYC)2 Eps
Adan Gonzalez     Chef2 Eps
Alan Newcomb     "B" Camera First Assistant3 Eps
Alexa L. Fogel     Casting (CSA)12 Eps
Alex Coker     Craft Service (NYC)2 Eps
Alex Parker     Assistant Sound Editor2 Eps
Alicia R. Elliott     Production Secretary1 Eps
Alisa Fredericks     Second Assistant Director 
Allen Marshall Palmer     Associate Producer12 Eps
Amy Fleming     Editor3 Eps
Anderson Martin     Stunts2 Eps
Andrew Patterson (1)     Production Assistant1 Eps
Ange Grmolyes     Dept. Head Hair Stylist3 Eps
Anthony Anonne     Production Assistant1 Eps
Anthony Cargioli     Boom Operator21 Eps
Armen V. Kevorkian     Visual Effects Supervisor 
Asha Glorioso     Production Assistant (NYC)1 Eps
Barbee Livingston     Buyer20 Eps
Ben Howe     Shop Foreman13 Eps
Ben Roosevelt     Craft Service (NYC)2 Eps
Bill Anagnos     Stunts (as William Anagnos)2 Eps
Bill Duncan     Company Grip (NYC)2 Eps
Bill Hill (1)     Co-Producer13 Eps
Bilqis Shareef     Costumer 
Bilqis Shareef     Seamstress12 Eps
Bobby Collins     Transportation Co-captain (NYC)2 Eps
Bob Shober     B Dolly Grip2 Eps
Bob Smith     Leadman24 Eps
Bo Webb     "B" Camera Operator3 Eps
Brad Goss     Company Grip (NYC)2 Eps
Brad North     Sound Supervisor5 Eps
Brendan O'Burn     Driver (NYC)2 Eps
Brett Dos Santos     First Assistant Director1 Eps
Brett Hall     Company Grip2 Eps
Brian Hudson     Prop Maker3 Eps
Brian Powell (1)     Rigging Gaffer5 Eps
Brittany Johnson     Set Dresser4 Eps
Bruce Golden     Driver (NYC)2 Eps
Bryan Allen     Production Assistant (NYC)2 Eps
Bryan Stewart     Gangboss4 Eps
Caitlynn Leary     Production Assistant2 Eps
Callie Hersheway     Production Coordinator13 Eps
Carlos Menendez     Stunts2 Eps
Cathy Meriam     Assistant To The Executive Producer (to Mr. Tropper and Mr. Schickler) 
Cesar Lemus     Storyboard Artist16 Eps
Chad Hessler     Stunts 
Chad Randall     Stunts2 Eps
Chadwick Jacobs     Driver2 Eps
Charles K. Sharpe     Driver1 Eps
Christina Raye     Key Hairstylist 
Christine Kromer     Casting (CSA)13 Eps
Christopher Faloona     Director of Photography9 Eps
Cort Hessler     Stunts (as Cort Hessler III)2 Eps
Craig Baxley, Jr.     Stunts2 Eps
Crystal Cook     Key Hairstylist4 Eps
Dana Brancato     Assistant To The Producer (to Ms. Laing)2 Eps
Danny Frommer     Medic (NYC)1 Eps
Danny Le Boyer     Stunts8 Eps
Daphne Raves     Post Production Coordinator1 Eps
Dascious Thomas     Key Grip2 Eps
Dascious Thomas     Company Grip (as Dascious Neal Thomas)2 Eps
Dave McAllister     Company Grip (NYC)2 Eps
David Blazina     Production Assistant (NYC) 
David Dodd     Lamp Operator2 Eps
David Enfinger     Stunts2 Eps
David Schickler     Creator8 Eps
David Schickler     Executive Producer6 Eps
David Wong (3)     Associate Producer17 Eps
David Wong (3)     Assistant To The Executive Producer (to Mr. Yaitanes)2 Eps
Dean Minnerly     Foley Artist1 Eps
Dee Blackburn     Lead Set Designer13 Eps
Dermit Mackin     Driver (NYC)2 Eps
Dewey Graham     Driver 
Diane Collins     Script Supervisor28 Eps
Dick Parkinson     Driver1 Eps
Dick Parkinson     Animal Wrangler 
Divine Cox     Best Boy Grip (NYC)1 Eps
Donald J. Hewitt Jr.     Stunts 
Donald L. Binder     Driver2 Eps
Donn Aron     Editor (A.C.E.)2 Eps
Doug Jung     Consulting Producer7 Eps
Drew Kilcoin     Dailies Colorist2 Eps
Drew Taylor     Production Assistant1 Eps
Dustin Miller     Special Effects Technician4 Eps
Eddie Grisco     Property Master20 Eps
Ed Koza     Company Grip (NYC)2 Eps
Elan Burkowitz     Driver (NYC)2 Eps
Eli Walker     Stand-in1 Eps
Elizabeth-Ann Schmidt     Set Painter18 Eps
Ellen Pfirmmann     Assistant Location Manager9 Eps
Elmo Ponsdomenech     Re-Recording Mixer1 Eps
Eric Henriquez     First Assistant Director4 Eps
Erin Fahey     Assistant To The Executive Producer (to Mr. Macdissi) 
Eva Barradini     Production Assistant (NYC)1 Eps
Evelyn Chafin     Assistant Production Coordinator10 Eps
Evyen Klean     Music Supervisor (as Evyen J. Klean)21 Eps
Felicia Molinari     Costumer1 Eps
Fred Norris     Still Photographer14 Eps
Gareth Cook     Final Colorist2 Eps
Geanina Vasilescu     Assistant Art Director10 Eps
George Bozeman II     Company Grip1 Eps
George C. Palmer     Set Painter15 Eps
George Moran     Driver (NYC)1 Eps
Gianna Sobol     Assistant To The Executive Producer (to Mr. Ball)2 Eps
Greg Lemonides     Chef (NYC) 
Gregory Shummon     Still Photographer4 Eps
Greg Price     Gangboss2 Eps
Greg Yaitanes     Executive Producer7 Eps
Gwyn W. Shovelski     Associate Producer14 Eps
Gwyn W. Shovelski     Post Production Supervisor1 Eps
Heather Neeld     Production Coordinator4 Eps
Heather Rae Thompson     Shopper1 Eps
Helena Hall     Technicolor Broadcast Producer2 Eps
Ian McLaughlin     Stunts2 Eps
Jaima Fogg     Assistant Props13 Eps
James Cobb     Digital Imaging Technician3 Eps
James Ferrell     Set Decorator23 Eps
James J. Hogue     Prop Maker2 Eps
James Johnston     Gangboss24 Eps
Jamie Bishop     On-set Dresser17 Eps
Jamie McCall     Assistant Art Director5 Eps
Janet Lopez     Music Supervisor8 Eps
Janet Lopez     Music Coordinator1 Eps
Jason Willis     Key Makeup Artist12 Eps
Jay Feather     2nd Unit Director Of Photography2 Eps
Jeanne Chin Lee     2nd Assistant Accountant12 Eps
Jeff Goodwin     Make-up Effects Artist13 Eps
Jeff Graham     "A" Camera First Assistant3 Eps
Jeff Kramer     Prop Maker4 Eps
Jeffrey Allen Shoe Sr.     Construction Utility12 Eps
Jeffrey Bloomer     Sound Mixer2 Eps
Jeff Weeks (1)     Stage Foreman12 Eps
Jeremiah Snyder     Stand-in1 Eps
Jerry Pond     Driver2 Eps
Jessica Hoffman     Company Grip1 Eps
Jessica Segal     Art Department Coordinator4 Eps
Jill Alexander     Property Master (NYC)2 Eps
Jim B. Earnhardt     Prop Maker1 Eps
Jim Gloster     Art Director15 Eps
Jim McMillan     Key Grip (NYC)2 Eps
Jimmy Spano     Driver (NYC)2 Eps
Jimmy Wright     Driver2 Eps
Jim Vickers     Stunt Coordinator7 Eps
Jim Vickers     2nd Unit Director (as James P. Vickers)1 Eps
Joan Wilkerson     Production Assistant2 Eps
Jodi Pynn     Stunts2 Eps
Joe Brennan (1)     Driver (NYC)2 Eps
Joe DeAngelis     Re-Recording Mixer4 Eps
Joe Goins     Special Effects Foreman3 Eps
Joe Goins     Special Effects Technician4 Eps
Joe Leon Utley     Construction Utility14 Eps
Joel Tarantino     Leadman (NYC) 
John C. Granger     Driver2 Eps
John Earl Williams     Driver1 Eps
John H. McLaughlan     Transportation Captain4 Eps
John M. Valerio     Editor2 Eps
Johnny Broome Jr.     Driver 
John Romano     Consulting Producer9 Eps
John Schwartz     1st Assistant Camera C (NYC)1 Eps
Jonathan A. Carlson     Production Designer1 Eps
Jonathan Tropper     Creator11 Eps
Jonathan Tropper     Executive Producer11 Eps
Jonathan Tucker Deese     Prop Maker1 Eps
Jordan Johnson     Set Costumer7 Eps
Juan Diaz De Lindo     Production Assistant (NYC)2 Eps
Julie Delaney     Department Head Hair15 Eps
Julie Duncan (1)     Assistant Props (NYC)2 Eps
Justin Armer     Production Assistant1 Eps
Kahlil Fadel     Lamp Operator2 Eps
Kara Williamson     Set Dresser14 Eps
Katarzyna Kait Malec     Additional Second Assistant Director5 Eps
Kathryn Zamora-Benson     Casting Assistant2 Eps
Keith Wegner     Set Costumer20 Eps
Kellen Bloomer     Utility Sound16 Eps
Kelly Caldwell     Hairstylist5 Eps
Kevin Morgan     Stunts4 Eps
Kevin Walter     2nd Assistant A Camera (NYC)2 Eps
Kimberly Auron     Production Assistant2 Eps
Kimberly Smallwood     Dot Coordinator3 Eps
Kirk Herzbrun     Assistant Sound Editor1 Eps
Laura Melosh     Production Assistant2 Eps
Lauren Melosh     Accounting Clerk2 Eps
Leo Castro     Set Costumer17 Eps
Lisa Mae Fincannon     Local Casting22 Eps
Lorie Shew     Set Costumer6 Eps
Luis Galdamas     Sound Effects Editor2 Eps
Mara Tuleutayeva     Production Assistant (NYC)2 Eps
Marcus Slabine     Production Assistant (NYC)2 Eps
Marianna Elias     Department Head Make-up8 Eps
Mark J. Romanelli     Second 2nd Assistant Director (NYC)2 Eps
Marty Smith (3)     Craft Service 
Mason Donnahoe     Sound Mixer16 Eps
Matthew A. Petrosky     "A" Camera Operator3 Eps
Matthew Clark (2)     Dimmer Board Operator5 Eps
Matthew J. Clark     First Assistant Director 
Max Barron     Production Assistant (NYC)1 Eps
Michael Holbrook     Driver1 Eps
Michael Morley     Medic5 Eps
Michael O'Brien (1)     Driver1 Eps
Michael Zurer     Assistant Editor2 Eps
Michelle Mayas     Camera Scenic (NYC)1 Eps
Mike Marino (2)     Foley Mixer2 Eps
Miklos Wright     Editor3 Eps
Monique Morales-kroll     Set Costumer3 Eps
Nate McGarigal     2nd Assistant B Camera (NYC)1 Eps
Nate Panning     Utility Sound1 Eps
Neil Enfinger     Picture Car Coordinator4 Eps
Nicholas Irrera     Lamp Operator4 Eps
Ozzy Alvarez     Special Effects Make-up4 Eps
Pablo Borges     Costumer9 Eps
Pamela Kahn     Foley Artist1 Eps
Patia Prouty     Costume Designer11 Eps
Patrick Bryant     Company Grip2 Eps
Paul Anderson     Prop Maker2 Eps
Paul Drenning     ADR Mixer2 Eps
Paul Hill     Inferno Artist2 Eps
Paulina Johnson     Stand-in2 Eps
Paul Stein     Genny Operator (NYC)2 Eps
Peter MacDissi (2)     Executive Producer11 Eps
Phil Culotta     Stunts (as Philip Culotta)1 Eps
P.J. Bloom     Music Supervisor22 Eps
Quinn Blake     Accounting Clerk6 Eps
Rafael Lima (1)     Location Manager (NYC)2 Eps
Randy Enfinger     Mechanic4 Eps
Ray Bivins     Special Effects Coordinator11 Eps
Ray Miller     On-Line Editor1 Eps
Richard S. Bellina     Medic12 Eps
Richard Turner     Medic2 Eps
Rich Figueroa     Dot Coordinator (NYC)2 Eps
Rick D. Pour     Dept. Head Make-up Artist13 Eps
Rick Parkinson     Transportation Captain4 Eps
Rick Sulier     Production Accountant8 Eps
Robert Benjamin     Production Assistant2 Eps
Robert F. Phillips     Producer8 Eps
Robert Gillis     Driver1 Eps
Robert Scott (2)     First Assistant Director20 Eps
Ronald Cook     Prop Maker2 Eps
Ryan Daeche     Assistant Location Manager10 Eps
Ryan Dodson     Lamp Operator2 Eps
Sascha Schneider     Unit Production Manager1 Eps
Scott R. Meyers     Second Assistant Director8 Eps
Sean Bernard     Lead Scenic20 Eps
S. Scott Clackum     Location Manager13 Eps
Stephanie Laing     Producer1 Eps
Stephen A. Cook     "B" Camera Second Assistant2 Eps
Stephen A. Cook     B Camera Second Assistant Camera2 Eps
Stephen A. Cooke     Special Effects Technician6 Eps
Stephen Howard     Construction Coordinator5 Eps
Steve Allen (1)     A Dolly Grip2 Eps
Susannah Gresham     Production Assistant (NYC)2 Eps
Suzi Faulkner     Animal Wrangler 
Sylvia Hendrix     Hairstylist8 Eps
Thomas G. Parris     2nd Second Assistant Director9 Eps
Tiffany Griffith     Dialogue Editor2 Eps
Tim Goldberg     Assistant Location Manager (NYC) 
Tim Walters     Transportation Coordinator6 Eps
Todd Luckey     Driver1 Eps
To Lee     Accounting Clerk6 Eps
Tom Leavy     Transportation Captain (NYC)2 Eps
Tom Vaughn     Company Grip (NYC)1 Eps
Tona Dahlquist     Extras Casting21 Eps
Tracy Lafferty     Production Assistant1 Eps
Victoria Carnall     Payroll Accountant15 Eps
Whitney Yale     Construction Foreman15 Eps
Wyatt Belton     Hairstylist16 Eps
Network: CINEMAX ( USA)
Type: Scripted
Genres: Action, Drama
Status: Canceled/Ended
Airs: Fridays at 10:00 pm
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: January 11, 2013
Ended: May 20, 2016
Episodes Order: 8
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