Night of the Huntress! - Recap

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Undead monster Solomon Grundy has gone with his men to take the brain of a scientist and put it in Grundy's skull, boosting his intelligence. Batman and Black Canary arrive to stop him. They dispose of Grundy's men and take on the man-monster. Black Canary stuns him with her sonic canary cry, then manages to stay one step ahead of him as he crashes into a mirror, and then through a window where he falls onto a neighboring building. Black Canary tries to taunt him into stepping off the building's ledge, but he doesn't fall for her trick... until she lures him back onto a skylight. She releases a final canary cry, shatters the glass below him, and he plummets down.

Jaime Reyes and his friend Paco are attending college in Gotham City. They chose Gotham City because of the heroes... and the hot villains and superheroines like Batgirl, Catwoman, and Huntress. They're interrupted when Professor Helena Bertinelli comes over to talk with them and find out why they're attending Gotham U. They promptly tell her it's because of the police classes.

A veiled woman enters Blackgate Prison and shows off her baby to the guards. However, they realize she's Mr. Manface, wife of crime boss Babyface. Babyface is the baby in the carriage, covered up except for his head. Husband and wife knock out the guards and run into the yard to free their gang. Batman hears the alarm and goes to investigate. Babyface releases his fellow gang members: Skeleton Keyes, Hammer Toe, Polecat Perkins, and Tweedledee & Tweedledum. he refuses to let another member, failed lookout Lazy Eye, out of his cell. When Lazy insults Manface, Babyface flies into a rage and almost kills him into Manface convinces him it's time to leave.

At Gotham U, Jaime and Bertinelli both hear about the prison break on the news. They quickly beg off and go into their respective restrooms. Jaime transforms into Blue Beetle using the alien scarab, while Helena dons the costume of... the Huntress, scourge of the underworld. Unaware of each other, they leave for Blackgate Prison.

Batman soon finds himself overwhelmed by Babyface's superpowered compatriots. Huntress arrives to save him and flirt with the Caped Crusader. Blue Beetle arrives and saves his mentor, but Babyface unleashes the rest of the prison population who delay the heroes long enough for Babyface and his gang to escape.

Huntress' presence reduces the Blue Beetle to a drooling teenager, but she's not impressed. She goes to check out a lead and seductively invites Batman along. Batman takes Blue Beetle with him. They go to the suburbs where they talk to Myron, aka the Calculator, an underworld information broker who knows everything that's happening in Gotham. Huntress interrogates Calculator while Batman goes through his computer files. Blue Beetle drools some more and asks Batman about girls. Batman tells him that women can be tricky. He and Huntress both learn that Babyface is heading for Warehouse X.

Babyface and his men find the secret Warehouse X and break in. The heroes arrive only to discover that Babyface and his men have acquired the warehouse's contents. The facility holds all of the equipment taken from captured super-villains. Using super-powered vehicles and robot suits, the villains attack. Blue Beetle is still busy watching Huntress but finally snaps out of it and gets into the battle. He takes out one gang member but another one stuns him from behind. When Batman and Huntress go to help him, they're knocked out as well. Babyface puts them into a giant hourglass left over from a Clock King caper and leaves after filling it with sand. Working together, Huntress uses a crossbow bolt to get an acid capsule out of Batman's utility belt, which Blue Beetle uses to free them under Batman's directions. Huntress tries to get Batman to herself but Batman refuses to abandon Blue Beetle, and they head out for Babyface's next target.

In the friendliest, safest part of Gotham, a sinister warehouse lurks in the center of the area. The Gotham crime lords are holding their annual summit there but the Babyface gang crashes the party. Babyface insist son taking over and opens fire. The heroes arrive and try to help the innocents avoid the debris, and the gang emerges to attack them. When Babyface comes after him, Batman activates the transformation device in the Batmobile, turning it into a giant mecha. He takes on Babyface while Blue Beetle finally gets serious and transforms his suit into full battle mode. He disposes of one gang member, impressing Huntress, then takes to the air and disposes of Tweedledee and Tweedledum in their aerial war machines. Manface goes after Batman to protect her husband, but Batman knocks her out and then uses an electric Batarang to destroy Babyface's suit.

As the police take away Babyface and his gang, Huntress tells Blue Beetle to call her... in five years. Blue Beetle wonders if he has a chance with her, but Batman tells him it's not likely.