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Batman: The Brave and The Bold: Darkseid Descending!

After a team-up with Firestorm to defeat Killer Frost, Batman must bring together a new team of heroes to create a Justice League to oppose the threat of Darkseid. However, internal dissent may destroy the team before Darkseid can.

Episode Info  

Episode number: 2x23
Airdate: Friday December 03rd, 2010

Director: Michael Goguen
Writer: Paul Giacoppo

Guest Stars
Grey GriffinGrey Griffin
voiced Fire
John DiMaggioJohn DiMaggio
voiced Aquaman
Will FriedleWill Friedle
voiced Blue Beetle
Bill FagerbakkeBill Fagerbakke
voiced Ronnie
Nicholas GuestNicholas Guest
voiced Martian Manhunter / The Question
Jennifer HaleJennifer Hale
voiced Ice (uncredited as Killer Frost)
Tom Everett ScottTom Everett Scott
voiced Booster Gold
James Arnold TaylorJames Arnold Taylor
voiced Guy Gardner
Billy WestBilly West
voiced Skeets
Tyler James WilliamsTyler James Williams
voiced Firestorm (as Tyler James Williams)
Michael Leon WooleyMichael Leon Wooley
voiced Darkseid (uncredited as Kalibak)
Main Cast
Diedrich BaderDiedrich Bader
voiced Batman / Bruce Wayne


Ronnie Raymond is teaching chemistry using football plans, as his students look on, including Jason. He asks a student to open the window, and the student is immediately frozen solid by... Killer Frost, Ronnie's former girlfriend Louise Lincoln. Ronnie admits that he dumped her, and she's back for revenge. Batman arrives and knocks her outside, and then leaps out the window after her. Ronnie and Jason merge themselves into Firestorm, the Nuclear Man, and aid Batman. She explains that Ronnie broke up with her via text message, and made him pay for all of their dates. Batman helps him despite that, and Firestorm exchanges nuclear fire versus cold blasts. Batman binds her and Firestorm delivers the final blow. As Killer Frost is taken to STAR Labs, Batman warns that arch-enemies can be dangerous. Ronnie figures that arch-enemies and ex-girlfriends are the same...

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Episode Quotes
Batman: Sorry, Frost, but I make it my business to protect innocent lives.
Killer Frost: Innocent? You call the man who broke up with me via text message innocent?
Batman: Incredible.
Jason: Really?
Ronnie: Quick and painless. It's the humane thing to do.
Killer Frost: I could've handled that indignity if he didn't make me pay for all of our dates.
Jason: What is wrong with you, Coach?
Ronnie: Hey! How did I become the bad guy here?

Batman: Good job, Firestorm. But remember: arch-enemies can be a deadly business.
Jason: Great. Now she's your ex and your arch-enemy.
Ronnie: Like there's a difference.

Guy Gardner: Hey, Bats. Is there a reason it's so stinkin' hot in here?
Booster Gold: Oh, I think I know the reason. Wingman!
Skeets: Right here, sir.
Booster Gold: Hello, ladies. I don't believe we've met. The name's Gold. And you can bet I'm as precious as the metal.
Fire: We are Fire and Ice. A volatile combination.
Ice: Like my mother's peanut butter and sardine slurpees.

Blue Beetle: Invasion? From where?
Batman: Apokolips.
Ice: Home of the Parthenon.
Batman: No. A distant world enslaved by the most evil beings in the known universe.
Ice: Ahh! The Greeks!

Guy Gardner: What are you doing in here?
Booster Gold: Called dibs, didn't I, Skeets?
Skeets: And firsties, Sir.
Guy Gardner: You poser. Get out of my cabin right now.
Booster Gold: Umm... no, I think I'll stay. (Guy grabs him) Not the face, not the face!

Batman: Boom Tubes. Dimensional portals used by the forces of Apokolips.
Aquaman: Then adventure calls.
Guy Gardner: Let's get down there so you punks can see a real hero in action.
Ice: The Greeks must be stopped!
Booster Gold: Got to text my publicist. Skeets! How many p's in "impending"?
Skeets: One, sir.
Fire: Is this suit too short for world-saving?
Blue Beetle: Umm, I wonder if it's short enough?

Martian Manhunter: We'll need a three-pronged attack. Defense, distraction, demolition. Team One, Ice...
Blue Beetle: And Beetle?
Martian Manhunter: And Booster.
Booster Gold: Yes!
Martian Manhunter: Team Two, Fire...
Blue Beetle: And Beetle?
Martian Manhunter: And Aquaman.
Blue Beetle: Arrrghhh...

Darkseid: Batman. I know all about you. I haven't become the most feared being in the universe by underestimating my enemies. But by obliterating them.

Darkseid: I must admit, that was exhilarating. Is this where you hurl a clever retort at me? (Batman groans) No. Then I shall separate your atoms into the primordial ether. A most fitting design.

Guy Gardner: So, Bats, for once in your life you weren't the one to throw the last punch and save the day. Heh heh. How's that feel?
Batman: Pretty good.

Other Episode Crew

Executive ProducerSam Register
ProducerMichael Jelenic  |  James Tucker
EditorJoe Gall
CastingAndrea Romano
Line ProducerAmy McKenna
MusicMichael McCuistion  |  Kristopher Carter  |  Lolita Ritmanis
Re-Recording MixerJohn K. Hegedes  |  Robert Hargreaves
On-Line EditorChristopher Lozinski
OtherBrian E.S. Jones (Executive in Charge of Production/Cartoon Network)  |  Tramm Wigzell (Executive in Charge of Production/Cartoon Network)
Production SupervisorHoward Schwartz (2)  |  Geno Dubois
Voice DirectorAndrea Romano
Production ManagerKimberly S. Moreau
Production ManagementEd Adams
Main Title ThemeAndy Sturmer
Main Title DesignPeter Girardi  |  James Tucker
Production AccountantLuisa Guzman  |  Athena Wingate
Recording Machine OperatorJeff O. Collins
Casting AdministratorLiz Carroll  |  Susan Chieco
Created ByBob Kane
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