Batman Beyond

Batman Beyond

Warner Brothers asked Bruce Timm and Paul Dini to create a new Batman series that would appeal to a younger audience as his last cartoon, Batman: The Animated Series, had begun to "skew old" that is, appeal to viewers older than the network wanted. That meeting generated a number of ideas: a Smallville-like show starring a younger Bruce Wayne but eventually Timm and Dini hit on the idea of a teenage "successor" Batman. Timm and Dini proposed working up story treatments but Warner Brothers told them they already had a green light to make their show. Bruce called up a friend who worked with him on other shows and Glen loved the idea and talked Bruce into doing it. Early names included B2 (with a superscript, like B-squared), the Tomorrow Knight (the producers remain proud they did not select that one) and Batman Tomorrow. Advertising difficulties ("tonight on Batman Tomorrow" might confuse viewers) scuttled that, and they arrived at Batman Beyond. The idea of killing off Bruce Wayne circulated briefly, but according to Bruce Timm, he slammed his fist on a desk and flatly told those involved he would never kill Bruce Wayne.

The series was a huge hit and lasted for three seasons. The first two-part episode, "Rebirth" focused on Terry McGinnis, a troubled boy who after a run-in with the law and the Jokerz gang discovers Bruce Wayne's secret identity the same day a megalomaniac has his father murdered for something he'd discovered. Terry asked Bruce for help but Bruce refused, telling him to take his evidence to the police and let them handle it. Terry knew the murderer had a lot of political influence and could probably evade justice, but he tried it. En route to the police station he was jumped and lost the evidence. Now, Terry had no way of convincing the police so he took matters into his own hands. Terry then snuck into the Bat-cave and stole the newest Batman costume, then went after his father's murderer. Terry gained a measure of revenge for his father's death and the satisfaction of seeing justice done as he confronted various wrongdoers over that first season: new creations Inque and Spellbinder as well as a (sort of) revived Mr. Freeze and a new incarnation of the Royal Flush Gang. Terry even helped his era's Justice League Unlimited defeat Starro the Conqueror. Superman offered Terry membership but he refused.

Bruce Wayne, no longer young, stays in the Bat-Cave while Terry does the legwork. Bruce has, however, gone back into the line of duty using a high-tech battle suit that placed a dangerous strain on his heart when he was 20 years younger.

In addition to three seasons of episodes, the series produced one movie, Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker, and a short-lived spinoff series The Zeta Project. After the cancellation of his own series, Terry appeared in the Static Shock episode "Future Shock" and in the Justice League Unlimited episodes "The Once and Future Thing Part Two: Time, Warped" and "Epilogue" where he learned a shocking secret about his own origins.

A Second DVD
The producers once planned to create a Batman Beyond DVD with a plot similar to "Epilogue" but it never got past the 45 minute planning stages. Bruce Timm and another producer wrote the story. Originally, Terry/Batman was to meet with Selina Kyle and learn of many failed cloning attempts and his destiny as Bruce's clone. She would also reveal a son cloned from Bruce who became a vigilante that murdered villains. There were also plans to bring back old villains like the Riddler and others. However, the concept raised certain continuity questions, for example, "Why didn't Bruce recognize Terry as his clone?" and "Why was Matt more like a Terry clone?" Then Dwayne McDuffie created "Epilogue" and answered the most important questions about Terry, so that's the route that the team took.

Opening Theme

Closing Theme

Episode Info

Final: 3x13 -- Unmasked (Dec/18/2001)

Terry tells Max the tale of when his secret identity was almost discovered by the Kobra Organization, and how he endangered the life of a little boy by exposing it to him.
Kevin ConroyKevin Conroy
voiced Bruce Wayne
Will FriedleWill Friedle
voiced Terry McGinnis / Batman
Angie HarmonAngie Harmon
voiced Commissioner Barbara Gordon (2000-2001)
Cree SummerCree Summer
voiced Max Gibson
Lauren TomLauren Tom
voiced Dana Tan
Rachael Leigh CookRachael Leigh Cook
voiced Chelsea Cunningham (2000+)
Ryan ORyan O'Donohue
voiced Matt McGinnis
Sherman HowardSherman Howard
voiced Derek Powers / Blight
Stockard ChanningStockard Channing
voiced Commissioner Barbara Gordon (1999-2000)
Teri GarrTeri Garr
voiced Mary McGinnis


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3x2: Untouchable recap: A masked man in a glowing suit approaches a WayneTech business. When the guards try to stop him, they discover that the glow is an impenetrable forcefield. The intruder blasts them aside and then breaks open the door and goes inside. He triggers an electrical field but he walks past it without noticing and enters the isotope research lab... read more.

1x10: Spellbound recap: The episode opens up with a pan of Gotham City. Chelsea Cunningham is standing with her boyfriend; they kiss each other good bye as she walks away. She waves goodbye and her boyfriend shuts his door. As she walks to her house, Spellbinder walks up to her, and he shows her his magic eyeball thing, and makes her believe she is in the jungle. In the “jungle” she slashes at plants and stuff, as she really walks through her living room and home. She presses an item on a hidden wall in the jungle, and the wall opens like a door. In reality, a door opens, and she grabs a statue, which she does in her dream thing. She and Spell Binder walk up a hill together. She throws the statue into a pit of lava/pit of water. After she does this, her father runs up to her, and he is screaming at him. Chelsea has no memory of what just happened. Spellbinder grabs the statue and flies away... read more.

1x9: The Winning Edge recap: The episode opens up with a pan from the skies of Gotham to a weapons van that parks in front of a Jokerz gang. The man opens up his truck and he shows the Jokerz the guns. One Joker member picks up a gun and fires it. Batman then comes in and begins to beat up the gang. The man who was selling the guns then gets tied up by Batman. Then, the cops come and take away the bad-guys... read more.

1x8: Dead Man's Hand recap: The episode opens with a man sailing, on a small sailboat. A giant yacht is headed for him, so he turns to go a different way. A wave of water covers him, and he begins to shout at the people in the Yacht. The Royal Flush Gang soon appears on the Yacht and they begin to attack the passengers. They are after jewels, and watches, and other things. The member ten begins to take the stuff... read more.

1x7: Shriek recap: Walter Shreeve gives a demonstration of auditory illusions to his financier, Derek Powers. When Powers expresses his disappointment that Shreeve hasn’t come up with more, Shreeve dons a experimental suit equipped with sound modules and demonstrates its destructive abilities. He suggests using it for demolition and excavation, but Powers notes that dynamite is cheaper. The executive wants a return on his investment and tells Shreeve that to solve a problem for him: Batman... read more.
Recurring Guests

Corey Burton as Vilmos Egan (6 eps)
Michael Rosenbaum as Ollie (6 eps)
Melissa Disney as Blade (5 eps)
Bruce Timm as Jokerz Leader (5 eps)
Sean Donnellan as Virtual Anchor (5 eps)
Sam McMurray as Harry Tully (4 eps)
Clyde Kusatsu as Coach (4 eps)
Gregg Berger as Golem Controller (4 eps)
Shannon Kenny as Inque (4 eps)
Mark Jonathan Davis as Virtual Anchor (4 eps)

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Classification: Animation
Genre: Animation General | Action | Adventure | Crime | Sci-Fi | Super Heroes
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: WB ( USA)
Airs: Saturdays
Runtime: 30 Minutes
Premiere: January 10, 1999
Ended: April 07, 2001
Batman Beyond by Kristopher Carter  
• Batman of The Future (Used In United Kingdom)
• BB (Abbreviation)
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