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Season 3

Batman Beyond: Return of The Joker

Batman breaks up the same Jokerz group three times in a row attempt to steal some high-tech equipment. Terry meets The Joker when the Jokerz gang and him crash the Wayne Enterprise's party. When Bruce is nearly killed during The Joker's latest attack (at Wayne Manor), Terry vows to avenge his mentor and put The Joker to rest--for good!
Guest Stars: Bruce Timm as Guard | Michael Rosenbaum as Ghoul | Mark Hamill as Joker/Jordan Price (uncredited) | Dean Stockwell as Tim Drake | Arleen Sorkin as Harley Quinn/Nana Harley | Tara Strong as Batgirl | Mathew Valencia as Robin | Melissa Joan Hart as Dee Dee | Don Harvey (1) as Chucko | Frank Welker as Woof | Henry Rollins as Bonk | Vernee Watson-Johnson as Ms. Carr | Mark Jonathan Davis as V. R. Newsman | Andrea Romano as Laughing Boy | Mary Scheer as Mrs. Tim Drake
Director: Curt Geda
Songs: Kenny Wayne Shepherd -- Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker (End Title), Static-X, Mephisto Odyssey -- Crash

40 :03x01 - King's Ransom

Paxton Powers is held hostage by the Royal Flush Gang, and he needs the help of Bruce Wayne, because nobody else will pay to have him released.
Guest Stars: Sarah Douglas as Queen | Nicholas Guest as Jack | George Lazenby as King | Olivia d'Abo as Melanie | Sean Donnellan as Virtual Anchor | Parker Stevenson as Paxton Powers
Director: Butch Lukic
Writer: Rich Fogel

41 :03x02 - Untouchable

There is a new villan in town, the Reppelar, and he has some sort of connection to Bruce Wayne's company Wayne Powers, and Bruce and Terry want to know what it is.
Guest Stars: Gedde Watanabe as Dr. Suzuki | Joanna Hulce as Irene | Miguel Sandoval as Dr. Blades | T'Keyah Keymáh as Makeba | Victor Raider-Wexler as Muscles
Director: Dan Riba

42 :03x03 - Inqueling

Bruce Wayne is out of town, and just as Batman finds Inque on the lose again! After a battle with her, she escapes to go to her business partner who betrays her, shooting her with a genetic-reducing gun, causing Inque to become less thick than usual. Inque goes to her daughter for help, who may not be as loving as she acts.
Guest Stars: Azura Skye as Deanna Clay | Peter Mark Richman as Winchell | Clyde Kusatsu as Dr. Fong | Shannon Kenny as Inque
Director: Butch Lukic

43 :03x04 - Big Time

Terry's old friend Charlie Big Time returns, and nobody but Terry will give him a chance because of his past.
Guest Stars: Robert Patrick as Richard Armacost | William H. Macy as Kerros | Sean Donnellan as Virtual News Anchor | Gary Sturgis as Captain Rubens | Stephen Baldwin as Charlie Bigelow
Director: James Tucker

44 :03x05 - Out of the Past

Talia returns, offering Bruce Wayne a chance to use the Lazarus pits to become young again. But Terry and Bruce discover something shocking...
Guest Stars: David Warner as Ra's Al Ghul | Mark Hamill as Carter | Adrienne Barbeau as Singer | B.J. Ward as Singer | Charles Kimbrough as Gordon | Jamie Torcellini as Singer | Michael Rosenbaum as Carl | Gary Sturgis as Punk | Steven Bernstein as Singer
Director: James Tucker
Writer: Paul Dini

45 :03x06 - Speak No Evil

Batman teams up with a mutated monkey who can talk to take down a poacher who killed Fingers's mother.
Guest Stars: Robert David Hall as Fulton | James Eckhouse as Zacharus | Max Brooks as Howard | Sean Donnellan as Virtual Anchor | Malachi Throne as Fingers | Reiner Schöne as James Van Dyle
Director: Dan Riba

46 :03x07 - The Call (1)

Superman believes that there is a traitor in the Justice League, after Micron is almost killed by League technology. So he recruits Batman into the League to keep an eye on them. But then, after an attach on Metropolis, Batman and Bruce discover the real traitor...
Guest Stars: Chad Einbinder as Father | Lauren Tom as Green Lantern | Peter Onorati as Warhawk | Timothy Dang as Driver | Wayne Brady as Micron | Shannon Kenny as Inque | Farrah Forke as Barda | Jodi Benson as Aquagirl | Christopher McDonald as Superman
Director: Butch Lukic

47 :03x08 - The Call (2)

Batman and the other members of the JLU go after Superman, but Batman is a lone ranger when Starro takes control of the other members, so it's Batman against the JLU!
Guest Stars: Lauren Tom as Green Lantern | Peter Onorati as Warhawk | Wayne Brady as Micron | Farrah Forke as Barda | Jodi Benson as Aquagirl | Christopher McDonald as Superman
Director: Butch Lukic

48 :03x09 - Betrayal

Charlie Big time returns causing trouble for Terry... in and out of costume.
Guest Stars: Jon Polito as Major | Rodger Bumpass as Cop | Jeff Harlan as Guard | Bob Joles as Driver | Clancy Brown as Big Time
Director: Kyung-Won Lim

49 :03x10 - Curse of Kobra (1)

While Terry goes farther into martial arts training, the evil kobra group move to Gotham.
Guest Stars: Brian George (1) as Dr. Pada Banjahri | Xander Berkeley as Dr. Chides | Dan Castellaneta as Guard | Takayo Fischer as Kairi Tanaga | Bruce Timm as J-Man | Gary Sturgis as Driver | Alexis Denisof as Zander
Director: James Tucker
Writer: Rich Fogel

50 :03x11 - Curse of Kobra (2)

Terry must save Max, take down Kobra and stop a bomb that could destroy Gotham.
Guest Stars: Xander Berkeley as Dr. Chides | Dan Castellaneta as Kobra Commando | Takayo Fischer as Kairi Tanaga | Grey Griffin as Servant Girl #2 | Gary Sturgis as Kobra | Alexis Denisof as Zander
Director: Dan Riba
Story: Rich Fogel | Teleplay: Stan Berkowitz

51 :03x12 - Countdown

While looking for his creator, Mad Stan becomes an alley to Zeta, then he betrays Zeta and turns Zeta into a walking Time Bomb, that only Batman and Ro can save.
Guest Stars: Lauren Tom as Agent Lee | Keone Young as Dr. Ho | Kurtwood Smith as Agent Bennett | Henry Rollins as Mad Stan | Bruce Timm as Top Hat Joker | Julie Nathanson as Rosalee "Ro" Rowan | Michael Rosenbaum as Agent West | Diedrich Bader as Zeta | T'Keyah Keymáh as Dispatch Operator
Director: Kyung-Won Lim

52 :03x13 - Unmasked

Terry tells Max the tale of when his secret identity was almost discovered by the Kobra Organization, and how he endangered the life of a little boy by exposing it to him.
Guest Stars: Keith Szarabajka as Bracelet Kobra | Victor Rivers as Guard | Theresa Saldana as Mother | Sean Marquette as Miguel Diaz | Pat Musick as Busybody | Corey Burton as Kobra Op 1 | Kerrigan Mahan as Main Kobra Op
Director: Kyung-Won Lim
Classification: Animation
Genre: Animation General | Action | Adventure | Crime | Sci-Fi | Super Heroes
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: WB ( USA)
Airs: Saturdays
Runtime: 30 Minutes
Premiere: January 10, 1999
Ended: April 07, 2001
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