Rebirth (1) - Recap

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At an abandoned air-hangar, 3 thugs are watching the news as they count their ransom money that was given to them in order to save the life of Bunny Vreeland. The news is talking about how Bruce Wayne had overcome an attempt by Derek Powers to take over his company.
Then, outside, Batman shows up in a new costume that was never seen in animation before. He takes out one of the goons outside by punching him, and then he uses his jet boots to fly up onto the roof. After he gets onto the roof, he crashes down onto the goons and takes him down, but as he is going this he has a heart attack and he ends up loosing a fight. The goon sees this and he grabs a wrench and starts beating Batman till he can’t get up. Batman knows that he isn’t going to be able to fight his way out of this, so he picks up a gun that is in front of him and he holds it up to one of the kidnapers. The kidnaper runs out of the hangar and is stopped by the cops. Batman walks out of the hangar and he takes off his mask.
At the bat-cave, Bruce Wayne has the costume in a display case and is standing above a fleet of steps. He shuts a switch off and says “Never Again.”

20 years later, a young kid named Terry McGinnis is sitting in some king of elevator/train thing, while watching news about the stock market. Then, a Joker walks into the transport thing and he begins to cause trouble with one of the passengers. Terry stands up to the Joker and begins to have a fist fight with him. Terry pushes the Joker into a TV screen and he causes the glass to break. Then the Joker runs away and the clean-up crew come to clean up the mess left by the two.
Then, at the Hamilton Hill High-School Terry and Nelson Nash are having a wrestling competition and the two of them are getting into a verbal conflict, which ends up causing Terry to throw a punch at Nelson. He is told to leave the gym by the teacher.

At WaynePowers, Warren McGinnis (Terry’s Father) gets a call from his friend, Mr. Tully who is having a bit of a conflict. Mr. Tully gives Warren a disc that proves what was wrong with him, but before he can explain Mr. Fixx and his guards take Mr. Tully away.
Soon after that incident Derek Powers call Warren into his office, questioning him about the disc that Mr. Tully gave him. He says he has no idea what Derek is talking about. Then, he leaves.

Warren decides to investigate what was on the disc at his home where he is confronted by Terry. Terry is in an argument with him because Warren won’t let him leave the house due to him getting into a fight. Terry leaves and Warren begins to feel bad. Then, as Terry leaves the house, Mr. Fixx drives up in a car and he watches Terry leave.

Terry meets Dana Tan at a dance club and he is then confronted by Jokerz. Nelson is first messed with by the gang, and then it leads to Terry being chased down by them on Motorcycle. Terry steals on of the gang’s motorbikes and drives off and he finds himself on the long driveway to Wayne Manor. He sees that he is about to hit Bruce Wayne, so he slides off the bike so he does not injure Bruce. Then, the Jokerz pull up and begin to start a fight with Bruce and Terry. Bruce and Terry then decide to fight back and they beat the heck out of the gang. Bruce ends up out of breath and in need of energy. He tells Terry to help him get into his mansion which Terry does. Terry gives Bruce the medicine and Bruce falls asleep. Terry makes a phone call to tell his father where he is at, but there is no answer. Then, Terry sees a bat trapped inside of Bruce’s grandfather clock. He opens up the clock to free the bat, but when he slides the grandfather clock open he sees the bat travel down a staircase, which leads him to the Batcave. Terry is astonished at what he sees, but it ends shortly, since Bruce discovers him lurking within his secret hideaway for Batman. Terry then walks home where he discovers a bunch of police cars and an ambulance. Terry runs in and discovers that the house had been tagged and he also discovered that his father had been murdered. Terry was very upset.

The next day, his father is on the television as they are talking about his passing on. Matt is with his mother watching, but his mother tells him to go to bed, as it is getting late. Mary McGinnis walks into Terry’s room where we see him lying around; where she says that he had been like that for hours. He tells her about how he yelled at him, and he hugs his mother as he begins to sob.

Matt and Terry soon begin moving Terry’s stuff into the household. Terry is caring a bunch of stuff into his room and he accidentally drops them onto his bed. He then discovers a disc hidden behind a framed picture of him and Terry. Terry then puts the disc into his computer and begins studding it. Matt comes in and Terry quickly shuts the lid. Matt asks him what he was looking at and he shows Matt what he was looking at. Then, he leaves the house.

Terry and Dana pull up to Bruce’s mansion and Dana leaves Terry at his request. Terry is trying to persuade Bruce to let him into his house, to show him what he discovered. Bruce is not letting him in, but he finally gives up and lets Terry come in.

To Be Continued…