Rebirth (2) - Recap

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The episode begins with a small clip show, showing many important events from the last episode.

After the opening theme is displayed, we are cut to the Batcave, where Terry and Bruce are animalizing the disc Terry had found. Bruce notices the virus taking over a cell, as it eats the cell away, till it becomes nothing. Bruce shows his anger at Derek’s doing this. Meanwhile Terry is analyzing the bat-suit, showing his admiration of it. Bruce sends Terry off with the disc, telling him to take it to Barbara Gordon.

While Terry is on his way to give the police the disc, a hovercraft limo stops in front of him, preventing him from walking any farther. Derek Powers then pressures Terry into giving him the disc, or getting him into the limo. Terry is them assaulted by Mr. Fixx and then is asked by Derek about the disc. Terry tells Mr. Fixx that if he lets go, he will give him the disc. Terry then throws the disc up into the air and runs away. Meanwhile Derek’s body guards are shooting at him. Terry runs away into the shadows. Derek tells them to leave him alone, as he got what he wanted.

Now, Bruce is watching the news as Derek makes an aqiautence with an evil government official of another country. Ace begins to bark, and Bruce goes to the cave to investigate. While walking down the stairs, Bruce is astonished to learn that somebody had stolen the Batsuit. He is enraged.

Cut to Terry gliding over the city in the new batsuit. He is having an uneasy time doing this, and he grabs a pole so the he can land properly. After taking a break, Terry jumps off of the building to glide over to where Derek is at. He then uses his rocket boots to get him there faster. He lands on a building, where he stands looking for Derek. He gets him to a window where he uses a piece of equipment to here the conversation. Inside, Derek Powers shows Vilmos what this new chemical can do. Derek shows pictures of what happened to Mr. Tully. Vilmos gasps at the last picture. Derek then asks Mr. Fixx about Terry, and then Mr. Fixx begins to him that he’ll take care of it, just like he did with his father. Terry is then ambushed by guards, and he escapes while being fired at.

Mr. Fixx and Derek Powers are then notified about the recent appearance by the Batman.

Meanwhile, the guards begin to search for Batman, as Bruce Wayne contacts him. Bruce tells Terry to give him back the Batman suit, but Terry is then found by the guards. Terry now must find a new hiding spot, when Bruce tells him again to give back the Batman suit. Then, Terry goes back to fight the guards and Bruce then disables the suit. Then the guards go after Terry while beating him up, Terry is getting hurt real badly. Then, one guard pulls a gun on Terry and he is about to fire when Bruce ables the suit again and lets Terry fight the guards to get to a good hiding place. Terry runs from the guards jumping the boxes, when Bruce tells him to give the Batsuit back. Terry tells Bruce that the guards are after him, so Bruce tells him to hide in a broom closet. Bruce then tells Terry to place his hand on the far wall in the broom closet, which gives Terry a great hiding place. Then Terry trys to persuade Bruce to let him take down Derek Powers. Bruce lets Terry stop the hovercraft, and gives him guidance on the communicator.

Cut to where they are loading the hovercrafts. Guards are all over the place, trying to make sure that “Batman” doesn’t interfere. Batman is hanging on a pipe, eavesdropping. The guards then see Batman, so Batman must guide himself through lasers safely. Then Batman walks up to Derek Powers and Mr. Fixx. After getting knocked out by a guard operating a piece of equipment, Batman is down. Derek tells Mr. Fixx to get the hovercraft in the air. Batman then breaks free and goes after Derek. He throws a canister at him with the virus in it. Derek shoots a whole in the canister and the virus goes into the air. Terry runs away, and the guards get out before they are affected.

Batman is trying to make his way into the hovercraft, and he does so. He is then faced with the challenge of fighting Derek Powers’s assistant, Mr. Fixx who is using bronze knuckles. Batman then takes Mr. Fixx down, and Mr. Fix ends up messing up the controls, causing the hovercraft to go into the water. Terry then escapes leaving Mr. Fixx to his watery grave.

Later, in the morning, Terry is woken up to Bruce Wayne. Bruce is served coffee by Mrs. Mcginnis. Bruce says that he has a job opening and he wants Terry to accept his offer. Terry accepts and the episode ends with Terry shaking hands with Bruce.