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Batman Beyond: Black Out

Derek Powers hires Inque to destroy FoxTeca, a company competing with Wayne Powers for a big NASA contract. The new Batman derails Powers' plans, so he revises them: she's to destroy FoxTeca and kill Batman.

Episode Info  

Episode number: 1x3
Production Number: 03
Airdate: Saturday January 30th, 1999

Director: Dan Riba
Writer: Robert Goodman

Guest Stars
Kevin Michael RichardsonKevin Michael Richardson
voiced Security Chief
Shannon KennyShannon Kenny
voiced Inque
Mari DevonMari Devon
voiced Miss Winston


The episode opens up to Gotham City, with a pan to the FoxTeca building. A truck is pulling up to the building, and the driver is forced into a retile scan. The scan is accepted and he is let in. Then we get a glimpse of a crew member is shown. He is talking to his boss, and he leave the area where he is standing at. The shadow is still there as he walks away, and nothing changes with it. The shadow then disappears into other shadows and is evading the workers, not being seen. Then she messes with the electrical panels and causes the building to begin to blow up. The guards are now aware of her presence and are looking for the person behind it. Then, one truck is driving away, and it pulls to a stop. Inque comes from inside the bottom and leaves the seen...

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Episode Notes
Fox Teca is owned by none other than Lucius Fox.

Bruce uses the Gray Ghost mask in this episode.

Derek Powers fired Lucius Fox's son when he took over Wayne Tech and formed WaynePowers.

Inque debuts in this episode.

Lucius Fox is only mentioned, he does not appear.

Commissioner Gordon debuts. (Barbara Gordon.)

The sign of the woman whose lips Ink disguises herself with shows the Chinese characters 紅美. It says Hong Mei or Red Beauty.

Episode Quotes
(Terry is called by Bruce Wayne. Terry then packs up his things and leaves.)
Dana: (to Terry) This isn’t normal.
Terry: You have no idea.

Derek: (to Inque) Wayne. That performance was just to remind me that he is still breathing… Barely, I might add.

Terry: (to Bruce) Is it okay if I get some time to myself tonight?
Bruce: Don’t count on it.

(Nelson Nash winks at Dana)
Dana: (to Terry) Is it wrong for me to root for the other team?
Terry: Not under the circumstances.

Derek: Why Lucius Junior was vice president when I took over.
Bruce: I know. You fired him.
Derek: Why, yes. Had to make room for the new guard didn’t we?

Derek: Come in Bruce. What a pleasant surprise. How have you been holding up?
Bruce: With a cane.

Derek: Why, Bruce... you misread me. I don’t worry.
Bruce: I came to say this… Keep your hands off of FoxTeca!
Derek: Pardon me?
Bruce: I may not have the leverage on paper any more, but I do have friends.

Terry: (to Bruce) Is there any time of day I get to have a social life?
Bruce: Not in this business.
Terry: You get a real kick out of this, don’t ya?
Bruce: I’m doing my part.
Terry: Which is what again?

Terry: (to Bruce) You may be used to dealing with freaks and monsters, but I’m a little new at this! (Looks at the Gray Ghost mask and suit) I don’t even know what half this stuff is.
Bruce: Way before your time.

Terry: (about the Batmobile) This is unbearably cool!
Bruce: Remember. Easy gestures. Let the suit do the work.
Terry: (makes the Batmobile go really fast) Woo hoo!
Bruce: Mind not doing that?
Terry: Sorry.
Bruce: You scratch it, no allowance.

Episode Goofs
We know why Powers is trying to take down FoxTeca, but we never learned why he fired Lucius Jr. (Powers most likely didn't want Lucius Jr. as vice president because he was loyal to Bruce.)

Episode References
Derek Powers: (to Terry) With your father gone, that would make you the breadwinner...

Derek is referring to the first episode of the series, "Rebirth (1)", in which Terry's father was killed.

When Terry crashes through the window, it is the entrance that Batman uses many times, whether it be in the comics, a TV show, or in a movie, this is Batman's most well known entrance.

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