Heroes - Recap

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The episode begins with a group of high-tech thugs stealing from a technology building. As they fly away, Batman sees them, and shoots a grappling hook so that he can grab onto them. The guard then shoots at Batman, and he ends up flying into a bill-board. Batman then lets go of the grappling hook and glides around, and he gets tackled into a building by one of the thugs. Terry lies in pain as a woman who is Intangible walks right past him. She then flies up to one thug and touches his helmet. She then freezes him. Then, a giant magma monster throws a piece of a building at the thugs. He knocks them down as a man catches them in his giant rubber body. He then flings them both up in the air and he catches them in his hands. Then he sets them down and turns back into his normal size. The 3 heroes regroup as a crowd gathers around them. The police then show up to take the goons away. Batman then watches.

In the next seen, Matt and a friend are watching a news story about the Terrific Trio. In the news, they are doing a story about the Terrific Trio’s origins.

Terry and Bruce are also watching the news video. After the origin story, Bruce shuts the computer off and looks over at Terry.

Cut to the next scene as the police try to reason with the men behind a hostage situation. Commissioner Gordon is talking with the man in charge. Inside, they have a mother and her child as hostages. The Terrific Trio then show up, and begin to fight the goons. Magma goes to free the girl and the mom, when she screams in terror. The cops come in and take it from there. The cops take the goons to jail as they bring the hostages out of the building. Magma goes over to them, and the girl is afraid. Commissioner Gordon tells Magma to walk away. Magma throws his fist down on a cop car.

Cut to their headquarters where they are talking about tonight’s events. Magma then tells them that they’re freaks. A doctor assures them that they are developing a cure. Dr. Hodges leaves the room, and meets with a military leader. The military leader tells Hodges to control them, or they go after them.

Cut to the mall. Terry is walking around, browsing shops with his brother Matt. They walk past a store selling Terrific Trio merchandise. Matt tells Terry that he likes Batman more, and Terry then takes his brother to get some ice cream, in delight that his brother likes him more than these new heroes.

Cut to the B. R Research Center. A doctor walks into a room that has many pieces of equipment in it. He goes up to Dr. Hodges and he gives him a piece of their DNA. He then examines it and he tells them that there is a problem. Magma then sneaks up on the doctor when he’s rechecking. He knocks him out and steals the DNA sample.

Outside, Batman is driving in that Batmobile and goes to where the disturbance his. He finds Magma there, and he begins to engage in battle with him. Magma manages to defeat Batman, an escape. Batman follows him.

At the headquarters, Magma shots the Terrific Trio his recent discovery. Magma shows them what he found. He displays it on the computer. Batman is watching from a distance as the Terrific Trio see their DNA begin to get destroyed. (not in real life.) The government then launches an attack on their base. As the base falls apart, Bruce tells Terry to get out of there. Terry doesn’t listen to him, and he stays with the trio, as he is stuck under a part of the base. As the army is attacking, The Terrific trio must dodge the missiles. The Terrific Trio then fight the army members that come into the base. Batman frees himself, and he goes after the army and the Terrific Trio. Magma seals the door to the room that they are in shut. The army can’t get in, and the army follows a decoy plane. Batman goes after the TT.

Cut to Dr. Hodges office. The Terrific Trio then show up there and ambush him. Magma destroys his computer and they take him hostage. They then realize they only intended to trap Michael in there. They all where not supposed to be there. The TT then decides to blow up the entire city. Batman intervenes. He gets into a fight with the Terrific Trio. Bruce Watches on the Bat-computer. Batman gets to a switch that sucks Freon and 2-D man into the ventilation system. Batman tries to shut it off, but Magma stops him. Batman then goes to a fire hose and his Magma with the water, and Batman begins to fight with him until Magma dies? Batman shuts it off and saves the day. Batman walks away.