Spellbound - Recap

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The episode opens up with a pan of Gotham City. Chelsea Cunningham is standing with her boyfriend; they kiss each other good bye as she walks away. She waves goodbye and her boyfriend shuts his door. As she walks to her house, Spellbinder walks up to her, and he shows her his magic eyeball thing, and makes her believe she is in the jungle. In the “jungle” she slashes at plants and stuff, as she really walks through her living room and home. She presses an item on a hidden wall in the jungle, and the wall opens like a door. In reality, a door opens, and she grabs a statue, which she does in her dream thing. She and Spell Binder walk up a hill together. She throws the statue into a pit of lava/pit of water. After she does this, her father runs up to her, and he is screaming at him. Chelsea has no memory of what just happened. Spellbinder grabs the statue and flies away.

Terry and his friend Jared walk through the hallways of the school. They are talking about Jared’s mom’s wedding. Jared opens his locker and he begins to grab some books out of his locker. The police walk by, and Jared tells Terry about what happened to Chelsea. The bell rings and then Jared walks off to class. Terry walks over to where the police are talking, and he listens to her conversation. The police are talking to the school counselor about Chelsea.

Terry and Bruce are talking about the recent case in Wayne Manor as Bruce grabs some books off of his giant book shelf.

A man shuts the door to Princess Audrey’s gowns as his guards watch him. Mr. Deakins walks away from the building as Spellbinder approaches him with his magic eyeball.

The police are interviewing the two guards, and the police enter the building.

Meanwhile, inside, Mr. Deakins is inside, huddled up with one of the gowns. He runs out of his office with the gown under his shoulder as he believes it to be a fallen comrade. In his “visions” police helicopters are bombarding the jungle that he believes he is in. One chopper lands to get the two of them out of there, while it is really Spellbinder. Batman goes up against Spellbinder and Mr. Deakins. Spellbinder hands Mr. Deacon a gun and he tells him to shoot Batman with i. Mr. Deakins believes Batman to be an enemy soldier. Batman throws a batarange at Mr. Deakins and he knocks the gun out of the man’s hand. Batman manages to wake Mr. Deakins out of the “dream” he is having. Like Chelsea, he has no memory of what happened to him today.

Terry and Bruce are watching a news report about what happened, Terry tells Bruce that Terry was right about Chelsea.

Cut to Jared’s mom and Jim Tate’s wedding. Terry and Jared watch as they walk near him. Jared tells Terry that he is no longer upset about the wedding because the guy is loaded, and he bought him a new car. Spellbinder causes a vision for Mrs. Tate about her being attacked by bugs, and she becomes afraid of everything at the wedding. She runs outside, and she runs from all of the people that she thinks are bugs. Terry watches Spellbinder leave, and Terry goes to his motorcycle to get his suit. He suits up and goes to get Mrs. Tate. Mrs. Tate jumps off of the building, and Batman goes to save her from her death. She believes that Batman is a bug that is trying to killer her. Spellbinder begins to fight with Batman. Mrs. Tate runs into oncoming traffic. Batman flies in front of her to save her from death. She wakes up and Batman puts her to safety. Spellbinder gives Terry the allusion that he is diving into a lake, in reality, though, he is diving into traffic. Bruce manages to get Terry to wake up.

Bruce plays back the tape of Spellbinder giving Terry an hallucination. Bruce

At the office of Dr. Ira Billing, Terry walks in and they begin to talk about how Terry is doing with the death of his father and they talk about Bruce Wayne.

Bruce is in the Batcave as an alarm goes off. He is looking at how the three victims are connected. Bruce Wayne goes up stairs to see what is wrong, when he sees Terry stealing from him. In Terry’s mind, Terry believes that he is competing in a shopping game show. Bruce knocks Terry down and slaps him. Terry wakes up, and realizes what happened.

Bruce tells Terry that he was being brainwashed by Dr. Ira Billing. Bruce sees that Spellbinder is outside.

Batman shows up and begins to fight with Batman. Spellbinder begins to run away with his transportation device, Batman destroys it with his batarange. Spellbinder goes into hiding. Spellbinder brainwashes Batman into thinking that he is being attacked by zombies. Bruce Wayne helps Terry sort through all of the information that is being processed through his mind by the allusion. Spellbinder comes from behind Batman and he punches him to the ground. The zombies continue to attack Batman. Bruce continues to help him sort through the information. Bruce helps Terry fight Spellbinder’s attacks on him. Spellbinder throws a rock at Batman, hitting him in the head causing the visions to go away. Batman goes after Spellbinder. Batman sees Spellbinder standing in front of a cliff, and Batman goes after him. Bruce Wayne stops him, and Terry manages to get the real Spellbinder.

As the police take Spellbinder away, Barbara Gordon interviews Terry and Bruce about what happened. Barbara leaves by telling Terry to stay out of trouble.