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Batman Beyond: A Touch of Curaré

Curaré is hired to kill Commissioner Barbara Gordon's husband Sam. Like usuall, Batman tries to get involved but Barbara won't let him get involved. But, Terry still goes after Curaré and tries to help Commissioner Gordon save her husband and stop Curaré.

Episode Info
Episode number: 1x12
Production Number: 11
Airdate: Saturday May 15th, 1999

Director: Dan Riba
Writer: Hilary J. Bader

Guest Stars
Brian George (1)Brian George (1)
voiced Lieutenant
Larry CedarLarry Cedar
voiced Manor Cop
Mark Jonathan DavisMark Jonathan Davis
voiced Virtual Anchor
Melissa DisneyMelissa Disney
voiced Curaré
Paul WinfieldPaul Winfield
voiced D.A. Sam Young
Victor RiversVictor Rivers
voiced Master Assassin
Episode Notes
It is mentioned that Barbara and Bruce had a relationship.

Curaré debuts in this episode.

Episode Quotes
Terry: (To Barbara) You're Batgirl!? She's Batgirl.
Barbara: I was Batgirl. That brand of costumed justice went out with the tommy gun kid.

(Inque slices a street lamp in half)
Batman: I gotta get me one of those swords.

Terry: I guess you'll be wanting me to keep an eye on the Comissoner...
Bruce: No. Barbara Gordon's not the target... (Barbara walks in and interupts him)
Barbara: Her husband is.

Terry: How'd she... Man, what do we do?
Bruce: Hello Barbara.

Barbara: Hard to beleive your still remaking your image, at this late day.
Bruce: I never forced him.
Terry: It's what I wanted.
Barbara: That's what we all thought... In the begining.

Sam: (to Barbara) I thought the man was supposed to protect the woman.
Barbara: Last century babe.

Bruce: She's got to know that Curaré is going to be there...
Batman: Nobody'd be crazy to take on all these. (sees Curaré take down a cop) Hello!

Terry: It wasn't me who set off the alarm, I was doing the best I could!
Barbara: This is the last warning you get! If I see so much as a pointy eared shadow in police buissiness, I'll drag you and Bruce to jail!

Terry: So you an Dick Grayson... dated.
Barbara: College, puppy love. Later on, we just never talked about it.
Terry: (with food in his mouth) People should communicate more.
Barbara: Dick eventually got tired of living in Batman's shadow, and he left. Dick was hurt when I decided to stay.
Terry: As his partner? Girlfriend? Wow!

Barbara: (to Terry) No, I don't hate him. I hate what he has become. Such a great man. So alone.

Bruce: There are several points where you could jump aboard.
Terry: Yeah, my one way trip back to juvie!

Terry: Come on, I told you what the commish said. What are you trying to prove?
Bruce: I'm just trying to protect her. It's what I do.
Terry: Okay, but this is Gordon's collar. I like her, I respect her, I'm not going to cross her.

Sam: We're in deep trouble, aren't we hun...

Terry: You should've seen her Bruce, she sure throws a mean Batarang.
Bruce: She always did.

Episode References
Barbara: That's what we all thought... In the begining.

She is refering to Robin, Nightwing, and herself... Batgirl.

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