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Batman Beyond: Batman Beyond: Return of The Joker

Batman breaks up the same Jokerz group three times in a row attempt to steal some high-tech equipment. Terry meets The Joker when the Jokerz gang and him crash the Wayne Enterprise's party. When Bruce is nearly killed during The Joker's latest attack (at Wayne Manor), Terry vows to avenge his mentor and put The Joker to rest--for good!

Episode Info  

Episode number: 3x0
Airdate: Tuesday December 12th, 2000

Guest Stars
Bruce TimmBruce Timm
voiced Guard
Don Harvey (1)Don Harvey (1)
voiced Chucko
Henry RollinsHenry Rollins
voiced Bonk
Mark HamillMark Hamill
voiced Joker/Jordan Price (uncredited)
Mark Jonathan DavisMark Jonathan Davis
voiced V. R. Newsman
Michael RosenbaumMichael Rosenbaum
voiced Ghoul
Vernee Watson-JohnsonVernee Watson-Johnson
voiced Ms. Carr
Andrea RomanoAndrea Romano
voiced Laughing Boy
Arleen SorkinArleen Sorkin
voiced Harley Quinn/Nana Harley
Dean StockwellDean Stockwell
voiced Tim Drake
Frank WelkerFrank Welker
voiced Woof
Mary ScheerMary Scheer
voiced Mrs. Tim Drake
Mathew ValenciaMathew Valencia
voiced Robin
Melissa Joan HartMelissa Joan Hart
voiced Dee Dee
Tara StrongTara Strong
voiced Batgirl
Episode Notes
This episode is a Direct to Video.

There was both a cut and uncut release of this video.

We learn what happened to Tim Drake after Batman Gotham Knights.

In the Cut version, the killing of the Joker was cut out and displayed differently.

There was a "Penguin Shakdown" sequence un-shown in either the cut or uncut version.

Joker stabbing Batman in the leg was used in the Un-cut version.

One of the people Batgirl interrogates looks like Black Canary.

The release date for the uncut version was Apr/23/2002.

Bruce getting stabbed in the leg explains why Bruce uses a cane and a possible explination for him creating the BB suit.

There was a videogame released for this episode.

A novelization of this movie was released.

Tara Strong voices Barbra's Secretary, but is uncredited.

The original, uncut release was made because it had already been illegally leaked on to the internet by an unknown source, and a big hit.

Michael Rosenbaum (Ghoul) would later play Lex Luthor in Smallville and Flash in Justice League (Unlimited).

The movie began production during the second season of the series.

Mark Hamil reprises his role as The Joker from the other DCAU shows: Batman: The Animated Series, Batman Gotham Knights, and Superman.

For this movie, some of the characters looked a little bit more anime, due to the animation being done in Japan.

The cuts that where later released on the uncut version of the movie can be added up to almost four minutes off of the movie.

One of the changes that occurs is that instead of saying "She helped him get back to sanity" Barbara Gordon said "She helmped him get back to himself" in the cut version of the movie.

Almost all of the Joker's home movies of creating "Joker Jr" where removed.

Some of the opening sequence is missing, most notibly Batman fighting the Dee Dee's got shortened in the cut version.

In the cut version, Bruce Wayne says that Robin "defeated" the Joker, but in the uncut version Bruce says that Robin shot him.

ArtistSong TitlePlayed When
Kenny Wayne ShepherdBatman Beyond: Return of the Joker (End Title) 
Static-X, Mephisto OdysseyCrash 

Episode Quotes
Joker: It's true Batsy. I know everything, and kind of like the kid who peaks at his birthday presents it's sadly anticlimactic. Behind all the stern and batarangs your just a little boy in a playsuit. Crying for mommy and daddy. I'd be funny if it weren't so pathetic... oh what the heck I'll laugh anyway! Hahahahaha.

Batman (Terry): (Joker) Get a clue, clowny. He's got no sense of humor. He wouldn't know a good joke if it bit him in the cape. Not that you ever had a good joke. I mean, joy buzzers, squirting flowers - lame. Where's the A material? Make a face, drop your pants, something!

Bruce Wayne: Terry! I've been thinking about something that you once told me... and you where wrong. It's not Batman that makes you worth wile, it's the other way around. Never tell yourself anything different.

Terry: (Joker) You make me laugh, only because I think your kind of pathetic.

Batman (Bruce): (To Joker) I'll break you in half.

The Joker: Why in my day---
Bonk: In your day? Ever since you coned your way into this gang it's been your day this and your day that.
Chucko: Bonk...
Bonk: Your day is over old man! And personally, I think your a fake!

(Joker lifts a gun up to Bonk.)
Bonk: Hey man, I was just kidding.
Joker: (A flash that says bang on it pops out of the gun.) So was I... (Then it fires into Bonk's chest.) Ooops, no I wasn't.

The Jokerz: (To Joker) We're with you!

Bruce: Terry, I want you to give back the Batman suit.

Batgirl: How could let Joker do it Harley?!
Harley: So he roughened the kid up a bit. But, I'll make it right.
Batgirl: Yeah! Your mother of the stinking year!
Harley: You'll see... we'll be one big happy family.

Joker: A bird in the hand...

Terry: ... I hate to say it, but I think your little robin has turned into a bitter old crow.

Terry: What happened to leaving it to the cops?
Bruce: Not their game.

Episode Goofs
In the display case, Nightwing's emblem is red, but it's supposed to be blue.

Continuity was messed up because of this and the re-designs in JLU. We know nothing about when this takes place in the timeline.

Episode References
Joker: A countdown of victums that will end at midnight... unless our dear dark knight stops me first...

This little peice of dialouge was used in the TNBA series preimer which featured the Joker talking on a television screen. His design has changed though, so this is completly new footage that they where using.

Rebirth (1):

Terry talks about his father's murder, and that happened in the first episode of this series.

Barbara: Dick Grayson, Nightwing left to establish himself in another city.

This is a knod to the fact that Nightwing did leave Gotham to become Bludhaven's protector in the DCAU.

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