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In an effort to continue the search for Earth, Roslin and Adama consult Baltar's own research to find the next signpost. Unbeknownst to them, the disgraced former President has given his same findings to the Cylons in an effort to keep himself in their good graces, only for them to discover something that has infected a basestar with a strange contagion.

Meanwhile, marred by their experiences on New Caprica, Tigh and Kara stir up discontent from the mess hall between the refugees and their rescuers.

Episode Info  

Episode number: 3x6
Production Number: T705
Airdate: Friday November 03rd, 2006

Director: Jean de Segonzac
Writer: Anne Cofell

Alternate Airdates:

UK (sky 1) Feb 06, 2007
NL (Sci-Fi) Jul 31, 2009

Special Guest Stars
Lucy LawlessLucy Lawless
As Number Three

Guest Stars
Rick WorthyRick Worthy
As Simon
Callum Keith RennieCallum Keith Rennie
As Leoben Conoy
Matthew Bennett (1)Matthew Bennett (1)
As Number Five

Co-Guest Stars
Michael Hogan (1)Michael Hogan (1)
As Saul Tigh
Aaron DouglasAaron Douglas
As Galen Tyrol
Tahmoh PenikettTahmoh Penikett
As Karl "Helo" Agathon
Nicki ClyneNicki Clyne
As Cally
Alessandro JulianiAlessandro Juliani
As Felix Gaeta
Luciana CarroLuciana Carro
As Kat
Bodie OlmosBodie Olmos
As Hotdog
Leah CairnsLeah Cairns
As Racetrack
Madeline ParkerMadeline Parker
As Kacey
Sebastian SpenceSebastian Spence
As Narcho
Emilie UllerupEmilie Ullerup
As Julia
Tiffany KnightTiffany Knight
As Hybrid (credited as Tiffany Lyndall-Knight)
Rachel HaywardRachel Hayward
As Blonde Woman
Main Cast
Edward James OlmosEdward James Olmos
As William Adama
Mary McDonnellMary McDonnell
As Laura Roslin
Katee SackhoffKatee Sackhoff
As Kara "Starbuck" Thrace
Jamie BamberJamie Bamber
As Lee "Apollo" Adama
James CallisJames Callis
As Dr. Gaius Baltar
Tricia HelferTricia Helfer
As Number Six
Grace ParkGrace Park
As Sharon "Boomer" Valerii/Sharon "Athena" Agathon
Episode Notes
Survivor count: 41,422

A callsign is chosen for the Sharon on Galactica - "Athena".

The callsign, "Athena", is also the name of Adama's daughter in the original Battlestar Galactica series.

As Kara is cutting her hair at the end of the episode, it is actually Katee Sackhoff cutting her own hair.

Lee has taken again the position of CAG.

This episode marks the first mention of the Final Five, Cylons who will play a significant role in the remainder of the series.

Episode Quotes
Baltar: I thought you'd abandon me to your Cylon comrades.
Number Six: Would I do that?
Baltar: You've always been more... unpredictable than your flesh and blood counterparts.
Number Six: A man that loves women as much as you should've learned that a long time ago.
Baltar: I'm a slow learner.

Baltar: You're either connected to the woman I knew on Caprica or you're a damaged part of my subconscious struggling for self expression, so which one is it?
Number Six: I'm an angel of God sent here to help you. Just as I always have been.

Baltar: What do you care about finding Earth?
Caprica-Six: Because we're looking for it.
Baltar: You are?
Number Three: Yes, we've decided that Earth's going to be our new home.

Lee: If you wanna die, I will open up an airlock for you, but you are not taking one of my Vipers with you!
Kara: The bird's on the deck! I'm on the deck! I don't know what you're bitching about.
Lee: I don't give a frak what you do, Starbuck. You're done flying.

Kara: You seem like a really nice person so I'm gonna be honest with you. The last thing I need is a two-year-old friend and Kacey sure as hell does not need me in her life so do us both a favour and do not bring her around here again, okay?

Lee: Remind me to never let that happen again.
Helo: You got it, Slim.
Lee: Ever!

Baltar: I think I understand projection, but it's a bit of a coincidence, isn't it? That I could see such a vivid reality that I've created and the Cylon projection experience seems to be so similar.
Number Six: Is it a coincidence?
Baltar: Well, what are you saying? There's a connection? What, because of my experiences with you? Am I a Cylon?
Caprica-Six: What was that?

Helo: Hey, we all made sacrifices.
Tigh: That so?
Helo: Yes, that's right.
Tigh: While you were pinning wings on your Cylon girlfriend, our people were strapping homemade bombs to their chests. Doing whatever they could to take the bastards out so forgive me if I don't get all misty over your sacrifices.

Baltar: There are only twelve Cylon models, but in the entire occupation of New Caprica, I only saw seven. Now, here again, the same seven. Who are the Final Five?
Caprica-Six: I can't talk about that.
Baltar: Come on.
Caprica-Six: I can't. It's complicated, but we don't talk about them, ever.
Baltar: But you'd know one of them, wouldn't you? If you saw them, one of the Final Five, if they were to walk past here, right?

Number Six: Say you'll go aboard the infected baseship and investigate what happened. You sent them to that nebula, remember?
Baltar: Are you mad?

Adama: (to Kara) You're malcontent and a cancer... and I won't have you on my ship. So, you have a choice - figure out how to become a human being again and an officer or you can find another place to live off of this ship.

Adama: (to Tigh) You're full of bile, hatred and I know it has something to do with Ellen, I'm sorry for that. And if you need time, Saul, well, you take all the time you want, but I gotta run a ship. The last thing I need is a one-eyed drunk sitting down here sowing discontent and disobedience.

Racetrack: Oh my Gods, let's get the frak outta here! I'll start the jump.
Athena: When God's anger awakens, even the mighty shall fall.
Racetrack: Frak, Athena, we need to get outta here!

Episode Goofs
During the exercise run, the plate on Kat's Viper can be seen backwards.

Director Jean de Segonzac has his last name incorrectly spelled in the credits as Segoznac.

Luciana Carro's first name is mistakenly misspelled as "Lucianna" in the credits.

Madeline Parker's first name is misspelled as 'Madeleine' in the credits.

Other Episode Crew

DeveloperRonald D. Moore
Executive ProducerRonald D. Moore  |  David Eick
Co-Executive ProducerMark Verheiden  |  Michael Angeli
Supervising ProducerHarvey Frand  |  Michael Taylor (1)
ProducerMichael Rymer  |  Bradley Thompson  |  David Weddle
Co-ProducerPaul M. Leonard
Consulting ProducerGlen A. Larson
Associate ProducerJames Halpern
Production DesignerRichard Hudolin
Line ProducerRon French
First Assistant DirectorWayne Rose
Second Assistant DirectorMichael Shandley
MusicBear McCreary
Costume DesignerGlenne Campbell
Property MasterKen Hawryliw
Script SupervisorClaudia Morgado
Assistant EditorMichael O'Halloran
Re-Recording MixerMike Olman  |  Ken Kobett
Director of PhotographyStephen McNutt
Story EditorAnne Cofell
Post Production CoordinatorDan Delaney
Production ManagerChris Rudolph
Sound MixerWayne Finucan
Based On The Works OfGlen A. Larson
ConsultantJerry Hultsch
Visual Effects CoordinatorRoss Woo
Visual Effects SupervisorGary Hutzel
Location ScoutBonny Northcott
Visual Effects ProducerMichael D. Gibson
Props AssistantTony Germinario
Makeup ArtistPatricia Murray
Still PhotographerCarole Segal
Second Unit Director Of PhotographyJohn Drake (2)
First Assistant "B" CameraRob Devitt
2nd Assistant AccountantTony Lort
CGI SupervisorDoug Drexler
Producers AssistantSian McArthur
VFX Set CoordinatorGreg Behrens
VFX CompositorMelissa Best
Color TimerGeorge Cvjetnicanin
Location AssistantJennifer Lawson (2)  |  Jessica Feskun  |  Jonathon Watson
VFX ConsultantKelly Myers
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