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Battlestar Galactica: The Eye of Jupiter (1)

While on the algae planet, The Temple of Five is discovered, which could provide a path towards Earth. Their attempt to unlock its secret is interrupted by the arrival of the Cylons. When their lives are bartered for the sake of giving up the temple, Adama must decide whether the loss of it and the ground team, including his son, are worth sacrificing to ensure that the Cylons don't find Earth.

Episode Info  

Episode number: 3x11
Production Number: T710
Airdate: Friday December 15th, 2006

Director: Michael Rymer
Writer: Mark Verheiden

Alternate Airdates:

UK (sky 1) Mar 13, 2007
AU (Ten HD) Mar 06, 2008
NL (Sci-Fi) Aug 21, 2009

Special Guest Stars
Lucy LawlessLucy Lawless
As Number Three

Guest Stars
Michael TruccoMichael Trucco
As Sam Anders
Callum Keith RennieCallum Keith Rennie
As Leoben Conoy
Dean StockwellDean Stockwell
As Cavil

Co-Guest Stars
Michael Hogan (1)Michael Hogan (1)
As Saul Tigh
Aaron DouglasAaron Douglas
As Galen Tyrol
Tahmoh PenikettTahmoh Penikett
As Karl "Helo" Agathon
Nicki ClyneNicki Clyne
As Cally
Alessandro JulianiAlessandro Juliani
As Felix Gaeta
Kandyse McClureKandyse McClure
As Anastasia Dualla
Brad DryboroughBrad Dryborough
As Hoshi
Eileen PeddeEileen Pedde
As Sgt. Mathias
Alisen DownAlisen Down
As Barolay
Tiffany KnightTiffany Knight
As Hybrid (credited as Tiffany Lyndall-Knight)
Diego Diablo Del MarDiego Diablo Del Mar
As Hillard
Aleks PaunovicAleks Paunovic
As Sgt. Fischer
Tygh RunyanTygh Runyan
As Pvt. Sykes
Main Cast
Edward James OlmosEdward James Olmos
As William Adama
Mary McDonnellMary McDonnell
As Laura Roslin
Katee SackhoffKatee Sackhoff
As Kara "Starbuck" Thrace
Jamie BamberJamie Bamber
As Lee "Apollo" Adama
James CallisJames Callis
As Dr. Gaius Baltar
Tricia HelferTricia Helfer
As Number Six
Grace ParkGrace Park
As Sharon "Boomer" Valerii/Sharon "Athena" Agathon
Episode Notes
Survivor count: 41,402

This is the mid-season finale. Unlike those of the second and fourth seasons, this lasted only a month, making it the shortest of the series' run. As a result, the Region 1 DVD set was released in whole, much like the first season, which had no break (excluding the miniseries).

According to Jane Espenson, who wrote the previous episode, this episode was originally titled with the name Zeus. Ron Moore explained that it was changed later to Jupiter simply because it sounded better.

The temple's interior is the same abandoned factory that served as the large room on Ragnar Anchorage where Doral is left at the end of the miniseries.

The episode's teaser runs past 11 minutes, making it the longest teaser of the series thus far.

Despite having appeared in several episodes together, this marks the first time Boomer and Athena are seen meeting and interacting with each other.

Episode Quotes
(being escorted through Galactica)
Number Six: It feels like old times, doesn't it?
Baltar: I can't believe how much I actually miss this place.
Number Six: You know you can't return. They'd toss you out the nearest airlock, and then throw a party.
Baltar: Yes, I know. Still, I can't help feel I'm finally... home.
Number Six: If you're really a Cylon - a member of the Final Five - these feelings are just part of your programming, part of your cover.
Baltar: And if I'm a human being after all - if I'm not one of the Final Five, then this is the last chance I get to see my kind again.

(Baltar and three Cylon models are being escorted when they run into Athena)
Athena: Colonel, wait.
Cavil: Well, look at this. Should we salute?
Athena: (indicating an Eight model) That's Boomer.
Tigh: The one who shot the Old Man. Well, you just lost your visiting privileges.

Adama: What's your offer?
Number Three: You give us the Eye of Jupiter, we let you go.
Cavil: And, we'll throw in Baltar.
Baltar: What are you talking about?
Number Three: Indeed.
Baltar: What's he saying?
Cavil: I'm improvising. Throw in something, sweeten the pot. Besides, I suspect that the Admiral and Madam President would enjoy some nice, quiet, private time with the former leader. Am I right?
Tigh: It's worth thinking about.
Adama: Definitely worth thinking about.

Kara: Can I make a suggestion that you won't like?
Lee: Do you make any other kind?

Gaeta: Sir, I am not one to look to religious signs, but I can't get my head around these odds. That human and Cylon both converge on this planet, at this exact moment, just as the star's about to go supernova?
Adama: I'm not a religious person, Mr. Gaeta, as you both know. So if this is the work of a higher power, then they have one hell of a sense of humour.

Helo: You, of all people.... know what it's like to loose a child.
Adama: The difference is your child's still alive. And eventually, I hope you become grateful of that.

Other Episode Crew

DeveloperRonald D. Moore
Executive ProducerRonald D. Moore  |  David Eick
Co-Executive ProducerMark Verheiden  |  Michael Angeli
Supervising ProducerHarvey Frand  |  Michael Taylor (1)
ProducerDavid Weddle  |  Bradley Thompson  |  Michael Rymer
Co-ProducerPaul M. Leonard
Consulting ProducerGlen A. Larson
Associate ProducerJames Halpern
Production DesignerRichard Hudolin
EditorJulius Ramsay
Line ProducerRon French
First Assistant DirectorWayne Rose
Second Assistant DirectorMichael Shandley
MusicBear McCreary
Costume DesignerGlenne Campbell
Property MasterKen Hawryliw
Script SupervisorCorey Jones
Assistant EditorTim Kinzy
Supervising Sound EditorDaniel Colman
Re-Recording MixerKen Kobett  |  Mike Olman
Director of PhotographyStephen McNutt
Story EditorAnne Cofell
Post Production CoordinatorDan Delaney
Production ManagerChris Rudolph
Sound MixerRick Bal
Based On The Works OfGlen A. Larson
ConsultantJerry Hultsch
Visual Effects CoordinatorRoss Woo
Visual Effects SupervisorGary Hutzel
Location ScoutBonny Northcott
Post Production AssistantIan Maddox
Props AssistantRob Stecky
Makeup ArtistPatricia Murray
Still PhotographerCarole Segal
Second Unit Director Of PhotographyJohn Drake (2)
First Assistant "B" CameraRob Devitt
2nd Assistant AccountantTony Lort
CGI SupervisorDoug Drexler
Producers AssistantSian McArthur
VFX Set CoordinatorGreg Behrens
VFX CompositorMelissa Best
Color TimerKim Schneider
Location AssistantJennifer Lawson (2)  |  Jessica Feskun  |  Jonathon Watson
Senior Visual Effects CoordinatorMichael D. Gibson
VFX ConsultantKelly Myers
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