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Battlestar Galactica: Six of One (2)

Kara is prepared to turn friends into enemies in her feverish desire to guide the fleet on the right path towards Earth.

The Cylons find themselves fracturing over the issue of what to do with the Raiders when they learn that the Final Five are in the fleet.

Episode Info

Episode number: 4x2
Production Number: 404
Airdate: Friday April 11th, 2008


Guest Stars
Callum Keith RennieCallum Keith Rennie
As Number Two
Rick WorthyRick Worthy
As Number Four
Matthew Bennett (1)Matthew Bennett (1)
As Number Five
Rekha SharmaRekha Sharma
As Tory Foster
Sebastian SpenceSebastian Spence
As Narcho
Dean StockwellDean Stockwell
As Number One

Co-Guest Stars
Michael Hogan (1)Michael Hogan (1)
As Saul Tigh
Aaron DouglasAaron Douglas
As Galen Tyrol
Tahmoh PenikettTahmoh Penikett
As Karl "Helo" Agathon
Michael TruccoMichael Trucco
As Sam Anders
Alessandro JulianiAlessandro Juliani
As Felix Gaeta
Kandyse McClureKandyse McClure
As Anastasia Dualla
Bodie OlmosBodie Olmos
As Hotdog
Tiffany KnightTiffany Knight
As Hybrid (credited as Tiffany Lyndall-Knight)
Leah CairnsLeah Cairns
As Racetrack
Eileen PeddeEileen Pedde
As Sgt. Mathias
Jennifer HalleyJennifer Halley
As Seelix
Colin CorriganColin Corrigan
As Marine Nowart
Kit MalletKit Mallet
As Stunt Marine #1
Sylvain CameronSylvain Cameron
As Cavil Stunt Double
Efosa OtuomagieEfosa Otuomagie
As Simon Stunt Double
Dan RedfordDan Redford
As Doral Stunt Double
Gerald PaetzGerald Paetz
As Stunt Marine #2
Main Cast
Edward James OlmosEdward James Olmos
As William Adama
Mary McDonnellMary McDonnell
As Laura Roslin
Katee SackhoffKatee Sackhoff
As Kara "Starbuck" Thrace
Jamie BamberJamie Bamber
As Lee "Apollo" Adama
James CallisJames Callis
As Dr. Gaius Baltar
Tricia HelferTricia Helfer
As Number Six
Grace ParkGrace Park
As Sharon "Boomer" Valerii/Sharon "Athena" Agathon


Colonel Tigh and Helo race towards Adama's cabin with several marines. Kara confronts Roslin, talking about her visions and how she followed and trusted her blindingly. Kara, however, has seen Earth and knows where it is. Playing into Roslin's suspicion, Kara tells her that if she honestly believes that she is a Cylon to shoot her. Roslin agrees and takes the gun and fires, only to miss. The marines then come in and take Kara away, literally kicking and screaming, vowing that she will die before she gives up...

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Episode Notes
Survivor count: 39,676

The model numbers of the remainder of the "Significant Seven" are revealed: Cavil is Number One, Leoben Conoy is Number Two, and Simon is Number Four.

This is the first appearance of a Number Six copy named Natalie Faust, although only her first name is given onscreen later in "The Hub".

Episode Quotes
Kara: Listen to me, please. I'm losing it. The ringing - the way to Earth, it's getting weaker. Don't you understand? Don't any of you understand? It was so - It was so clear, like it was coming from the next room. Stop looking at me like that! I can feel it slipping away. Even without jumping, as we move, it's half of what it was when I got here. Half. If we keep jumping, it'll be gone and we'll never find it again. I thought that's what we wanted - a way to Earth. Do you hear me?
Tigh: Get her out of here.
Kara: (to Roslin) You better work on your aim. Because I'm not gonna stop! You're gonna have to kill me!

Natalie: The Hybrid is clearly telling us something.
Number One: The Hybrid is always telling us something. They're supposed to maintain operations on each ship, not vomit metaphysics.

Anders: Did you see Kara?
Tigh: I saw her. She's as crazy as a latrine rat. If anything, she's more like Starbuck than ever.

Tigh: Well, he is accomplished at two things: lying in a cell and lying in a woman. He'd poke a skinjob. He racked up a Six, that's a given.
Tory: There is no way.
Tigh: You don't have to get on your back for him, but --
Tory: Oh, gee. Thanks.

Roslin: You're so afraid to live alone.
Adama: And you're afraid to die that way. You're afraid that you may not be the dying leader you thought you were. Or that your death may be as meaningless as everyone else's.

Natalie: For the last time, will you stop lobotomising the Raiders?
Number One: (to the Fours and Fives) It's unbelievable, isn't it? Unbelievable. (to Natalie) For the last time... no.
Natalie: I was afraid you'd say that. Come in.
(two Centurions enter the room)
Number One: This is cute. Centurions can't vote, Six.
Natalie: Oh, they're not here to vote, Cavil.

Number One: Now, this, uh, this isn't funny. Leave. I said leave! Why don't they leave?
Natalie: The telencephalic inhibitor that restricts higher functions in the Centurions? We had them removed.
Number One: Say what?!
Natalie: You dumbed down the Raiders. We, the Leobens, the Sharons, gave the Centurions the gift of reason.
Number One: You have no authority to do this. None. You can't do anything without a vote!
Natalie: No, we can't do anything with one, so we're finished voting.
(gunshots can be heard in the distance)
Number One: What have you done?
Natalie: First thing they learned is what you were doing to the Raiders. You can imagine how they felt.
Number Five: Oh, no.

Kara: So, you quitely cut me loose in deep space. I'm not afraid to die.
Adama: A little easier after you've been through it once.
Kara: Harder.

Kara: So you think I'm right.
Adama: Maybe. Maybe not. But I know she is, the president. She's been right all along. I'm tired of losing. I'm tired of turning away from the things I want to believe in, and I believe you when you say that you'll die before you stop trying. And I won't lose you again. Now go. Find a way to Earth.

Episode Goofs
When the Centurions come in, one of the Fours, the one closest to Number One, uncrosses his arms. In the very next shot, his arms are crossed again.

Other Episode Crew

DeveloperRonald D. Moore
Executive ProducerRonald D. Moore  |  David Eick
Co-Executive ProducerMark Verheiden
Supervising ProducerHarvey Frand
Co-ProducerPaul M. Leonard
Consulting ProducerGlen A. Larson
Production DesignerRichard Hudolin
EditorMichael O'Halloran
First Assistant DirectorMichael Shandley
Second Assistant DirectorKit Marlatt
MusicBear McCreary
Costume DesignerGlenne Campbell
HairstylistGerald Gibbons
Property MasterKen Hawryliw
Production AssistantOtto Mak  |  Andrea Palmer
Assistant EditorIan Kezsbom
Post Production SupervisorGregg Tilson
Director of PhotographyStephen McNutt
Post Production CoordinatorIan Maddox
Based On The Works OfGlen A. Larson
Third Assistant DirectorAshley Bell (2)
ConsultantJerry Hultsch
Visual Effects CoordinatorRoss Woo
Visual Effects SupervisorGary Hutzel
Sound AssistantNaan Speiss
Casting AssociateHannah Cooper
Post Production AssistantBettina Zachariah Treviranus
Assistant Costume DesignerGlenna Owen
Assistant Art DirectorPeter R. Stratford
Makeup ArtistPatricia Murray
Trainee Assistant DirectorMarian Koprada
Military AdvisorRon Blecker
Camera TraineeAmy Hanbyol
CGI ArtistJames Ford (2)  |  Michael Davidson (2)  |  Sean Jackson (2)
1st Assistant Production CoordinatorGenevieve West
2nd Assistant Production CoordinatorMelina Morokhovich
Accounting ClerkJulia Tanner
VFX CompositorChris Wood (1)
Color TimerKim Schneider
Location AssistantStacey Campbell  |  Jessica Feskun
Special Effects AssistantRon Seida
1st Assistant Hair StylistWayne Russell
On Set CarpenterMatt Clancy
2nd Assistant Hair StylistDean Scheck
Rigging Lamp OpMaria Stanborough
2nd Unit Production CoordinatorNicole Florian
Composite CoordinatorAnthony Alvaro
VFX Production AssistantRob Tobin  |  Jeff Quinn  |  Kelly Whitfield
Sr. VFX CompositorAurore De Blois
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