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Six of One (2) - Recap

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Colonel Tigh and Helo race towards Adama's cabin with several marines. Kara confronts Roslin, talking about her visions and how she followed and trusted her blindingly. Kara, however, has seen Earth and knows where it is. Playing into Roslin's suspicion, Kara tells her that if she honestly believes that she is a Cylon to shoot her. Roslin agrees and takes the gun and fires, only to miss. The marines then come in and take Kara away, literally kicking and screaming, vowing that she will die before she gives up.

On a basestar, the Hybrid can be heard rambling on more cryptic phrases, but the Eights, Sixes, and Twos believe it means something. Number One disagrees and is cleary upset when they bring up the Final Five. He tells them that, through their programming, it is forbidden to speak of them, even though the Raiders refused to fight the fleet when they discovered their presence. Feeling that they can't "correct" themselves, One argues to do it for them. A Six, Natalie, tells them that such a thing cannot be done without a vote, and One agrees, believing that he will have the Fours and Fives on his side.

The Colonial Cylons have another meeting where Tory brings up the fact that there is still one of them missing. Tyrol recalls Baltar with a Number Three on the algae planet in the Temple of Five, and figures that he might know something. In order to get to him, Tigh notes Baltar's sexual history with Cylons and suggests that Tory be the one to coax information from him, much to her disgust.

Adama confronts Thrace in the brig, asking her what she was thinking by taking Roslin at gunpoint. She tells him of her connection with Earth, but Adama tells her that she has frakked any help of keeping her allies and didn't have the guts to hold on. Kara tells him that he doesn't have the guts, at which he throws her down to the floor. "Nice to know you still care," she says before he walks out, as she screams again her warning about the direction of the fleet.

Back on one of the basestars, the Cylons are have come to a deadlock; the Ones, Fours, and Fives have voted in favour of reconfiguring the Raiders while the Twos, Sixes, and Eights have voted against. The tie is broken by Boomer, voting against her own model, a first in Cylon history. Natalie is distressed by the unprecedented action, arguing that lobotomising the Raiders compromises a divine plan that was implemented in their programming.

The pilots have a party in the rec room for Lee's retirement. He makes several toasts as he drinks shots of ambrosia. When he makes one to "absent friends", Admiral Adama's eyes focus on a picture of Kara. In his quarters, Adama removes the Aurora figurine from his model ship.

Baltar is eating in the mess hall with his followers, much to some people's anger. He then approaches Tory after he notices her eyeing him. He isn't suprised when she confesses that she's spying on him, but she insists that she came of her own volition, taking note of his following. Just then, Baltar sees none other than himself talking to him. He is obviously confused, but "Head Baltar" manipulates his corporeal counterpart to chat up Tory for information. Thinking about the sudden turn of events that has happened recently - Baltar's acquittal, the boy's recovery, the return of Starbuck - Tory thinks that they maybe miracles. He seems to be around them, and Baltar says that he seems to be chosen to "sing His song," words that obviously evoke the musical trigger that activated her awareness as a Cylon. Disturbed by his choice of words, she leaves. Alone with... himself, Baltar questions whether what he is seeing is the Number Six in disguise. When this possibility is deflected, the two begin talking about Tory.

In his quarters, Adama talks with Roslin about Kara and the circumstances surrounding her return. Roslin suspects that he is willing to believe it is a miracle, but lists the miracles that have surrounded her fate and will not apologise for not trusting Thrace. She believes that it's simply because Adama can't take any more loss, afraid to live alone. Upset, Adama tells her that she is afraid to die that way, that she may not be the dying leader she thinks she is. Adama leaves, his words stinging Roslin when she finds herself pulling out a clump of hair.

Lee visits Kara's brig, telling her about his nomination on the Quorum of Twelve. The two wish each other luck, and just as Lee begins to leave, he turns around so that the two have a passionate kiss, Lee telling her that he believes her. Taking a last look at the ready room, Lee is escorted by Athena into the hangar deck where he finds most of the crew waiting for him. They salute him and begin applauding. When he comes to Dee, they share a hug and Lee tells her that she gets the "house", and the two exchange good-byes. He hugs his father before boarding a Raptor with Tory and Roslin.

Natalie argues again with Number One in front of a pair Fives and Fours over the actions taken on the Raiders. She make a final plea for them to stop, but when he tells her no, she brings in two Centurions who arm themselves. One's order to leaves is hollow as the two remain in place. Natalie explains that her model and those of the Eights and Twos removed an inhibitor device from the Centurions, giving them the ability to reason and think. After hearing gunshots and screams from elsewhere, Natalie tells them they know about what has been done to the Raiders, at which point the Cylons realise what is going on, but are shot down by the Centurions.

Baltar is having sex with Tory, stopping as she cries. She apologises, but he says that she shouldn't sorry; only thankful. When she tells him of her suspicion of being a Cylon, he tells her that they have feelings, too, something as a result of the soul given to them by God - a truth he has been tired of holding in. Seemingly moved by this, she kisses him and they continue to have sex.

Kara screams in agony when the fleet makes another jump. She is taken out of her brig by Helo and marines to the hangar deck where Adama is waiting for her. She thinks she is going to be vented into space, but instead she is being given Demetrius and a hand-picked crew. He tells her that regardless of whether she's right, Roslin is right when she said that he is tired of losing and turning away from the things he believes in. She then hugs him.