The Ties That Bind - Recap

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Cally wakes up to hear Nicky crying, without her husband in bed with her. After failing to find him through Dualla, she goes through his clothes and finds a napkin from Joe's Bar. There, Tyrol is talking with Tory about his confusion over his identity. Cally, with Nicky in her arms, comes to the bar and sees the two talking, catching a glimpse of Tory touching Tyrol's arm. Assuming he is having an affair, she goes to confront him, only to vomit and walks off without letting listening to Tyrol.

A press conference is being held on Colonial One for Lee's appointment as a Caprican delegate in the Quorum of Twelve. In addition to asking Roslin about her feelings toward Lee given the events of Baltar's trial, the press asks about the Demetrius. By Roslin's request, Adama tells the press that it jumped away on a military mission. When asked about the rumour that it is being captained by Kara, the Admiral dismisses as just that.

22 days on the Demetrius, Kara has repeatedly changed course several times, much to the frustration of many in the crew. Despite their weary attitudes, Kara doesn't tell them anything more on the unqiue astronomical features they've been told to look for.

Number One, resurrected from being slaughtered by the Centurions, meets with Natalie and a couple of Eights for a negotiation. They demand the cease of lobotomising the Raiders and the resurrection of the Number Three models. While the first condition is agreed upon, One notes that the latter will be difficult to bring about, but promises to make the plea.

In an empty conference room, Lee is met by Zarek. Zarek talks to him about Roslin, not forgetting putting her on the stand at Baltar's trial and how much of her recent activity has been done in secrecy and leaves a classified file for Lee, counting on him not to "ignore the truth".

In sickbay, Cally is being checked by Doctor Cottle. He refuses her wish for another sedative and asks her about her married life. Cally tells him that Tyrol passes of her suspicion as her imagination, which Cottle tends to agree with given her mix of antidepressants and fatigue. Referring to the time he broke her jaw, Cally tells him that she wishes Tyrol would do it again, just to know he felt something for her.

Inside the bulkhead, Anders finds Kara painting what she had seen. He tells her that her behaviour has some of the crew wondering, reminding her that some of them volunteered for the mission. She believes that he is aiming to talk about their marriage, telling him that she only married him because it was safe. She then tells him to get out, her emotions shifting toward passion to feel something, and the two have sex. Afterwards, she tells him that she feels like she is watching herself from the outside, as if she is an alien body, her feeling clearly being shared by Anders.

A couple of Ones tell Natalie and an Eight that despite their own feelings that boxing Three was the correct measure, it was nevertheless decided to resurrect her. Natalie and Eight are told that Three is being downloaded in a central hub half a dozen jumps away, though they feel more comfortable staying in their own basestars.

A Quorum meeting is underway, many of the delegates bringing up the mission of the Demetrius, but Roslin refuses to comment due to fleet security and urges them to move on. Lee speaks up to calm the issue, but Roslin subtly chastises him in front of the other delegates. Lee then brings a point of order over Executive Order 112, an establishment of judges that would be appointed by Roslin, effectively giving her more executive power. Roslin responds by telling everyone that it is an initial small step in a plan for a fair and comprehensive legal system. It was only a work in progress, but since it has now been brought to the other delegate's attention, she proposes it be put on the docket for their next session.

The two fraction's of basestars meet at the grouping point, but without the resurrection ship. When they break formations around them, they realise it's an attack and prepare to jump, but their FTL drive is knocked out before they can. With no resurrection ship whatsoever, their objective is to permanently kill them. Though, Boomer is sad that they, including her sisters, are being killed, Number One assures her that they trust God to watch over their souls. When asked about their own, One reminds her that they're machines; they don't have souls.

Cally finds a note in the door of their room about a meeting and suspects that it's between Tyrol and Tory. She stands just outside the room and sees them and Tigh enter. Wanting to know what's going on, she enters a maintenance panel and sqeezes through an abyss of pipes to watch the going-ons in the room. It is then that she overhears the revelation that her husband, in addition to Tigh and Tory, are Cylons. Realising that Tyrol didn't find the note left for him about the meeting and hearing a sound outside the room, the three exit while Cally races to sneak out before being discovered. However, she doesn't have enough time to close the hatch, leaving itself to be noticed by Tory. When her husband finds her in their room, with her back turned, she tries to hide her shock while Tyrol tries to crush Cally's suspicion of an affair. When talking about a sibling for Nicky, Cally hits Tyrol over the head with a wrench, knocking him out, then grabbing her child and leaving for the hangar deck. She proceeds into a lauch tube. Just as Cally preps the airlock from a box inside the tube, Tory approaches her. Cally then closes the launch tube behind her, sealing all three of them in. Tory talks to a distraught Cally, telling her that, her feelings and ideas to contrary, they are not inhuman, managing to talk her out of killing herself and her son. Cally hands Nicky to Tory, who then knocks her unconscious. When Cally awakens, she finds Tory holding Nicky in the control booth. Tory then opens the airlock, flushing Cally outside, killing her. Sometime later, we see Adama seated across from Tyrol, neither saying anything.