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Battlestar Galactica: Escape Velocity

Tyrol crumbles in the wake of Cally's death while Tigh finds himself drawn to Caprica-Six in a parallel to his own deceased wife.

Baltar takes a stand for the religious freedoms of he and his followers.

Episode Info

Episode number: 4x4
Production Number: 406
Airdate: Friday April 25th, 2008


Guest Stars
Kate VernonKate Vernon
As Ellen Tigh
Rekha SharmaRekha Sharma
As Tory Foster

Co-Guest Stars
Michael Hogan (1)Michael Hogan (1)
As Saul Tigh
Aaron DouglasAaron Douglas
As Galen Tyrol
Michael TruccoMichael Trucco
As Sam Anders
Leah CairnsLeah Cairns
As Racetrack
Colin LawrenceColin Lawrence
As Skulls
Don ThompsonDon Thompson
As Figurski
Finn R. DevittFinn R. Devitt
As Baby Nicky
Leela SavastaLeela Savasta
As Tracey Anne
Lara GilchristLara Gilchrist
As Paulla Schaffer
Donna SoaresDonna Soares
As Speaking Delegate #1
Andrew McIlroyAndrew McIlroy
As Jacob Cantrell
Keegan Connor TracyKeegan Connor Tracy
As Jeanne
Judith MaxieJudith Maxie
As Picon Delegate
Iris PalulyIris Paluly
As Speaking Delegate #2
Marilyn NorryMarilyn Norry
As Reza Chronides
Heather DoerksenHeather Doerksen
As Surveillance Marine
Laara SadiqLaara Sadiq
As Priestess
Steve LawlorSteve Lawlor
As Marine at Baltar's
Lee JefferiesLee Jefferies
As Redwing
Trevor Jones (1)Trevor Jones (1)
As Male Stunt Acolyte
Carolyn FieldCarolyn Field
As Stunt Thug
Rob HayterRob Hayter
As Stunt Thug
Karen Elizabeth AustinKaren Elizabeth Austin
As Lilly (credited as Karen Austin)
Hector JohnsonHector Johnson
As Marine Lieutenant
Lani GeleraLani Gelera
As Female Stunt Acolyte
Krista BellKrista Bell
As Female Stunt Acolyte
Janene CarletonJanene Carleton
As Female Stunt Acolyte
Jase-Anthony GriffithJase-Anthony Griffith
As Stunt Thug (credited as Jase Griffith)
Colby ChartrandColby Chartrand
As Stunt Thug
Main Cast
Edward James OlmosEdward James Olmos
As William Adama
Mary McDonnellMary McDonnell
As Laura Roslin
Katee SackhoffKatee Sackhoff
As Kara "Starbuck" Thrace
Jamie BamberJamie Bamber
As Lee "Apollo" Adama
James CallisJames Callis
As Dr. Gaius Baltar
Tricia HelferTricia Helfer
As Number Six


A small service is held for Cally with several of Galactica's crew in attendance, including the Adamas, Roslin, Tory, and Tigh. After Adama gives his condelences to Tyrol, Tory passes by and shakes his hand, at which point Tyrol, seemingly without thinking, holds onto her and grabs Tigh's arm before the two play it off. Tigh meets with Caprica-Six in her cell to personally tell her that her request to see Hera Agathon has been denied. Caprica is curious about Tigh coming all the way down just to tell her that, at which point he sees her as his wife Ellen, as she continues to ask if there's something he needs from her. Later, Tigh and Tory meet Tyrol in his quarters. Tyrol is unsure of who he really is anymore. Tory tells him that they're perfect, above guilt. Tigh, however, refutes this, telling Tyrol that what he's feeling is grief - it's normal and it's human...

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Episode Notes
Survivor count: 39,675

Series star Grace Park does not appear in this episode.

Cally's full first name is revealed to be Callandra. This also marks the first time her last name, Henderson, has been given onscreen.

Episode Quotes
Baltar: Sons of Ares, they're the people who committed this attack. Obviously a fundamentalist splinter group. Although, all they're doing is trying to protect the old Gods.
Number Six: Old Gods die hard. Even among your people.
Baltar: (to a woman) I've seen you here before, haven't I? Your name is - don't tell me. Begins with M.
Lilly: Lilly.
Baltar: Lilly. What's in your hand, Lilly?
(Baltar pries her hand open, revealing an amulet)
Baltar: Asclepius. The god of healing.
Lilly: I know you'll heal our people. But I thought...
Number Six: The old Gods are fighting back.

Skulls: It's okay.
Tyrol: Is it? Skulls? Is it?
Racetrack: Galen!
Tyrol: I don't need to be patted on the head! You can tell me I frakked up.
Racetrack: Nobody got hurt, okay? Forget it. You're only human.
Tyrol: No! Don't say that! Tell me I frakked up! Say it! Tell me I frakked up! Anyone of you! Cowards!

Number Six: People have room in their hearts for one great belief, you or the old Gods. Which one will it be?
Baltar: Why can't I just be a man? Do I really need to take on the Gods single-handed?
Number Six: Oh, but imagine the kind of man you'll be when you do. Surely such a man must be magnificent, larger-than-life, godlike himself.

Roslin: I want you to look at me, Gaius. Just look at me. This is a wig. I'm dying. Now, if you look in my eyes -- Go ahead, look. You can probably see it.
Baltar: I'm very sorry.
Roslin: No, no, no, no. I don't want your pity. I'm still doing my job. In fact, I'm gonna aggressively pursue the men that attacked you. And I'm going to limit the size of public assemblies to protect your people, but I'm going to be slipping away from this life very soon. And I've gotten kind of curious as to what that's going to be like, and so I did some research. And there are some people who say that when people are getting closer to their death, they just don't care as much about rules and laws and conventional morality.
Baltar: Are you threatening me?
Roslin: No, no, I'm just saying have a quiet life, and I'll die a quiet little death, and everyone will be happy. It's just that I'm not in the mood any longer to indulge you. And that's... all. And you are being released, so stay safe.

Adama: She was a good woman.
Tyrol: If you really believe that, you wouldn't have threatened to stick her up against a bulkhead and shoot her. It's okay, though. I thought about doing it many times myself. Believe me.
Adama: Chief, it's...
Tyrol: How many of us ended up with the people we really wanted to be with? Got stuck with the best of limited options? And why? Because the ones we really wanted, the really loved, were dead, and dying, or turned out to be Cylons and they didn't know it. If Boomer had...
Adama: Listen.
Tyrol: If I had known...
Adama: Let's - Let's go.
Tyrol: No. No. I didn't know.
Adama: Let's go home.
Tyrol: I didn't know. So I buried my head in the sand, and I took it, and I settled. I settled for that shriek. Those dull, vacant eyes. The boiled cabbage stench of her. And why? Because this is my life! This is the life I picked! And it's fine, but you know what? It's not! I didn't pick this life! This is not my frakkin' life!
Adama: What the hell's gotten into you? Don't do this. Don't do this to her memory.
Tyrol: You know what? I'm sorry if I'm not going to do this the way you want me to, or the way you might, but I will not make an angel out of someone who wasn't an angel. But I can see you have. And now you've come down here to be in my club. But you're not in my club. You don't know what frakking club I'm in 'cause you never ask the right questions.
Adama: Chief, let's get out of here.
Tyrol: No. Why don't you go? Take care of your precious ship.
Adama: Stop it! Stop all of this! 'Cause if you don't, I'm going to have to act on it. Now shut up!
Tyrol: Great! Do it! Please! For the love of Gods, please demote me! Get me off your frakking ship!
Adama: Specialist Tyrol, I want you off my hangar deck before you endanger another pilot. You're to report to Petty Officer Basim tomorrow morning at 0600 for reassignment. Do you understand?

Baltar: Thank you.
Lee: I don't do these things for you.
Baltar: You do them because your God compels you.

Baltar: I am not a priest. I've never even been a particularly good man. I have, in fact, been a profoundly selfish man. But that doesn't matter, you see. Something in the universe loves me. Something in the universe loves the entity that is me. I would choose to call this something "God", a singular spark that dwells in the soul of every living being. If you look inside yourself you will find this spark too. You will. But you have to look. Deep. Love your faults. Embrace them. If God embraces them, then how can they be faults? Love yourself. You have to love yourself. If we don't love ourselves, how can we love others? And when we know what we are, then we can find the truth out about others. See what they are. The truth about them. And you know what the truth is? The truth about them. About you. About me. Do you? The truth is we are all perfect, just as we are. God only loves that which is perfect and He loves you. He loves you because you are perfect. You are perfect just as you are.

Other Episode Crew

DeveloperRonald D. Moore
Executive ProducerRonald D. Moore  |  David Eick
Co-Executive ProducerMark Verheiden
ProducerHarvey Frand
Co-ProducerPaul M. Leonard
Consulting ProducerGlen A. Larson
Production DesignerRichard Hudolin
EditorJulius Ramsay
First Assistant DirectorMichael Shandley
Second Assistant DirectorKit Marlatt
MusicBear McCreary
Costume DesignerGlenne Campbell
HairstylistGerald Gibbons
Property MasterKen Hawryliw
Production AssistantHelen Murray  |  Stuart Blackie
Assistant EditorMichael Lim
Post Production SupervisorGregg Tilson
Director of PhotographyStephen McNutt
Post Production CoordinatorIan Maddox
Based On The Works OfGlen A. Larson
Third Assistant DirectorAshley Bell (2)
ConsultantJerry Hultsch
Visual Effects SupervisorGary Hutzel
Sound AssistantNaan Speiss
Casting AssociateHannah Cooper
Post Production AssistantBettina Zachariah Treviranus
Assistant Costume DesignerGlenna Owen
Assistant Art DirectorPeter R. Stratford
Makeup ArtistPatricia Murray
Trainee Assistant DirectorBob Rogers
Camera TraineeAdam Braverman
CGI ArtistSean Jackson (2)  |  Michael Davidson (2)  |  James Ford (2)
1st Assistant Production CoordinatorJill Christensen
2nd Assistant Production CoordinatorMelina Morokhovich
Accounting ClerkJulia Tanner
VFX CompositorChris Wood (1)
Color TimerRon Nichols (2)
Location AssistantJessica Feskun  |  Stacey Campbell
Special Effects AssistantRon Seida
1st Assistant Hair StylistWayne Russell
Military Tech AdvisorRon Blecker
On Set CarpenterMatt Clancy
2nd Assistant Hair StylistDean Scheck
Rigging Lamp OpMaria Stanborough
2nd Unit Production CoordinatorNicole Florian
Composite CoordinatorAnthony Alvaro
VFX Production AssistantRob Tobin  |  Jeff Quinn  |  Kelly Whitfield
Sr. VFX CompositorAurore De Blois
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