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When the rebel Cylons hold the colonials on their basestar hostage in exchange for the Final Five within the fleet, the secret four are confronted with the fear of revealing themselves in exchange for the good of the human race.

Episode Info

Episode number: 4x10
Production Number: 412
Airdate: Friday June 13th, 2008

Alternate Airdates:

UK (sky 1) Jun 17, 2008


Guest Stars
Lucy LawlessLucy Lawless
As Number Three
Callum Keith RennieCallum Keith Rennie
As Number Two
Rekha SharmaRekha Sharma
As Tory Foster

Co-Guest Stars
Michael Hogan (1)Michael Hogan (1)
As Saul Tigh
Aaron DouglasAaron Douglas
As Galen Tyrol
Tahmoh PenikettTahmoh Penikett
As Karl "Helo" Agathon
Michael TruccoMichael Trucco
As Sam Anders
Alessandro JulianiAlessandro Juliani
As Felix Gaeta
Kandyse McClureKandyse McClure
As Anastasia Dualla
Bodie OlmosBodie Olmos
As Lt. Brenden "Hotdog" Constanza
Keegan Connor TracyKeegan Connor Tracy
As Jeanne
Brad DryboroughBrad Dryborough
As Hoshi
Vincent GaleVincent Gale
As Lt. Peter Laird
Don ThompsonDon Thompson
As SP3 Anthony Figurski
Alexandra ThomasAlexandra Thomas
As Hera
Lara GilchristLara Gilchrist
As Paulla Schaffer
Heather DoerksenHeather Doerksen
As Sgt. Brandy Harder
Finn R. DevittFinn R. Devitt
As Baby Nicky
Sonja BennettSonja Bennett
As SP3 Marcie Brasko
Barry NerlingBarry Nerling
As Adama's Corporal
Main Cast
Edward James OlmosEdward James Olmos
As William Adama
Mary McDonnellMary McDonnell
As Laura Roslin
Katee SackhoffKatee Sackhoff
As Kara "Starbuck" Thrace
Jamie BamberJamie Bamber
As Lee "Apollo" Adama
James CallisJames Callis
As Dr. Gaius Baltar
Tricia HelferTricia Helfer
As Number Six
Grace ParkGrace Park
As Sharon "Boomer" Valerii/Sharon "Athena" Agathon
Episode Notes
Survivor count: 39,665

This episode is the mid-season finale, similar to those from seasons 2 and 3. However, this break, or at least its length, is likely due in part to the writer's strike, which left only one of the subsequent episodes produced by the time this episode aired.

The identities of Tigh, Tyrol, Tory, and Anders as Cylons are revealed to the fleet.

According to D'Anna, it seems that the fifth member of the Final Five is not in the human fleet.

The fleet finally achieves the goal of reaching Earth. However, the planet has been reduced to a dead cinder with large amounts of radiation apparent.

Episode Quotes
Tory: You had no idea, did you?
Roslin: No.
Tory: Might be worth pondering what else you've been wrong about.
Roslin: Tory, wait. You're right. I'm wrong. Okay? You are one of the revered Final Five, and as such the Cylons will listen to you. (to a Six) Is that not right?
(the Six nods)
Roslin: So, Tory, please, go to D'Anna and try to convince her to back down and release all the hostages.
Tory: I'm done taking orders from you.

Adama: I'm looking for options. You got one?
Tigh: I should have told you when I first found out, but I didn't have the guts.
Adama: What's wrong with you, Saul?
Tigh: Remember back at the nebula when I told you about that frakking music? I thought it was in the ship. I was wrong. It was a signal. Some kind of crazy, frakked-up Cylon signal. Switched me on. I can't turn it off.
Adama: Switched you on.
Tigh: Like Boomer. I'm one of the Five.
Adama: One of the Five.
Tigh: One of the Five D'Anna's after.
Adama: Quit frakking with me. Colonel, I've known you for 30 years.
Tigh: I told you. I didn't find out until the nebula.
Adama: Think about this. When I met you, you had hair. I never heard of a Cylon aging.
Tigh: Doesn't mean they don't. Before the attack on the Colonies, we didn't know skinjobs existed. Turns out there's another kind of Cylon we didn't know about, and I'm one of them.
Adama: On New Caprica, you were in captivity. They did something to you. They - an implant, a post-hypnotic suggestion that makes you feel this way. Let's go talk to Doc Cottle.
Tigh: Listen to me! It is not a delusion. It is not a chip in my head. I am a Cylon. I fooled you for months now. I didn't want to, but I did.
Adama: Get your hands off me.
Tigh: If I had the guts to airlock myself when I first found out, we wouldn't be in this mess. But that's the way out. Not this suicidal attack. I am one of the Final Five. D'Anna will back down if you threaten to flush me out an airlock.

D'Anna: So you're all in agreement this is the way to Earth?
Tigh: It's a stretch, but it's the best explanation we got.
Lee: Which is why we choose to share this information with you. We could've jumped away with it, left you behind, but that would have lead to another confrontation, another standoff.
D'Anna: All this has happened before --
Lee: But it doesn't have to happen again. Not if we make up our minds to change. Take a different path. Right here, right now. You were afraid we'd kill these four. And yet, here they are, standing right behind you. Free to go. Or stay. I've granted them an amnesty. So the question is: where do we go from here?

Adama: You guys just gonna sit here flapping your lips or are we going to go find Earth?
Lee: Kara and I have been working on a recon --
Adama: Frak it. This is the end of the line. We got nowhere else to go. And if we give the alliance too much time, it'll fall apart again. Gotta roll the hard six. We all go together. As fast as we can.
Lee: Yes, sir.

Adama: Crew of Galactica, people of the fleet, this is Admiral Adama. Three years ago I promised to lead you to a new home. We've endured a difficult journey, we've all lost, we've all suffered, and the truth is I questioned whether this day would ever come. But today, our journey is at an end. We have arrived... at Earth.

Other Episode Crew

DeveloperRonald D. Moore
Executive ProducerRonald D. Moore  |  David Eick
Co-Executive ProducerMark Verheiden
ProducerHarvey Frand
Co-ProducerPaul M. Leonard
Consulting ProducerGlen A. Larson
Production DesignerRichard Hudolin
EditorJulius Ramsay
First Assistant DirectorMichael Shandley
Second Assistant DirectorKate Weiss
MusicBear McCreary
Costume DesignerGlenne Campbell
HairstylistGerald Gibbons
Property MasterKen Hawryliw
Production AssistantJessica Sawaf  |  Keith McQuiggan
Assistant EditorMichael Lim
Post Production SupervisorGregg Tilson
Director of PhotographyStephen McNutt
Post Production CoordinatorIan Maddox
Based On The Works OfGlen A. Larson
Third Assistant DirectorAshley Bell (2)
ConsultantJerry Hultsch
Visual Effects SupervisorGary Hutzel
Sound AssistantNaan Speiss
Casting AssociateSibby Kirchgessner
Post Production AssistantBettina Zachariah Treviranus
Assistant Costume DesignerGlenna Owen
Makeup ArtistPatricia Murray
Trainee Assistant DirectorBob Rogers
Camera TraineeAdam Braverman
CGI ArtistSean Jackson (2)  |  Michael Davidson (2)  |  James Ford (2)
1st Assistant Production CoordinatorJill McQueen
2nd Assistant Production CoordinatorMelina Morokhovich
Accounting ClerkJulia Tanner
VFX CompositorChris Wood (1)
Color TimerRon Nichols (2)
Location AssistantJulian Marles  |  Adrian Lysenko
Special Effects AssistantRon Seida
1st Assistant Hair StylistWayne Russell
Military Tech AdvisorRon Blecker
On Set CarpenterMatt Clancy
2nd Assistant Hair StylistDean Scheck
Rigging Lamp OpMaria Stanborough
2nd Unit Production CoordinatorNicole Florian
Composite CoordinatorAnthony Alvaro
VFX Production AssistantJeff Quinn  |  Rob Tobin  |  Kelly Whitfield
Sr. VFX CompositorAurore De Blois
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