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Season 2

23 :02x01 - Who Am I?

Three months after Vincent Keller was abducted by Muirfield, Detective Catherine Chandler, is reunited with him - but not in the way she planned. He's changed: his scar has disappeared, his memory has been wiped clean and he returns as a supercharged beast on a mysterious mission. Catherine needs to unravel the reasons behind Vincent's change if she has any hopes of recovering their epic love, while also trying to solve the secrets that swirl around her own life.

Source: The CW
Guest Stars: Nicole Gale Anderson as Heather Chandler | Ted Whittall as FBI Special Agent Reynolds | Brian Tee as Li Zhao | Mark Taylor (1) as FBI Agent Tucker |
Co-Guest Stars: Victoria Snow as Law Partner | Danny Waugh as Special Agent in Charge
Director: Stuart Gillard
Writer: Brad Kern

24 :02x02 - Kidnapped

While attempting to learn more about Vincent's mission, Cat gets kidnapped by Vincent. Their growing chemistry complicates his mission. Meanwhile, Tess, J.T. and Gabe come together to help Cat.

Source: The CW
Guest Stars: Mark Taylor (1) as FBI Agent Tucker | Ted Whittall as FBI Special Agent Reynolds |
Co-Guest Stars: John Maillet as Clean Cut Young Man | Mathew Lyons as Stone Clerk | Lindsay Ames as Sara Holland | Annie Murphy as Amy
Director: Rick Bota

25 :02x03 - Liar, Liar

Catherine and Vincent track a mysterious beast while keeping their individual agendas from one another in a clever game of cat-and-mouse. Meanwhile, Heather has a bombshell revelation for Cat, and Tess confronts Gabe about his real motives for helping Cat.

Source: The CW
Guest Stars: John Boylan (2) as Nigel Clifton | Mark Taylor (1) as FBI Agent Tucker | David de Lautour as Sebastian | Nicole Gale Anderson as Heather Chandler | Ted Whittall as FBI Special Agent Reynolds

26 :02x04 - Hothead

Gabe asks for Vincent's help to track down a suspect beast after Cat says no. However Vincent has his own way of dealing with things - even that doesn't go to plan though and it turns out only Cat can help in the end.
Guest Stars: Ted Whittall as FBI Special Agent Reynolds | Bryan Dechart as Aaron Keller | Joel Keller as Charlie McWenstle |
Co-Guest Stars: Chad Connell as William Keller | Daniela Lazzaro as Nurse | Katie Strain as Pissed Girlfriend | Jamie Mac as Drunk Dude | Jee-Yun Lee as Female Reporter | Vladimir Jon Cubrt as Arsonist Eddie Long
Director: Michael Robison
Writer: Roger Grant

27 :02x05 - Reunion

Cat attends her high school reunion and discovers more about her past and it's a lot more then she ever would of anticipated. Vincent is reunited with an old military friend who has deadly secret that they are hiding.
Guest Stars: Victoria Profeta as Leslie Phelan | Annie Ilonzeh as Beth | Blair Redford as Zach | Ted Whittall as FBI Special Agent Reynolds |
Co-Guest Stars: Danny Smith (2) as Ira Webster / Wolf Mascot | Kirsten Comerford as Kim Pisano | Daniela Barbosa as Gabriella | Brittany Kay as Cocktail Waitress | Lamont James as Officer #2 | Brandon Thomas as Officer Wilton | Laura Cilevitz as Sue | Ramzi Ayash as Gabe's Assistant
Director: Fred Gerber
Writer: Eric Tuchman

28 :02x06 - Father Knows Best

Cat finally knows the truth about Agent Reynold so she confronts him. Vincent is left to capture a high profile beast, along the way he has to kidnap the beast's daughter Tori who may be more of a help then a hindrance in completing the mission.

Guest Stars: Ted Whittall as FBI Special Agent Reynolds | Amber Skye as Tori Windsor | Paul Johansson as Kurt |
Co-Guest Stars: Warren Belle as Head Bodyguard
Director: Paul A. Kaufman

29 :02x07 - Guess Who's Coming to Dinner?

With Vincent's life in danger, Cat and her father extend an invitation to him for thanksgiving. This means they will also be able to gain information on Vincent's missions. But when Gabe and Tori turn up as well secrets are quickly outed. J.T. and Tess have their own celebrations.
Guest Stars: Riley Smith as The Bombmaker | Amber Skye as Tori Windsor | Ted Whittall as FBI Special Agent Reynolds
Director: Jeff Renfroe

30 :02x08 - Man or Beast?

Vincent and Cat find themselves at odds on how to deal with Agent Reynolds, which forces Vincent to wonder if he is more beast than man. Cat makes a drastic move that will forever change her relationship with Vincent

Source: The CW
Guest Stars: Ted Whittall as FBI Special Agent Reynolds | Amber Skye as Tori Windsor | Riley Smith as The Bombmaker |
Co-Guest Stars: Justin Landry as Medical Examiner
Director: Stuart Gillard

31 :02x09 - Don't Die on Me

In order to prevent Vincent from further injuries, Cat helps protect Tori when her life is threatened, revealing a new, unexpected mystery. Meanwhile, Vincent's stubborn attempt to intervene leads to life-changing consequences, which causes Gabe and Cat to grow closer.

Source: The CW
Guest Stars: Haley Webb as Laura Scott | Geoffrey Blake as Special Agent Brian Hendricks | Ted Whittall as FBI Special Agent Reynolds |
Co-Guest Stars: Jacob Blair as Owen | Scott Gorman as University Cop | Karen Parker as ER Doctor
Director: Mairzee Almas
Writer: Eric Tuchman

32 :02x10 - Ancestors

Vincent goes on a national talk show to reveal he is still alive, while Cat dives into an undercover case for FBI Agent Dana Landon. Vincent, determined to learn more about his beastly origins, ends up coming face-to-face with Cat in the middle of a heist, which forces them to work together.

Source: CW
Guest Stars: Ian Bohen as Pete Franco | Rob Mayes as Patrick Franco | Elisabeth Röhm as FBI Agent Dana Landon |
Co-Guest Stars: Vlada Verevko as Mrs. Kozar | Kresimir Bosiljevac as Consul General Kozar | Yury Ruzhyev as Russian Soldier | Darren Hynes as Ian | Jeff Teravainen as Shorty | Sharon Osbourne as Herself | Julie Chen as Herself

33 :02x11 - Held Hostage

A group of criminals looking to steal a rare necklace in Tori's possession takes Cat, Tori and Tess hostage at the precinct, leaving Vincent as their only hope for help. Vincent is forced to make a decision since helping could reveal his true identity to the entire force.

Source: The CW
Guest Stars: Chuck Shamata as Freddy Demarco | Michael Filipowich as Omar | Pawel Szajda as Vlad | Elisabeth Röhm as FBI Agent Dana Landon |
Co-Guest Stars: Cody Ray Thompson as Uni | Conrad Coates as Captain Bennett | Devon Slack as Petra | Robert Mauriell as Matteo | Ian Matthews as Nico | Billy Otis as Drunk | Chad Camilleri as Ivan
Director: Sudz Sutherland

34 :02x12 - Recipe for Disaster

Cat and Vincent must work together to save J.T. when he gets kidnapped, while Tori attempts to intervene, with fatal consequences. Meanwhile, a stranger from FBI Agent Dana Landon's past is rescued along with J.T., and might have some insight about Vincent's beastly past.

Source: CW
Guest Stars: Elisabeth Röhm as FBI Agent Dana Landon | Tom Everett Scott as Sam Landon | Colm Feore as Frank Darnell |
Co-Guest Stars: Yvan Pedneault as Chef Raymond | Marco Grazzini as Detective Billings
Director: Allan Kroeker

35 :02x13 - Till Death

In an effort to track down Sam's captor, Vincent and Cat have to work together on Valentine's Day, which forces Cat to evaluate whether she wants to be in a relationship with Gabe.

Source: CW
Guest Stars: Brennan Brown as Captain Ward | Elisabeth Röhm as FBI Agent Dana Landon | Tom Everett Scott as Sam Landon
Director: Stuart Gillard

36 :02x14 - Redemption

Some of Gabe's acquaintances go missing so Cat and Vincent have to work together to save them. Vincent see's how his life could of been when he returns to the hospital he interned at.
Guest Stars: Tom Everett Scott as Sam Landon | Ted Whittall as FBI Special Agent Reynolds | Christopher Heyerdahl as Dr. Nicholas Markus | Noah Danby as Jacob Sutter |
Co-Guest Stars: Cle Bennett as Xavier Wright | Tenika Davis as Margaret Sutter | Patrick Romango as Jacob Sutter #2 | Azdin Zaman as Orderly | Will Jester as Sick Teen | Genny Sermonia as Nurse | Josh Horvath as EMT | David Petrie as Pastor
Director: Grant Harvey

37 :02x15 - Catch Me if You Can

Feeling pulled between her current boyfriend and her ex, Cat has to decide between Gabe and Vincent. While Cat and Vincent work together to save Sam's latest victim, Cat's decision gets complicated when she and Vincent find themselves in a compromising situation

Source: CW
Guest Stars: Cle Bennett as Xavier Wright | Tom Everett Scott as Sam Landon |
Co-Guest Stars: Brian Quintero as Passerby | Bryon Mumford as Fireman | James Collins as Jail Guard
Director: Norma Bailey
Writer: Eric Tuchman

38 :02x16 - About Last Night

In order to prevent Sam from destroying a large group of people, Cat and Vincent are forced to revisit a romantic destination from their past, which enables them to come to a new realization about what they mean to one another.

Source: CW
Guest Stars: Steve Valentine as Andrew Martin | David Aaron Baker as Judge Westbrook | Tom Everett Scott as Sam Landon |
Co-Guest Stars: Andrew Stelmack as Doctor | Adam Bogen as Inmate | Dwight Ireland as Businessman | Andrea Grant as Businessman's Wife | Wayne Ward as Dala Security Guard | David Greig as Detective McCulley
Director: Stuart Gillard

39 :02x17 - Arrested

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40 :02x18 - Season 2, Episode 18

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41 :02x19 - Season 2, Episode 19

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42 :02x20 - Ever After

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Classification: Scripted
Genre: Drama | Fantasy | Mystery
Status: Returning Series
Network: The CW ( USA)
Airs: Mondays at 09:00 pm
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: October 11, 2012
Episode Order: 22
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