Worth - Recap

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The episode begins with Vincent checking his blood pressure and Catherine’s arrival startles him; he forgot to turn on the security system. He tells her that he wasn’t feeling well and that he should have informed her. She tells him that she found his present on the windowsill and she realizes that he saw Evan kissing her. Both of them pretend that everything is fine and she leaves. Next, a woman walks into an art gallery and finds a dead body. She drops the wine bottle she is carrying. At the office, Cat tells Tess that she doesn’t want complicated relationships and is going to stick to simple.

Cat’s father arrives and invites her for dinner as he wants her to give her new mother, Brooke a chance. He also invites Evan. Tess arrives declaring that there is a dead body found. They arrive at the scene and Tess says that because the complicated guy rejected Cat, she is going on a date with Evan; but Cat tells her that it is not a date. The victim is Nicholas and he is an artist. There are no signs of forced entry and the woman who found the body said that there was some art opening and it looks like they are still having it. They talk to Lauren Harris. She tells them that Marco, the owner won’t let the show be cancelled. Evan tells them that the killer shot from behind but the way he fell doesn’t indicate that he was running away from the killer.

Also there is some fiber found and he will have to run some tests on it. He flirts a bit with Cat and tells her that he will pick her up at 7. Cat and Tess then meet the victim’s mother and she tells him that he broke up with a girl a short while ago. She also mentions that the other day, she heard him having a fight over the phone about the prices on some paintings. Marco is still missing and not to be seen. Tess says that Nicholas’ banks accounts don’t talk much. Cat then tells Tess about the kiss. Brooke texts cat about the dress fitting and Cat takes Tess along. JT is talking to Sara and Vincent arrives. He is still worried about the blackout.

JT thinks that it is jealousy that caused this and thinks that he should tell Cat about his feelings as she would not wait long. At the dress fitting, Brooke is friendly and she asks Cat about Evan. She tells her that it is worth facing all obstacles for the right guy. Just then Brooke receives a text and she leaves. Cat notices that she left her sunglasses and they go to give it to her. They then see a guy kissing Brooke and Brooke gets into his car. Later, Cat runs her step mom-to-be’s plates and her driver’s license and she finds out that the guy she was kissing is husband for three years; she is married. They check Nicholas’ room and they see that he has duplicates of one painting; looks like he was selling the same painting couple of times.

Cat sees that Nicholas sold few of his paintings to a gallery for couple hundreds but Marco sells them for thousands. They also find a list of Marco’s clients. Maybe Nicholas was trying to tell them that they are being swindled. One among them is ADA Fred Simpson. Tess interrogates Marco and she thinks that Nicholas threatened to expose his money laundering and that the ADA was in on it with him. Marco lawyers up and wants his phone call. He wants to call the curator to cancel the show. Cat tells her father that Brooke is married and her father isn’t surprised.

He tells her that she is going through a terrible divorce. He defends Brooke and tells Cat that her judgmental attitude might make her a good cop; but it makes her a very difficult person to have a relationship with. Next, Cat is dressed for the opening of the gallery and Vincent arrives to meet her. He tries to tell her something but she tells him that their relationship could get complicated and that they should stick to solving cases only. The door bell rings and it is Evan. She tells Vincent that he is her date. Vincent leaves and Cat tells Evan that the dinner is off. But she then asks him what he knows about art galleries. Vincent watches them together and the color of his eyes changes; he looks angry. At the warehouse, Vincent tells JT that he knows about his date with Sara. He also tells him that he is going to maintain only a professional relationship with Cat.

And now he is off to find some information from the newspaper guy. He is an old man and Vincent learns about Nick’s mother’s travel agency and his room. The man tells Vincent that he reminds him of an old loyal customer; Michael Keller. Vincent is shocked to hear that name. The man says that Michael had two sons and he lost one of them in Afghanistan. We now know why the shocked reaction! At the gallery, Tess, Cat and Evan learn that the rich and fancy crowd is not paying for the paintings; they are paying for women. Marco is not an art dealer; he is a pimp. The guys pay for the women that the buyers take home. Maybe Nick found out about this and he confronted Marco. Tess talks to Lauren and after a short exchange of words, Lauren quickly leaves.

Cat goes to a woman standing in front of one painting. She strikes a conversation with her and tells her that Nick was in love with a woman. But the woman tells her that Nick was in love with a lot of woman. Cat then tells her that Nick bought an apartment and was planning to move in with his girl. The woman immediately leaves. Cat spots Vincent at the opening and she goes to meet him. Evan sees this. Vincent takes her to Nick’s room where he has a lot of paintings of the woman Cat was talking to; Daphne. By looking at the paintings he is sure that Vincent was in love with Daphne and that she was in his every stroke. He feels she pushed him away as she didn’t feel worthy enough for him; and Vincent knows that feeling. Cat arrives at another crime scene. She tells Tess about Daphne. They think that somebody planted a doubt in Daphne’s mind.

There are two suspects now; Marco and Lauren. They go to Lauren’s apartment and see that Daphne is holding a gun at her. So, Lauren is the one who planted the doubt in her mind. She did not want to lose her best money maker. The phone call was with Lauren where Nick wanted to buy Daphne out; but he didn’t have that money. So he threatened to expose the entire operation and turn over that client list. Lauren tells them that she was not going to jeopardize everything for a hoar. Cat convinces Daphne to put her gun down. Lauren is arrested for murder and Daphne won’t be charged as she is ready to testify.

Next, Cat is at the warehouse and tells Vincent that she waited for him all night when he stood her up. She tells him that he is the best thing in her life at the moment and she waits for the next time they meet. Later, we see that Vincent has another blackout episode. He wakes up on a street and there is blood on his hands and he doesn’t remember anything. The episode ends.